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Welcome to Newport Living and Lifestyles
this month. We are featuring the zodiac horoscope of Cancer and everything that
happens within that zodiac time frame. It’s not just for Cancer Birthdays , it’s actually for anybody who’s interested to find out what’s happening during the Cancer
zodiac – What is the time frame? June 21st through July 23rd in 2019. Perfect. We are going to introduce our astrologer Karyn Chabot. Welcome ! Hi and birthday boy Adam Zaccara with Tennis and Fitness…. Newport Tennis and Fitness! Newport
Tennis and Fitness! Yes! Thank you so much. Tell us a little bit about Newport Tennis and Fitness. Newport Tennis and Fitness, I started about two years ago
and over this past winter we were approved by the IRS for a 501 C 3
non-profit. Okay! That’s difficult. Yeah… Congratulations! The mission behind what we’re doing at Newport Tennis and Fitness is to
bring wheelchair tennis to the state of Rhode Island. As of now there’s no
wheelchair clinic and wheelchair tennis happens to be the fastest growing sport
right now in the world. Yeah and they now compete in all four majors the US Open, Wimbledon, Australian Open and French Open. You are doing good things. People are making a life out of it. What we’re doing at Newport tennis and
fitness I modeled our business basically after the nonprofit Sail to Prevail
which I worked with and volunteered for for about the last decade
my nephew Bryce Rafferty had a spinal cord injury in 2009 he broke his neck
c4 through c6 vertebrae, which left him a quadriplegic and it turns out that
the CEO and founder of Sail to Prevail Paul Callaghan has that same level of injury
so I connected with Paul back in 2009 and through my tennis
I decided you know I should probably run this same type of program for adaptive
tennis. To complete that mission what we needed to do was get some programs in
place and what I did first was I went down to Orlando Florida last October and
I got wheelchair certified as a professional wheelchair instructor by
the USPTA of which I’m the only instructor in the whole state of Rhode
Island with that with that service. Another amazing feat! Which I’m happy about. Congratulations!
yeah and so we wanted to bring disabled tennis to our facility and right now
we’ve teamed with another 501c3 called Acing Autism which is in 22 states. We’re
going to be their 80th program. That’s our first real solid program to fulfill
our mission. The second one is July 8th we’re gonna start a program for youth
wheelchair tennis at Salve Regina University. That’s great! We do need
to get a little bit of work done to get this program up and running though. We
need sports wheelchairs and we also need participants so I’m gonna be going out
over the next few weeks really finding both those. How can people reach out
to you, find you, find your causes? I’ve got a website it’s a
www.Adam.Zaccara.USPTApro.com it’s a long one. Also, you can go on to our
Instagram site which is @NewportTennisandFitness and we do have a Facebook
too for the nonprofit under Newport Tennis and Fitness and all those places
you can contact us and find out about events. Fantastic! Thank you so much for contributing and making such a difference in people’s lives Really, its impressive. Well now we’re gonna find out a little bit about your life! We are going to find out about love, finance, maybe relationships, career. All kinds of things. Happy Birthday! Its coming up ! That’s right June 27. That’s definitely cancer. This is for all people who have cancer moon, cancer Sun or cancer ascendance. Whenever you were born, the planets and the stars were all aligned
in the sky in a certain way. If you were born when moon was in Cancer or
when the Sun was in Cancer or when moon or Cancer was rising in your
chart then what I’m about to share with you will apply to you. The
zodiac symbol is a crab. I was wondering about that! Yeah it’s interesting, I mean they kind of go
sideways a lot of them I’ve known Cancer people and they they do it because
they’re a little shy sometimes in they’re a little afraid too because
they’re so sensitive that they need to protect themselves so they might come
into a situation that might be a little risky they might come in sideways to
just make sure everything’s okay and then they’ll quickly run the other way
or crawl into their shell if there’s any fear because you’re so sensitive you
sort of protect yourself. Soft on the inside and hard on the exterior?
