Want to Know About Your Astrological Zodiac Sign for 2019? Mary Has the Answers!

Want to Know About Your Astrological Zodiac Sign for 2019? Mary Has the Answers!

hello my name’s Mary English and this
is my YouTube page and what I thought I’d share with you today is where the
planets going to be for 2019 because January is very busy time of year for
astrologers and a lot of questions that you’re gonna have, are going to revolve
around just your sign of the zodiac however I need to make sure that you
understand that even if you don’t know anything about astrology what I’d like
you to remember after this session today is astrology’s not just your Sun Sign.. so
say you’re a Gemini.. Astrology true astrology isn’t just about the sign of
the zodiac that your Sun is in.. so your Sun is in the sign of Gemini making you
a Gemini but if you have your own personal birth chart drawn up then
you’ll see that there’s a lot more to your chart than just your sign of the
zodiac so I just used Gemini as an example though I don’t know if I’ve got
one I could quickly show you but we’ll just use some random person here so this
person is that oh gosh this person’s got Sun Moon Mercury Venus in Aries so this
person actually is an Indigo this is a real live living person okay so if you
look at that there and I don’t know how easily this is going to zoom in so if
you see such up with these things okay if you see the center of the circle
which is circle I don’t know if you can even see that there we go that’s a bit
better so you see that the yellow circle in the center of that if you imagine
that’s the earth spinning in space all around the edge of it you’ve got all the
signs of the zodiac and that is what is a birth chart okay so this particular
person was born with the Sun in the sign of Aries which you’ll see over on the
and if you’re looking at this this side of the chart here was my hand so this
side here this bit that’s illuminated that person is the Sun sign in the sign
of Aries and there’s ten planets in a birth chart that we use… we use The sun
Mercury, Moon, Venus Mars Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus
Neptune and Pluto so we use a lot of planets in a chart we don’t use
stars don’t get confused about Astrology and think it’s all about stars
it’s actually nothing to do with stars! It’s about Planets that our in our Solar System
…so with it being January and there’s a whole year ahead of us I’m
going to work my way through a thing called an ephemeris so I will put a link
to this year’s ephemeris and if you understand a teeny bit of astrology then
you’ll know what the symbols mean but I’ll assume that you don’t so I’m going
to work my way month by month for this year just to let you know what the
predominant planets are doing and what signs of the zodiac it’s going to affect
now keeping in mind that your chart is going to have ten segments in it ten
planets it’s going to have twelve houses Houses are the divisions of the chart
the birth chart that we make and any one of those planets can be transiting
through (transiting means moving) through a certain segment of your chart and it
will affect … don’t take that word literally but will be
reflecting “As Above so Below” will be doing something reflecting making
something happen or not happen in more than just your Sun sign so there I’ve
given the example of Gemini but you might have for instance Moon in the sign
of Capricorn and today we’re the 7th of January the Moon today I think is in
Capricorn and it’s just about to go into Aquarius yes so what I’m making this
recording today the Moon’s in Capricorn if you were a Gemini and you were born
when the Moon was in Capricorn then today you’re going to be feeling more
emotional because the Moon is in your own Moon sign. Okay? so just
putting aside natal astrology which is making up your birth chart making it
individual to you.. I’m going to be talking to you now about Sun Sign Astrology I’m going to
be working which signs of the zodiac are going to be most affected by planetary
movements this year so if i don’t mention your sign doesn’t mean to say
that there’s good or it’s bad but if i don’t mention your sign I apologize if
