VIRGO Horoscope  | Virgo Monthly Forecast  | Virgo August 2019 Astrology

VIRGO Horoscope | Virgo Monthly Forecast | Virgo August 2019 Astrology

Hello friends, This is your Astrologer Sundeep Kataria and
I welcome you on this channel. I would like to congratulate and thank all
those viewers who have been associated with us for a long time and regularly watch the
videos on this channel. Also I welcome all the new viewers and those
who are watching this video on this channel for the first time. In this video we have a lot for you. Along with the predictions for the month,
we’ll also share an important tip to make this month a success. In the predictions for the month, we are going
to tell you the General Trends of the month, Money, Wealth and Career, Family Life, Love
and Marital Life, Education, Health and some important festivals and days for this month. So please watch the video till the end to
get full benefit of Astrology. Before starting the predictions, let us quickly
understand the transit of planets over your horoscope this month. Venus will move from your 11th house to 12th
house on 16th Sun will transit from 11th house in Cancer
sign on 17th to your 12th house and in Leo sign. Mars will transit from your 11th house to
12th house in Leo sign on 8th August. The lord of your zodiac sign Mercury will
change signs twice this month. On 3rd it will move from Gemini to Cancer
and on 26th August it will transit to Leo sign. This is your 12th house. Jupiter will become direct on 11th August
and will be in Scorpio sign which is your 3rd house. Saturn will remain in the 4th house in Sagittarius
sign and in retrograde motion Rahu and Ketu will remain in Gemini and Sagittarius
respectively. MOON will transit each sign for roughly 2.5
days. Now let’s now understand how the planetary
movement will impact the Virgo natives this month. The focus of Virgo natives during August 2019
will be more on health, foreign affairs your emotional matters. Your professional prospects will have to be
based on the emotional strength that you possess. The transit of planet over your horoscope
shows you can achieve all that you put your mind to along with your strength and initiative. You do not need to have to depend on other
people to make your dreams come true. On the contrary, Virgo natives are expected
to help others in achieving their goals without expecting anything from them. And that is why, your professional prospects
will have to be based on the emotional strength that you possess. Most time of the month, the planets are in
an obliging mood and as such your professional prospects will look quite bright. In addition, the beneficial impact of your
association with wise, learned and spiritual people would be far- reaching. There would not only be substantial material
gains, but also a satisfying feeling of achievement, and of generally being on the right track. Some of the Virgo natives would also be some
traveling. The travels are expected to be of an extremely
gainful nature. West is the most favorable direction. With regards to money matters, you would have
excellent opportunities to advance your financial prospects this month. Some of the Virgo business owners would be
blessed with the skill to handle your juniors in a manner that will enable you to derive
the optimum benefit from their services. This would greatly improve your financial
standing. This month the planets are favorably placed
to bless you and your family. The prospects for your family welfare are
quite bright. The elders of the family would be quite pleased
by your conduct and in return bless you whole-heartedly. This would set the trend for the entire family
atmosphere which would be impacted by noble spirit of give-and-take and mutual concern. In short, the family life would remain quite
pleasant throughout the month, with all the members living in harmony with each other. Before proceeding ahead with the rest of the
forecast, here is an important announcement. This forecast is a general one for your zodiac
sign and is based on the transit of planets. If you want specific astrological advice from
us based on your individual horoscope, you are welcome. The individual predictions will be based on
your unique horoscope, position of planets, their strengths, dasha system and the transit. Just call us and book an appointment for consultation. And yes, that will be a paid consultation. And now let us continue with the forecast
of the month The Virgo love horoscope indicates that people
who are single will be able to attract potential partners and spouses this month easily. The Virgo natives will have good charm and
attractive personality. Your confidence will be high and you will
finally find the strength to commit yourself to your love partner. If you are married or in relationship, you’ll
find the balance and passion you have been searching for. You’ll be full of happiness and joy. That being said, you mustn’t let the good
time slip out of your hands. Don’t get distracted by your projects and
workload. This month your prospects in education appear
to be very bright, as the configuration of planets is quite favourable. However, you will have to work very hard and
sincerely to get good grades. Be prepared to struggle for your objectives
– both physically and mentally. Students of technical courses are likely to
face a somewhat troublesome time when they would have to work much harder than usual
merely to maintain their ranking. Students of law would face a similarly unenviable
position. In short, those pursuing higher studies would
see their efforts bogged down in difficulties and it would be difficult to find the right
opportunity. There is encouraging news from the combination
of planets, in so far as your health is concerned, during the ensuring period. Health parameters should be quite good with
just one note of caution. You must not over-exert yourself. This could cause a snow- ball effect and things
could really go bad. So go on working in a relaxed way and you
should enjoy your work. Do all the normal activities and make sure
your energies are not unduly taxed. This done, you should consider your problems
to be over. This much little care, and the planets do
not have further trouble in store for you. If philanthropy and social service interests
you, this is the excellent time that some of you might go on to make important contributions
in social-religious spheres of activity. In this section, we share some important days
and festivals in this month August 1: Shravan Amavasya, Haryali Amavsya
August 3: Haryali Teej August 4: Vinayak Chaturthi
August 5: Nag Panchmi, 3rd Shravan Somvar Vrat
August 7: Tulsi Das Jayanti August 11: Shravan Putrada Ekadashi
August 12: 4th Shravan Somvar Vrat August 15: Independance Day, Raksha Bandhan,
Sharavan Purnima August 18: Kajri Teej
August 24: Krishna Janmasthmi In case you want to watch this forecast in
Hindi, then the link to the video is given in the description box below. Friends, please do like and share this video. After subscribing this channel, also click
the bell icon. I wish you a very happy and prosperous month


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