yeah and that’s okay you know. Of course. Their
element is water and water also governs the emotional body so it makes them very
emotional creatures but very nurturing and they’re their planet is moon so what
that means is… so Cancer is real estate in the sky. It’s like land in the sky and
there’s always a landlord for every piece of real estate even in the sky. The
moon is the landlord for Cancer so moon is really important to know qualities of
the moon it will actually describe Cancerian people. I’m gonna call you Cancerian okay? Can I call you that from now on too? The moon is the mother, The mother of the whole galaxy. You tend to want a mother. And look what you’re doing! you’re helping all these autistic children. Its like perfectly Cancerian. Your heart opened, you were just inspired by, was it your nephew? My nephew Bryce. You do these good things , good
deeds and open hearts and just nurture those people who really can’t
move in a wheelchair. That is commendable and classic “mother type of
person” even though you’re a man. You have this this gift to you help and
nurture people and nourish them. The color is silver and white and that’s so perfect what you are wearing. You shoud be wearing Silver! Sparkles!
When you wear those colors you’re actually opening up to the moon and the
moon vibrates at these colors because colors are all frequency and vibration
so it’s like four-lane highway right to the moon when you wear white and if you
want moonlight qualities then wear white and wear silver and the gemstones are
moonstone and pearl but make sure you get a real pearl because a lot of fake pearls out there. all right. Next time I see you , I want to see you in pearl earrings! and silver sparkles! I actually don’t wear any jewelry. That gemstone should touch the skin by the way. By the way too, when you wear a gemstone for a planet it should literally touch the skin. Like I have this one touching the
skin, it’s okay if they’re hanging on your ears. I mean there’s some benefit to
that, but if you’re actually having this don’t touch the skin it actually will
open up the vibration of whatever planet you’re you’re trying to have an affinity
with. Okay so, what are the traits we already discussed they’re nurturing,
they’re loving, their sensitive, caregivers, family first and they do tend
to go in slowly to relationships, so if you are dating a Cancerian person be
patient with them because once they’re in, they’re in! but it takes them a little
while because they, and this is true for everyone right, but especially for Cancerians because they’re so sensitive, they can get… people can walk on them because they see how sweet and sensitive you are so you need to protect that part of
yourself and then when someone has earned you, where the trust has
developed, then you can open up and be your true loving self. Right okay, now
what’s going on for love this month. Now I’m gonna say this as gently as I can
but this is gonna be a challenging time for love just during this time until
July 23rd but actually it may extend another 15 or 16 months and I’m not
gonna explain why, but just trust me. Is it because the moon? well no and I’ll just explain you
know in a nutshell it’s the nodes of the moon. so the Rahu and Ketu, they
transit every 18 months when they transiting, they they actually are
affecting Cancer for 18 months the tropical I’m talking tropical
astrology so the nodes of the Moon are affecting Cancer right this moment. We
have some purification transformations some restructuring happening in matters
of the heart during the next whatever 16 months approximately but specifically
this month. so Watch out. yeah so it’s a chance for you to actually if you want to go to
therapy and reinvent the relationship new terms or it may actually help you
purify a toxic relationship where you’ve had some confusion it didn’t feel right
you didn’t know how to get out of it this month the planets are aligned for
you to actually figure out a way to get out of it gracefully, hopefully. (Angelic song ) okay. hahahaha. That’s my Angelica voice, in case you did not understand that>my I love that, Angelic voice. Now you gotta be careful
not to get too riled up during this time because Mars is going what we call it
debilitated for lack of a better word it’s going into the sign of Cancer and
Mars is the passion planet so it’s about love and war it’s about drive, ambition,
and the git-r-done planet. so when it goes debilitated it kind of gets wonky
so it can mess with your emotional body if you’re in the middle of a
purification we’ll call it , instead of a breakup. and it can cause anger unprecedented
sometimes displaced aggression so just watch that and here are some remedial
measures to help you keep this in check okay ready yeah so keep a vial of rose
essential oil a little tiny one like that in your pocket and when you start
to get a little angst just have a little smell of it or if you have a little rose
water spray there about that big and they’re really affordable they’re a
hydrosol just spray your face for a refresher to calm down any anger because
the face holds anger. Okay, is it rude to spray the other person? It’s like keeping vampires away. so if you start to fight you can just spray your partner. Spray yourself and then you! put it on a key chain. You will want to keep everyone cooled down. That’s the best way and so fresh flowers around you, you know cut some flowers from your garden and put it around your computer. Sit by still water and meditate more. Walk along the ocean barefoot that will
ground you it will help ground you because sometimes when you feel
ungrounded or uncontained anger can start to build up so ground
with the earth and then stretch. Right here is where anger and fire
inflammation gets stuck so when you unstick this part of your body then the
anger can actually dissipate out, so twisting. Alright, Let’s do it together. So give a little rose water spray and a spinal twist and the anger should start to dissipate. You won’t fight as hard. okay! okay , moon
salutations, if your into yoga, have you heard of Sun salutations?