you’re listening to all of this and going: “But Mary didn’t mention my Sign!” if
you have your birth chart made up you will have something in that sign is very
very rare well it’s impossible because when you have your birth chart made up
it has all the signs of the zodiac in okay we have the sky above us and below
us all the way around us and the planets are moving all the time and just because
something isn’t particularly moving through some segments of your chart
doesn’t mean to say that you’re not going to be affected by because it might
be opposite to something in your chart.. might be what call “square”= 90 degrees
to something in your chart and every day of every month the moon will be
affecting your chart because the moon takes approximately two days to change
sign so the moon orbits around us and then we orbit around the Sun and the
other planets orbit around everything else everything goes around the Sun okay so we’re now January the two signs of the Zodiac in January are
Capricorn and Aquarius so this month these are the birthdays for Capricorn
& Aquarius the Sun changes sign into Aquarius on the 21st of this month. Now
I’m not going to mention the Moon I’ll be here forever! Mercury which is the
planet communication will be in the sign of Sagittarius from the 1st until the
6th it’s now in the sign of Capricorn
so if your Sun sign’s Capricorn, Mercury is now in your sign this month is the
time for you to be heard and understood Venus is just about going to Sagittarius
if you’re a Sagi you’ve got until the end of this month to get out there
and Date!! Mars is already in the sign of Aries so every Aries can start
celebrating at the moment because Mars is your ruling planet it’s the one that
looks after you it’s the one that keeps an eye on you it’s the one that you’ve
got the affinity with so you’ll find for the whole of this month you’re feeling
quite energetic.. Sagittarius Jupiter is transiting through Sagittarius so we’ve
got a few days of Mercury and then that’s finished and now we’ve got a
whole year ..so if you’re a Sagi this is YOUR YEAR you need to make the best
of it so if you want to know more about what Sagittarius is all about you need
to find a chap called Uri Geller he used to bend spoons! he’s in Israel … I apologise I couldn’t remember his name but he’s called URI GELLER !! Anyway he’s a Sagittarius and you
need to find him on Twitter I’ll have to put his name in their show notes… SATURN
is in the sign of Capricorn so there’s quite a lot of planets in your sign at the
moment..SATURN’s going to be there for another 18 months again it’s a ruling
planet so Mars is in its happy home Saturn is in its happy home and that’s
all of this year so a whole this year and some of next year it’s your ruling
planet it’ll allow you to if you’re Capricorn to come down to earth to get
practical to get realistic to get things accomplished to be able to do things
properly… we’ve got the last little bit of a transit for Aries with the planet
Uranus so it’s been in sign it spends seven years approximately in each sign
of the Zodiac so if you’re an Aries you’re just coming to the end of it…it was
going retrograde you’ve just come to the end of its
influence it’ll be completely out of orb by March this year… so if there’s
something you haven’t done get on and do it because Mars is going
to be helping you do that now. NEPTUNE is transiting through the sign of Pisces
I’ve done a whole podcast on that and I’ve also done a YouTube videos so
you do need to watch that I’ll put the link for that in the show notes below.
Pluto’s transiting through Capricorn it’s been affecting Capricorns for a
long amount of time keep that to one side forget about Pluto for the time
being because Saturn is assisting you at the moment Pluto was causing you a lot
a change & transformation and dramatic over-the-top things for Capricorns but
for the next 18 months…phew… you can breathe a sigh of relief you’ve
got some help now from Saturn.. February so the month starts with the Sun being
in the sign of Aquarius and it’s there right up until the 18th and then it goes
into the sign of Pisces so now if you’re Aquarius or Pisces I am talking to YOU!
