Virgo Men in Relationships. Signs a Virgo Man is Falling in Love

Virgo Men in Relationships. Signs a Virgo Man is Falling in Love

Virgo men in relationships if you notice
his interest in you but he’s still hesitating to tell you about his
feelings if you see him putting all the efforts in order to make more money then
all these are this signs a virgo is falling in love with you
yes today I want to talk exactly about vases or the exile especially I want to
share with you some facts about virgo man traits and characteristics just
watch this video up to the end I hope it will be helpful to you to understand
your man better by the way if you are here for the first time click on the
bell notification and subscribe to my channel you will always find a lot of
answers on your curious questions here if you have a deal with Virgo man you
have literally to work hard of course if you want to attract him because he is
only one among other horoscope signs who can live without a woman all his
life and here’s my explanation why you shouldn’t wait from him any kind of
attention unless you said use him where guy is not leo and he is not a tourist
who can be attracted by means of your cosmetics or just beautiful look know if
you want to win where governments heart you have to be natural he doesn’t like
women whose character is not appropriate to their appearance even if you try to
dress the best clothes and high-heeled shoes it will not bring you any positive
results because the worker man has an amazing analytic mind it’s enough to see
you from feet up to head in order to understand who you are and what you want
from him so keep it in mind before you meet him a really successful way you can
choose to go in order to help something serious with him is your patience and
tolerance he can wait two or three years before he will tell you I want you to be
my wife and in such cases a lot of women just give up but those who are not in
hurry to get married they understand the real taste of who where go man after a
long time of being together with him he will definitely be your husband if you
prove him your reliance and good housewife skills it doesn’t mean that
you have to stay in the kitchen all day long
Oh every typical worker men like such type of woman who knows the limits in
everything you can go out with your girlfriends but not everyday because he
doesn’t like party girls but you shouldn’t also do all homeworks
with no heaven other interests ideal woman for where go man is the lady who
does shopping who is this a gym and who is ready to care about the children at
the same time because he loves delicious dishes
nice woman body and happy children at home but it doesn’t mean that he puts
all the hard work on you where gamma is also fan of different kind of sports
after all he is just an unbelievable family man if you live together with him
your house will always be cleaned and shining like brilliant because
everything must have its place in life and his house as well so as you have
probably understood where go man is very meticulous guy who needs an identical
woman for life and it can be you just try to get know him better but don’t
make him hurry to take important life decisions he is slow but accurate and
his accuracy help him to avoid a lot of mistakes that other men in the
relationships do so you as a woman you must only be happy to have a deal with
him you will never find any better man than we’re go for relationships and
marriage but you have to go through many obstacles with him before he shows his
readiness to her wife and kids your girlfriend’s can only be jealous to
you and it’s clear because living together with the wear go you will have
almost everything for happy life but to achieve this happiness you must be ready
in advance to show your patience because worker is a man of time but if you break
his heart he can be single a rest of his life it’s not typical for him to change
girls or women where go man needs only one and he can search for her 10 or even
20 years and don’t be surprised if you meet a shy and well-educated guy once it
will be definitely where go man it is easy to recognize him even in the crowd
of people so that’s all what I wanted to tell you about where go man today if you
want more videos don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for other
interesting topics later


  • cindy m says:

    Thank you!! I am a Taurus female waiting patiently for a Virgo male (hoping for a relationship)

  • Princesha Argjiro says:

    Does appereance matters, a virgo man love thin or skinny woman?

  • La Reina says:

    So true!

  • Steven Bakos says:

    Love this!!

  • Simon Benjamin says:

    i am a Virgo man. you make us sound AMAZING…i wish it was true!!! LOL 😂😂😂

  • Angel says:

    Is this real ?

  • R IP says:

    You sound like Count Dracula…look like him too..😂

  • Raine Sinclair says:

    I’m stuck between a Capricorn & a Virgo man…. I’m Aquarius sun & rising Taurus moon … I argue with both of them a lot lol stuck in this stubborn lovehate love triangle, not in a relationship with either…yet.