You know the classic Sun Salutation? well whatever! so if you don’t know about
sun salutations then you may not know about moon salutations, but you can Googel it. Is it like this? down instead of up? It is more opening and more gentle and more on the ground. Well your moon sign, so you
should do probably do some moon salutations. Moon salutations our excellent for you. Sounds fun. and then here’s a really fun one you can eat some sweet potatoes because they’re
cooling soothing and grounding or you can have cucumber avocado salad with
sweet carrot dressing to help ground and soothe you. Yes foods affect your
emotional body, so there’s a little something.. You gotta serve some of that at tennis! Yes, absoluely. So money, what’s going on with money this month? Money Big Money…. She looked right at me! Not much! Its coming , it’s coming…… Is there a spray for that? A money spray ! Yes Please! You should develop one, I love it! You may the recipient of an unexpected donation so this 501 C is a great thing
for you to start right now because someone don’t be afraid to ask for money right
now because there’s someone waiting to give it to you. Yes you’re lucky right
now, this is a good time to ask. Just put it our there! We’re actually applying for wheelchairs
right now so maybe it’s good Karma. Somebody will donate something really
nice to you, I have a really good feeling. Just stay positive with that, as
well as, there could be a little opportunity for you to speak so speech is coming front and center. so you could do public
speaking. yeah. Are you gonna be doing that at all? In one week actually. Whaaat? Yeah with a PA system and everything. Awesome! So I am a little nervous about that. You guys are freaking me out! What happens in the second house for Cancer right now, it’s all about speech, is the son is owning it. So if you
want to do a really charismatic speech the only way I really do it, this time, is
to step into your power and shine. If you go in with any trepidation, any feelings
of I’m not good enough, it could actually go the opposite way and you won’t like
how you how you spoke and you’ll regret it. So you got to give yourself a pep
talk before you get in there. You are worthy, you are amazing. Have some one
tell you how how you shine. Pump you up! I’ll bring you both with me! okay! We will fluff your aura! okay so that’s money what else can I
tell you? oh we should give you some remedial measures. You may not need any
though. so wear red and wine colors. red has affinity for the Sun and that’s why
you would be speaking. It’s owning the second house and you would be shining if
you would step into your power so red has affinity for the Sun and be kind to
your father, to bosses and grandfathers. because Sun represents authority figures
so if you make your father some cookies or something or give him a call and tell
him you love him, This will actually propitiate the Sun and it will shine
brighter for you. Isn’t that so cool? Is it just like male or can it be like women
authority figures too and just more the male perspective? Well, you know it also represents government which is authority but it Sun has a gender, it’s male. Okay, that’s what I was wondering. Good question. So do some soul-searching too because Sun represents the soul. okay.
yeah so meditation and just go in and ask what is my soul’s purpose let it be
revealed in your meditation and just and just sit and feel it. I think I am going to do that too. Yeah that sounds nice. and then this
time for the actual speech Sun Salutations. If you do one Sun
Salutation before you speak, it will ignite your charisma and you’ll be more
magnetic. okay yeah now you can also find your power animal too – I don’t know if
you’re into that? uh, I don’t know about that…. but if anyone else is into that, you can find your power animal and bring that power animal with you because Sun is all about power. During sunrise and sunset
breathe it in. so while you’re watching the Sun go down take an inhale and is
actually in the air there are what are the constituents in poppy seeds.