You’ve got MERCURY so Aquarius be happy it’s in your sign right up until the
10th of February it went into your sign on the 25th of January okay and it lasts
right up until the 10th of February that’s the time to be heard and
understood so if you need to write some letters if you need to do some teaching
if you want to be able to communicate something to your friends or family do
it during that transit because when Mercury is transiting through our
signs no matter what we say everybody hears us and then it’ll go into the sign
of Pisces on the 11th of February. VENUS ….#makeshappynoise
love is going into the sign of Capricorn on the 4th of February so if you’re a
Capricorn and you want to get dating or to improve your love life do that in
February. MARS is still in the sign of Aries it’ll go into Taurus on the 15th
of February all the other planets as I’ve mentioned just now are staying the
same okay March month starts in Pisces finishes on
the 20th this year and then it goes into the sign of Aries so Pisces/Aries I’m
talking to you now!! Mercury’s in your sign Pisces it now goes retrograde on
the 6th of March that’s the day after my birthday Goodness Me!!so if you are a Pisces you
need to remember that when you get to March and you get to the 6th of March it
lasts three weeks until the 29th of March everybody is gonna completely
misunderstand you when a mercury go straight to Kate you need to be very
clear about communication Venus will be transiting through the sign of Aquarius
for most of March starts on the second goes all the way to the 26th and then on
the 27th that goes into Pisces so as I say that was Venus that’s feeling still
gonna pick it on Venus is in the sign of Aquarius from the 2nd of March until the
26th of March so that’s the love planet Aquarius so again if you’re dating
trying to prove your love life in fact it’s a good time to improve finances
when Venus goes into your sign Mars now in March is transiting through the sign
of Taurus this is something only happens once a year to each sign of the zodiac
it’ll give you tons of energy absolutely loads for the whole of March you can
feel right on top of the world I won’t go any further cause Jupiter is still in
the sign of such Terrace that’s not altering I will mention if it goes
retrograde April we are now Sun starts the month in the sign of Aries it
started the previous month the exact date which I didn’t mention earlier
might not have done 21st the Sun goes into the sign of Aries April we begin
the month in your sign it stays in your sign until the 20th of April and then it
goes into Taurus so aries taurus I’m talking to you now Mercury’s in the sign
of Pisces came out of retrograde on the 29th of March it’s now in April still
transiting through the sign of Pisces and will continue until the 17th of
April so it’s a long transit it normally only lasts about a month but because of
the retrograding it’s making it last little bit longer Venus is in your sign
Pisces in eighth port get out payment date it goes into Aries on the 21st of
April Mars is in the sign of Gemini so I mentioned generalize earlier hooray
Gemini for the hold of April you will have lots of energy keeping in mind that
because Mars is the planet action aggression and energy don’t get to a
fight in April Jupiter now is going to go retrograde such terian spare tension
on the 11th of April that lasts until until the 12th of August so any
investments you might have made any luck that you might have received okay make
sure it doesn’t all untangle itself because do but is the lovely planet
it’s about philosophy long distance travel further education it’s the ruling
plant to Sagittarius and when we start the year with a lot of planets in their
natural homes when Jupiter goes retrograde make sure you’re not losing
all those things that you’ve gained okay we’re now into May when two Taurus and
that lasts until the 21st of May and then it goes into Gemini on the 22nd
mercury starts in Aries that started the previous month on the 18th Aries will
last with you until the 6th of May then it goes into Taurus Taurus hello
another planet of yours you’ve got mercury for most of May and till the
21st of May and then he goes into Gemini Gemini you’d be very happy about that
the Sun goes into your sign on the 22nd of May and then mercury goes into your
sign also on the 22nd of May yes so Mercury’s your ruling planet the one
that looks after you you will feel heard and understood lush Venus starts a month
in Aries or in Maine out Venus starts the month
and goes on until the 15th of May then it goes towards now tourists that’s your
ruling planet so when you get to the 16th of May the planet looks off to you
will be giving you a heads up and a boost of energy because Venus is the
love planet Mars is in the sign of Germany Gemini
Germany Mars in the sign of Gemini until the 16th of May then it goes into cancer
cancer you don’t do too well when Mars is in your sign because you’re not
really a sign that goes around bashing people on the head or getting
argumentative watch out you don’t do that okay when we
get to the 17th May that lasts until the right to the end of June goodness me
June right now one starts Gemini lasts until the 21st of June then on the 22nd
it goes into cancer mercury again starts in the Sun Gemini
changes into cancer on the fifth of June so cancer hello when mercury goes into
your sign heard and understood got a rate but watch out for that Mars transit
