Hi Virgo, welcome to your August 2019
who’s my future partner reading this is Lauren with clarity cure welcome back
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who alright Furcal let me take a quick look here whoa Emperor and Empress
renewal closed-off whoa okay I’m gonna tell you right now this is a rekindling
this is us your committed partner coming back whenever I see the Emperor and the
Empress together that’s that’s a couple definitely a committed couple more than
likely married okay so what’s under judgment let me see four
of swords that make sense so you’ve been on a break maybe you were separated or
something happened here where your relationship was put on hold for some
reason you took a break what’s under that look seven of swords okay maybe
with this lying cheating something that went down maybe you escaped a situation
that was unhealthy because something happened or there was betrayal whoa
and you’re just like I’m Audi I’m not dealing with this there’s definitely
energy here of mm-hmm yeah still even being closed off the two of swords here
this is taking a break being like in a pause period you see how our eyes are
covered and her swords are up so it’s not taking any kind of action it’s
almost like blocking yourself because you’re not sure what you want to do
you’re putting off making a decision procrastinating about this relationship
husband wife and go either way okay so mm-hmm I think you see this
person as I wouldn’t say greedy is not the right word stubborn
maybe overprotective about their money or controlling the four Pentacles is
usually a very positive card this is being on track to build something new
for your future and this could very well be that now maybe you know that there is
potential for your future and there’s payback coming in and there is success
but this also does indicate that there’s some stubborn energy here to reckless
behavior maybe boundaries were crossed so I think you are definitely will
consider moving forward and leaving the troubles behind and giving this
relationship a chance you have the seven of Pentacles
or seven of coins right yeah indicating that you’re willing to plant the seeds
you know you’re waiting to see how things kind of play out I guess so to
speak you have to force too emotionally yeah this is my structure foundation
realization planning situations dealing coping with what you’re gonna do I feel
like you are willing to see how this plays out there could be some financial
influences here at play too okay not only financial commitments
perhaps in the relationship but you know how assets are being divided or looked
at or something like that but I’d see you moving away from difficulty here and
being focused on the future moving ahead in this relationship
finally this balance and harmony you’re now gonna be moving to peace of mind you
are I definitely will say even though you’re kind of in between what’s going
to be going down here still maybe not 100% sure with this is going if you give
it a chance you know the outcome is the Empress you’re gonna be back on your
throne here so to speak you know I feel like maybe by the autumn the fall season
here in the north and hemisphere or even the spring region in the southern you’re
gonna have a better idea of how things are gonna play it but I feel like you’re
gonna walk that path like you are definitely willing to you know take down
this blindfold and give it a second chance here for sure now emotionally
speaking with the four cups you know first of all this is an offer you know
this this is you know an offer being presented and you’re holding off making
that decision I feel like this is the tough part you’re disappointed in this
person and in this situation what happened right
if there was cheating or something that went down but you need to see what’s
going on here I think you’re focused on what you think will make you happy but I
think you’ll be able to work through the emotional hardship I guess what I’m
trying to spit out here so you could even be a little emotionally bored with
this person to be honest with you feeling unmotivated to really you know
reevaluate the situation you know but you’re you’re going to do it you you
will be looking at getting back together with this person okay there’s an energy you know this for this
to for so that this is about your foundation your money your your assets
your the very foundation that you’ve built within this relationship it’s it’s
a tough call it’s like you’re pissed and you know you’re you’re it’s a tough
situation this one it really really is that’s what’s coming through loud and
clear but all in all in the end putting all that aside I definitely see that
you’re going to be standing in your power here Virgo okay and you’re gonna
give this relationship a second chance okay standing up standing in your power
standing up for what you believe in you know what what is rightfully yours as
well and you seeing things come together and aligning with your higher self to
make the to deal with the responsibilities that you have to within
this relationship this is very powerful this is you know giving birth to
something know so I really feel yeah it’s so powerful my body is like on
fire right now I’m cutting a sweat because it’s so powerful and this is my
future partner and somebody coming back it happens
not everybody’s always a new partner okay so it is what it is let’s shuffle
some romance angel cards let’s see if we can get a continuation on this reading
or if there’s something new coming in for my coupled virgos that or maybe
already in a committed relationship what’s going on what needs help or see
what the oracle cards have to say also we’ll pull you some overall energy cards
as well once we’re done here they could clarify the four of cups you could do
that too you’re gonna get over that you’re gonna get through this even
though you’re not too happy about it right now that’s the obstacle you know maybe yeah this is what alright they’re
saying that there’s an offer being presented to you about getting back
together and you’re just like shit I’m so disappointed in you like I can’t even
really deal you know but you’re going to and it’s gonna be okay and maybe you
know this may not this reading may not be for everybody
o new love calling your soulmate very soon
Wow the cards are crazy today healing family issues whoa this is amazing
express your love there’s new love coming in for you Virgo damn calling in
your soulmate clearly decide what you want so that it comes to you now
I really feel as though it’s funny I feel that I feel that the readings are
flip-flopped that’s different I feel like the first fred was really your love
reading and that these romance angel cards are saying there is a new love
coming in for you that’s amazing and you could do it by calling in your soul mate
I would do a little ritual nice pray for it your prayers affirmations and
visualizations help bring you together whoa and clearly decide what you want
that’s amazing and express your love we’re going to clarify this one that’s
what we’re gonna do that’s really amazing all right let’s see you know
it’s funny sometimes certain messages come through because somebody needs to
hear it you know I love it sometimes I’ve been nasty comments – that’s not my
future partner it’s like well sorry not every readings gonna be perfect you