    I subscribed just cuz your voice 😂

  • jackson andreea says:

    i love Virgo men ♥️

  • Aurora Aura says:

    I know.. i feel.. this virgo friend of mine likes me and i like him too but i will not make the first move to say it… he must do the chase not me. 😜 saggie here

  • dorothy williams says:

    Virgo men are bitches big Asshole bitches
    And they’re not very clean.
    Very greedy self-centered liars serial cheater’s Hypocrites No one can live up to their standards and they have None!

  • LVfan81 says:

    I’m Aquarius and I feel like I’m getting in trouble lmao freaking virgos

  • eva mcinnis says:

    Narcist demons!!

  • Lowyn Gomez says: a virgo woman..but iknow what he wants a virgo man hihi.

  • jackson andreea says:

    I m Virgo 15.09…and my love Virgo,, 29.08…how work between the same signs!?

  • Lowyn Gomez says:

    Just like a virgo man. / woman its just dsame .

  • Angela says:

    The little bell 🤣🤣 cute

  • Glamma Gurl says:

    wowww, I'm dating a Virgo man his birthday is September 21st so he's on the Libra cusp and my birthday is October 1st we get along great but this did help me understand him a teeny bit better and you're right I do have to be patient because he's not that expressive but his actions do speak louder than his words and I'm good with that and I think you're very cute and I love your voice😍😘

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  • Lilly Morris says:

    Virgo man loves woman with Money 💰 😁🤗 but i do Love Him

  • believe in magic says:

    I am living with a Virgo man of my dreams and he is everything I could ever want. He can be difficult at times and has Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius in his chart so lots of patience is needed. Lol

  • No1 Nicechick says:

    Im a virgo woman and believe me virgo men are very difficult

  • Marie Frias says:

    Virgo man is so difficult…virgo woman is not as bad as man. But I guarantee you they cant settle down

  • ThreeLittleCrystals says:

    I never comment on these sort of videos… but this my friends is SPOT ON. Every single word. Sure, you have to consider a whole person (sun moon and rising sign) but this is a Virgo man as a sun sign hands down. Wow. I’m speechless 👏🏿 Patience is a Virtue!

  • Anonymous says:

    Scorpio women scare Virgo men in bed.

  • Joyce Hookimaw says:

    I’m a Virgo and my ex is a Virgo and he ain’t shit !!! Lol

  • channel johnson says:


  • Romana Aarohi says:

    They are attracted to beautiful looks only… not soul…. proven

  • shima shima says:

    Hohohoho yeah very trueeeee huhuhuhu

  • Logan Beringer says:

    He's got this completely on point

  • Autumn Sunsets says:

    Virgo men are only good for sex and that's a good day. Total wastes of time. Get yours off ladies and then move on to another man who is of substance and who is more loyal. They're usually users too. So don't spend a dime on them and be very fake with them because they're being fake with you. If you gave him a fake name you're already ahead of the game with them. Tell them nothing about yourself and if you did lie about everything.

  • Serena Sweeney says:

    Thankyou. Very helpful xxx

  • Louise Leite says:

    Taurus lady here….looove Virgo men, the perfect match for me ♡

  • Ibnul Bevan says:

    Dolce Rossa your vids are great.Whatever you said is true.But,we don’t fall for the looks dude.I’m a Virgo guy and don’t take it seriously I’m not criticising you.That part when you said “he will not fall for your cosmetics “ I laughed hard.And that’s totally true.

  • Diana & Jorge Loyal Ones says:

    I’m Aries Women With A Virgo Man Love Him So Much😍😍😍

  • Veronica Lobo says:

    Virgo man and Virgo woman compatibility please

  • Nusrat Mahjabin says:

    If I Virgo man don't wanna any romantic relationship with anyone after his break up with his girlfriend but he likes to sleep with other girls what doesn't it means?

  • OooItsDestiny says:

    I’m a Gemini and dating a Virgo man. Everything you said seems so true with my guy. Very neat and orderly and wants to take things slow!

  • Rebecca F says:

    Your house will be clean BY YOU, because they want you to be clean but they’re messy as hell. Lol They want you to be what they aren’t.

  • Katie Prieto says:

    What’s your sign

  • Katie Prieto says:

    I’m cancer and my husband is a Virgo everything your saying is right I am very natural

  • Reaper Gaming says:

    I'm a virgo man, all is true.
    thanks for the video! ❤️

  • Mohit Mahimtura says:

    Amazing…that's all true .