It’s a opiates! Opiates, there are opiates released in the air (that sounds amazing ) during the sun rise and during the sunset, so you can inhale the opiates of the sunrise and
sunset to ignite the Sun energy, bring more money into your life and and
better speaking. okay. and then allow yourself to just shine. Just allow it. This is your time. Wow, thank you. okay. so good news about career is
that Jupiter is actually casting a glance into your house of career there
are 12 houses and the tenth house is that of career, and Jupiter is glancing in
which is protecting you in your career. but there was a little tiny pinch
because Mars has debilitated and owns that house, so as a debilitation yet
Jupiter is glancing in to mitigate some of the pinches that could occur. so how
to prevent the pinches that could occur? now I’m not going to project this or
wish this on anyone but it could be a purification of your job where you may
not have that job anymore in time to get a new job or it may be that there’s a
man because you know mars governs and then there’s a man in your work force or
where you work in your office that could really irritate you so to avoid a
confrontation with that particular guy or any male here are some suggestions.
more laughter and funny movies, wear gold color or yellow color, donate to
schools, volunteer at the Boys and Girls Clubs. I’m not just choosing these
randomly these all have a vibration that equal the vibration of Jupiter so
we’re trying to get Jupiter to really glance into your house and really
protect to soften the blow from Mars. now help children any children that you have
or children in your neighborhood. You’re already doing that!! I was just thinking the same thing. That is so perfect for you, you are on it. You can
you are on it yeah yes and then you can also be a vegetarian just on Thursdays
because that’s Jupiter day or you could do a a juice fast. It’s better for Thursday’s. I benefit from that. Wow! you’re in touch with yourself!!! I love it! Yeah so Thursday’s would be a day if
you don’t know which day you want to go on your diet or your juice fast choose
Thursday for a career for you. for all Cancer. okay then in a nutshell we’re
almost done. we have eclipses coming up. We have the
solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse will happen in July
2nd the lunar eclipse will happen on July 16th and in between those two eclipses we call it the Eclipse season, it’s the Eclipse weather and in the air the
molecules are a little stickier a little denser heavier even we tend to be more
sensitive and vulnerable to a virus or a cold or bacteria or food borne, yucky
stuff, so what do you do during the Eclipse season, to best weather the storm is to be more gentle on yourself, get more sleep,
more rest, gentle yoga which is restorative yoga or yin yoga. Don’t make any major decisions, don’t sign anything that’s a major, don’t start new
relationships, don’t start new businesses, don’t hire anyone new, just try to be
during these two weeks. Chill out and trust that after July 16th that lunar
eclipse is over about three days after is when things start to lighten up but
this is a time for us to go inward and meditate and go gently and just kind of
roll with the eclipse season. The eclipses are not negative they’re just times when
the luminaries in the sky are more dark they even say Rahu swallows the Sun so
we lose that light quality just those during those two weeks when we know when
there’s more darkness that the little bugs can breed faster so that’s what
happens during that time so eat clean and do your juice fasting. okay yeah I
think that sums it up and if you want to reach me I’m theyogicmystic.com go
right to theyogicmystic.com I’m Karyn Marie Chabot and I teach classes on this and
i give private instruction i’m also i have my master’s degree in our arevatic
medicine so I can help you with your health I’m a medical intuitive and I
combine the readings, the astrology and the health, and the yoga. I’m a yoga
teacher as well. If you need any help at all with your life or me to shed
some light on issues in your life, I’m happy to do that. Thank you so much Karyn! and thank you so much Adam ! I enjoyed having you both on and learning more about your
tennis and your autism efforts and the Cancer sign and if you are interested to
learn more about interviews with local businesses, local charities and local
events, feel free to visit www.NewportLivingAndLifestyles.com and we all look forward to seeing you on Newport Living and Lifestyles. Bye everyone!

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