know um you know general readings are general readings so like the luck of the
draw where from my spirit guides length need
to hear a certain message that’s what comes through that’s why you we say
subscribe to my channel this way we’re connected energetically and you more
than likely to get you know a reading that’s really close to your situation
but let’s um let’s focus here on this new love who was this new love
come on let’s let burger know very exciting we have cups you’re gonna meet
this person through some friends not a coins are gonna be single maybe they’ve
been single for a while you know brand new beginning you can be walking down
this brand new path with this first I was hoping to get him major
arcana let’s see and yeah you’re gonna be you know chipping away to really
build this relationship oh there we go okay I was hoping for a yeah night of
coins you receive so this could be a earth sign Taurus Virgo Capricorn person
definitely and your Emperor here you know this is probably in Aries nothing
have to be and then the Empress is well Taurus Libra that she rules Virgo so
just FYI on that but this is really quite beautiful let’s see so this new
love is definitely going to have a lot of earth energy in their chart it’s
almost as if there still might be some time and what’s really interesting is
that I he looks like the gentleman in this card isn’t that crazy don’t they
look a lot alike whoa so either he’s dealing with healing
some family issues or I can tell you that this could be that you know for
those of you that are cleansing and clearing from the Eclipse season make
sure you do the work okay so you can usher in your soul mate right we can’t
bring in anything new if we got a lot of baggage you know what I mean Virgo so
it’s gonna happen very soon so definitely take the time out to do some
rituals make sure you do some cleansing we’re coming out of Mercury retrograde
here so things are gonna start moving forward again and I don’t think you
could have any problem expressing your love they’re gonna come in this is new
love a new person has stirred your romantic feelings and you’re gonna meet
them very quickly and it could very well you meet them but it’s just maybe a
little slow to go at first but I think this is more about who had
oh look at the ampere under there isn’t that very interesting you know I really
feel like for those of it you are healing family issues with your Emperor
over here underneath I think the there is some connection here between the two
readings that there definitely needs to be some healing as well okay with your
man here with your husband okay very very interesting reading I love it
let’s do an overall oracle card for you let’s see if we can kind of tie this
together see what’s going on truth be told very
very nice and let’s also pause at the bottom yeah
soulmates look at that you guys are soul mates in Mathur no matter you get back
together with your with your ex right wherever you’ve been having issues or
there’s somebody new coming in baby not a doubt that’s the definite confirmation
all right let’s see what your Saints and guardian angel cards have to say yeah
I’m gonna read you truth be told to sometimes it’s nice to read it right out
of the book I love that yeah whatever false masks were what
they’re saying when I’m looking at looking through this window and this
mask whatever’s been a lie whatever this crapola has been under
here mm-hmm it’s coming out and it’s coming out in the wash baby and
I also feel look at this oh my god I was just oh my god this is amazing you see
these with all these hearts floating up you have the same hearts over here so
you know people do dumb stuff there’s no explanation sometimes and there’s no
excuses but this is your soul mate you know and I have to be honest with you
it’s a very powerful relationship because you know for the Emperor and the
Empress to come up together whoa you know this is like we don’t play okay powerful couple I consider a power
couple but definitely something went down so bad juju so I feel like the
Emperor he’s back to make an offer right to rekindle the relationship and that
you’re the one that’s trying to yeah whoever the dominant person is or
whoever that heir the Ares is okay I hope that makes sense I don’t like to do
journals you know general I mean I don’t like to do gender specifics but this
relationship definitely I feel male female male female here mm-hmm
without a doubt let’s see one more oh my gosh I’m sorry if I’m over
shelling this way are we shuffled before cuz I’ll be here all day sign from above
okay so there’s definitely your guardian angel is saying hello please pay
attention because I’m trying I’m trying to send you symbols here to help you and
I have I need a better situation here sign from above you know and I think
this is gonna help you through this part here you know getting a little more
connected deeply inside when this offer comes in and I you know I know that
you’re just like boo on that you know but yeah look inside for your answers I
mean this is this is really what this card is saying and maybe you’re not
seeing what’s really there how’s that that’s what I was trying to spit out
earlier right like you’re waiting for something to make you happy but it’s not
making you happy because there was some deception here however I don’t know
maybe you want revenge you know maybe something something here there’s a sign
from above that’s gonna help you and boom it’s gonna come in like that and
it’s gonna help you look at that you see how like this flowers coming down from
heaven you’re gonna know in the month of August okay I got it
you know I got this okay yeah this is what I need to do so but just you know
do some inner reflection here you know and look what’s at the bottom the Dec
marriage well you guys already married anyway for the first spread but you know
this is you know it could simply be saying what I’m hearing says is
rekindling your marriage it’s your marriage now moving forward and as for
this new love coming into for my singles whoa this is a marriage made in heaven
over here this is your soulmate Dan Burke oh you guys are slain at this
month and express your love what else you got and it’s common baby it’s coming
please text me when you meet this person on YouTube not text me but leave a
comment I’m really serious like I want to know you know how this works out for
you alright guys so yeah I’m available for private readings what else don’t
learn until you join my healing event this information in the description box
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some really incredible promos going on right now like 50% off a 30-minute
reading definitely check that out as well guys god bless you and we’ll see
you in the month of September all the best to you god bless take care all
right forego bye-bye


  • aninacha1 says:

    Sometimes soulmates are just hear to teach us about ourselves. I've learned myself with this one. Time to move on and find my twin that might take a couple of life times tho.

  • Tracy walker says:

    I am virgo women I am not going back in a relationships I don't want no offers from my pass I moved on I am good by myself I am happy traveling meeting new people's

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