  • joleen wilson says:

    Im so proud of you virgo.

  • Assia, Manchester United says:

    I'm Leo woman and my husband is a virgo we arguing must the time!!!

  • dolphinrose21 says:

    you're right, also virgo men have a kind of illusion about love and relationships, thats where they struggle, that they are in relationship with another human and not a hollywood heroine:-) one needs lot of patience with this guy because they have layers and layers of complexes, and since they get so frustrated in not getting the ideal partner, they end up doing either of the following: controlling their existing partners and trying to make them change or get into all kinds of sexual profanity to numb out their unmet need of a perfect partner…thats just my analsys….my suggestion: grow a backbone , learn integrity, learn importance of choices and maturing as an adult, you cannot be 22 forever…sorry

  • Zainab A says:

    That clap in the beginning

  • LMR LCY says:

    I am a Capricorn, and I'm giving up dating a Virgo. They say sweet things when you're with them but not on the phone. They are smart, wise and practical base on my experience hahaha, they bring a lot of anxiety to me. I almost hate them, they are not like Taurus, who are sweet and caring. Yeah, I'm in a relationship with a Taurus for more than 3 yrs now (LDR) and I'm dating a Virgo.

  • not enei says:

    1:09–1:21 facts

  • Rajesh Kumar R says:

    I'm a Virgo man , you are almost right.

  • Karima Cherkaoui says:

    Virgo man and Aries woman !!!?????

  • Beverly Villafana says:

    How does Virgo moon and Scorpio moon get along he is Virgo moon btw….

  • Anchor Braane says:

    I love Ur accent 😍😍😍

  • West Peterman says:

    Very good. Video I am a virgo man and you are so right.

  • LifeOf Love says:

    Virgo men rarely marry

  • Quraishy says:

    What about Leo Virgo cusp?
    Can you make a video on Leo Virgo cusp as well on this topic..

  • Paparuda Ruda says:

    What relationships?! 😅
    They are too afraid or cowards to get there…

  • Nafis Mundia says:


  • nasir jhon says:

    I am virgo
    From nasir johnfelix

  • MissGoddess UniverseYan says:

    Why do I caught him staring at me so many times? I catch him looking at me when I laugh, walk, doing my own thing, etc. He watched from afar in the crowds. He cannot hide, lol, i read all his signs.

  • Verzinia perme says:

    Surrender No more Virgo man…

  • Tyra Roberts says:

    I'm a virgo woman and I'm dating a virgo man ,your so true ,my virgo man wants to take things slow ,he don't rush into commitment and marriage ,like he wants to make sure it's right decision about me..he got to make sure the relationship is fit and will work out

  • Annie Cortez says:

    I end up with your channel because Im searching how to understand a Virgo man.. Thank you so much all you said was 100% correct.. Sometimes Im thinking to give up on him, however I know he’s worthy enough to wait.. 🙏

  • Kari F. says:

    Wow you described my boyfriend to a T. I’ve been waiting for an “I love you” for almost 4 years and I’m wondering how much longer I’ll have to wait. After all, it did take him almost 2 years to refer to me as his “girlfriend”. My patience is starting to wear out. I’m a Taurus by the way.

  • hjkiuyt yiu says:

    Im a Virgo, everything you said about Virgo was true. i need scorpion man to love me forever… LOL 😂😂😂

  • SpiritualTransDimensional Cosmic Carnival LLC says:

    Your authentic ability to speak from life experience and share wisdom through your intuitive qualities is why I've subscribed to your channel and continue to support your creative endeavors! I hope to fulfill my own creative endeavors with my youtube channel someday so I can help to heal and inspire others and basically everything in existence.

  • Precious Jewel says:

    Everything you said about the Virgo man is so true,most especially ladies that are financially stable,the Virgo man will do everything to get you but they're the highest flirts 😢



  • Purushotham J says:

    True bro

  • Dionne Divino says:

    A virgo guy likes me. He just broke up with her gf so I give him time to heal. He told me hes not ready for a relationship coz he needs to heal. I respect that and that makes me like him more, preventing me being a rebound. I have a lot of suitors and i liked him the most and im being patient and focusing on myself first. I told him i am here to take things slowly and wanted tr best for him even if we wont end up together. Hayy i miss him.

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