VIRGO HORÓSCOPO SEMANAL 16 AL 22 DE SEPTIEMBRE 2019 + Pregunta Interactiva Tarot

welcome to my warriors virgo This weekly reading from 16 to 22 September greets you jot and are here Jota tarot my channel I want to invite to subscribe to activate the bell you reach all my notifications I hope the law ay dale click Subscribe thank you very much and reminds me your comments name and your country to have you present when I’m doing my meditations Before starting this reading at the end my warriors will have a question Interactive’ll draw two cards and you You’ll be able to ask a question of yes or no So stay with me until the Virgo end and if you like these weekly readings let your fingers Up and share these videos with Send your friends by whatsapp by facebook that way then we can reach many more warriors and I know you like these weekly readings and I continue to do the energies that you are to be around this week What a beautiful virgo card leaves you the letter Friendliness of this indicates that finally you can find your tribe find these people in which will always be at your side Toxic people lean vampires Power to all of them no longer count nothing in your life because you will see a big transformation warriors around you Virgo where finally You’ll be surrounded by situations circumstances and people are convenient for your life speaks to me Also here a peace treaty me They are telling your spirit guides that if you had some kind of conflict in your personal life in the work friendships with your family This will be a very good week for make amends for that constrict hand and give a big hug to receive Conflict also good news if You’ve been having some kind of problems regarding separations Separations property during divorce this week you will be able to find that agreement that will make you feel you well and the other person as well because it will sign the document in the which finally reached an agreement and you you get what you deserve and you’ll feel good with this with this end conflict situation the difficulty end ends fights the problems end discussions all that will be left behind in history and you will allow yourself learn from the lessons of life and to find out what options or what take decisions on future sign documents which documents not sign who open your heart to who did not open it so quickly and All this comes from years of many lessons that some of you have He has been suffering and living will indicates then what peace tranquility harmony to your Life finally for this week Warriors wonder diego Remember that these are readings general not everyone is going to identify with them can listen to your rising sign if not or can to have a private consultation with me in the description below is my page web so that you can get if you’re working in these moments is what message for you about work you look out the queen of drinks and here It indicates that there is a person who is watching you in your work you are You are seeing from afar this person could be analyzing what steps that all decisions you take you this person is thinking strongly to give yourself yes to you my warrior virgo a great opportunity at work you are targeting but nowhere bad you are targeting because they are planning to give this week a great responsibility at work a better position promoted an increase your salary and are analyzing and they are also watching you you Driving with people around you how you handle with the other partners with other employees staff from the person who cleans to the head of highest position and I was performing I see your performance They are evaluating you right now You could even have some sort direct assessment where they tell Virgo looks know this is what is we’re seeing happening with you your performance has improved in these areas and we look for ways in which you you can also help others collaborators is opening is vacancy in this opposition in this place in this situation in the company and we take into account and there then you have to analyze whether it or not They are also saying here that can be getting a favor and this has lot to do with positive things you hicistes in the past as if you had helped someone earlier in your life and now the universe is you returning the favor to you If you are looking for employment or looks at you out the letter of the priestess and says that you’ll be able to discover with this letter this week what your purpose in life or at least which path you have to take over your purpose in life during this week your mission in life you’re going to start having these clues regarding what steps to take which road to take what do with your career and your life staff will be a week where You find the key that unlocks the secret your heart of your life and your mission and you then you can connect the purpose and work that goes to go hand in hand than you have to do on this planet earth at this in this universe at this level energy and vibration that we we find He speaks of a person who will have a very spiritual connection could be Interested in these situations as the tarot tarot cards might be thinking about opening your own channel take some kind of some kind reiki course I metaphysics of Buddhism course some type some of you even They might be thinking about entering part of the Catholic religion or some kind of particular religion It can be even any other of religions could exist You are thinking even form of the types of religions Santeria no matter the religion, but mark as someone or some of you are to take this kind of thinking initiations could think about being a parent or make some kind of nun also You have those energies around you we will then see Warriors virgo if you are in a relationship which is the message for you and your partner can be you’ve just made sweethearts a week ago they have five years together or twenty years of marriage no Whether you’re in a relationship this is the letter speaks to you leaves you the letter the sword xota and your guides say that some of you in the relationship could be acting in a somewhat immature way and there are situations in which they have that nipped in the bud that can not allow these attitudes continue manifesting continue growing because They will become a little impossible then in the future to control or master this could be your partner or even if you could also be They have a child that your child is starting to be a bit unruly and They have to start from and to put heavy-handed and that does not represent that They do not want their children or do not want their loved ones to them around that way it shows you truly interested grow a good way without any negative attitude or rebellious because I see someone here it can be revealing if your partner if the relationship in which you will you find someone you’re with oppresses you’re with someone you obfuscates you watch that does not trust you You can then find open eyes see what this person really is doing in your life and end the situation I do not see that this is something that you the It reaches separate but whether it will be a a line that will draw very where you could dramatically be apart for a while to resolve these situations if you are dating what the message for you that you have to improve you have to consider stay do not go with me and soon comes the interactive questions where you can ask what you want to say or not I’m staying with this letter came out several promotes meet with the first singles out you this letter 7 this sword is talking to you here Virgo bachelor who could you have recently passed or you can spend this week by a situation one little delicate and has to do with some of your friends seem to some of your friends is intended to take the person to you like so during these weeks if it is true chart Friendliness is the reigning your week the crowning your energies you are here indicating that you have to be estarle cautious and not presenting or telling the person that you have your Hey side know looking’m talking with the boy I like or am talking to the girl I like and I He is heeding let’s go eat because this letter tells you that I have a friend who will be assigned and I will remove or that person will say something will make a comment at the end of day will hurt and will hurt so if you’re looking for I care couple with surrounding sneak around vipers and snakes that call friends because you Singles particularly this person could sneak around carrying the mandate and take away the person with whom you had interest me You’re saying that some of you this happened and if so I leave it sahara and in the comments if this already I went because I just said something my guides hear that some of them already He passed let’s see what the numbers are Lucky for you you have out 6 4 10 and 8 remember that you can do combinations of these numbers so you better resonate with you 18 have 14 could be a person serving in any of these of this time 16 14 or 18 a person also have those ages 48 18 16 you can play with the numbers randomly and the lottery and if you do play responsibly combinations most resonate with you Virgo lucky day for you one day loaded with positive energies will be Saturday 21 Saturday 21 will be the day full of positive energy for you to you can do reality show your dreams so keep this in account and begins to manifest things that day let’s move on to the question Interactive remember to subscribe activate bell Put your fingers up Share this video with your friends while I do this I thinking about your Asked whether or not this is the option to this is b Remember you can put the name these people also suits me francisco jose suits me I should Maria suits me jessica You can ask me should buy auto shots option or take the b option as you want if is the choice you made to answer for you is not if you took option b is the answer for you is a yes and tells you not here lose hope that good tie these moments my warriors virgo videos will appear to them I recommend and at the top is the link you have a query Private me I’m Jack and I decreed a week full of bright and progress

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