that is for all of June okay so you’re going to have mercury in your sign
towards the end of the month from the 22nd the Sun will be in your sign but
with Mars there as well go and Jacque get down the gym don’t go
passion people on the nose Venus is in the sign of Taurus still lovely you’re
really planet Taurus until the 9th of June and then it goes into Gemini so Jim
life you’re dating the 10th of June is your month start last right to the end
of the month get out there and date your love life will improve I won’t mention
Jupiter that’s already mentioned being retrograde July month starts in cancer
goes on until the 23rd of July then the Sun goes into Leo hello Leo on the 24th
of July mercury starts in Leo so that started viewed previous month on the
28th of June Mercury aha ok Leo I need to apologize now you don’t want to let
me tell you this mercury is going to go retrograde in your sign on the 8th of
July so what child but you will not miss
understood it retrograde all the way back through the sign of Leo back into
the sign of cancer so two signs of the zodiac are going to be affected in July
Leo and cancer misinterpretations people get the wrong end of the stick
don’t sign too many contracts if you have to make sure you meet this small
print July starts with Venus just for a few days up until the third Venus system
you’ll sign gemini and then Venus goes into the sign of cancer lash that’s nice
but for the whole of July you’ve got Venus and Mars in your side so Venus
will take off a little bit of the edge of Mars which is a bit of an action
aggression energy and the month starts with Mars just for one day so it’s only
the first two July and then you’ve got Venus which is nice on the fourth Leo on
the 2nd of July Mars goes into your science you can have a Mercury
retrograde and you can have Mars which is the plan of action a question and
energy don’t get into arguments that lasts for the hold of July wrapped up
and Jupiter won’t mention I’ve mentioned that already August we’re starting with
Leo that’s your sign last right up until the 23rd when then goes into Virgo
mercury goes down records on the first of all are are so cancer and Leo all
those misinterpretations and misunderstandings will now finish
mercury continues to transit through the sign of Leo so it continued to transit
through the sign of cancer until it goes back into the sign Leo on the 12th of
August so Leo by the time we get to the 12 August things are going to be lifting
feeling a bit better plus you have a big chunk of the month with Venus in your
sign going from the previous month right up until the 21st of August love
love love love love and then it goes into Ferg on the 22nd Mars is still
transiting through your sign Leo right up until the 18th of August at Jupiter
were not mentioned what I will mention the fact that goes direct so such
Oteri’s Jupiter goes though it’s in your sign under 12th or for worse then things
we decide relief the whole year Sagittarius and Jupiter is in your sign
doesn’t matter too much about the retrograde
but this is the year you need to do whatever it is you want to do okay
you’re gonna get there means the methods the the the must word you’re going to
get the encouragement from people when September now month starts in Virgo
carries on until the 23rd and the 24 that goes into Leo Mercury’s in your
sign Virgo again you’re another sign like Jim and I where Mercury’s ruling
planet that started on the 30th of August continues until their 14th of
September yay heard and understood any writing you need to do if you are writer
and get it done and of August beginning of September until the 14th then it goes
into sign of Libra Libra hello mercury is in your sign from the 15th until the
end of the month carry on to next month Venus is now in Virgo and September so
if you’re dating if you got love is they get resolved in September that lasts
until the 14th then Libra Venus is your ruling sign so on the 15th to September
please circle that in your calendar you’ve got mercury in your sign and you
got Venus making a lovely transit lasting right happened to October so
that’s a brilliant time for you from the 15th of September
laughs laughs laughs laughs laughs Mars is in Virgo
I don’t know that Virgo do we like too much Mars I don’t know how much you do
down the gym but at least get outdoors do something that’s the whole of
September so on the one hand you’ve got the beneficial Sun Mercury and Venus in
your sign but with Mars in there again don’t get
to fights arguments won’t mention Jupiter I think all the outer planets
oopsie Neptune went metric right let me go back
did that happen Neptune retrograde on the 22nd to June
so pi sees just needs a chef I am for you there
don’t get into tangled messes please in June that you’re moving planet is going
rich great and that lasts until oh right at the end of the year the end
of the year okay so right off the end of the year
I’m not saying goodbye to the end of the epoch yeah don’t get too involved that
September we’re now into October I think the outer planets Pluto has
worked to creating a Caprican bit there’s nothing much you could do about
that Uranus is starting to retrograde again new on the 1st of October if you
are a Taurus you’ve now got unis retro waiting so if you’re an early born
Taurus so you’re an Eightball born for us we get to October and you and this is
now Rhett – great now watch out for that because you and this is the planet as
sudden happenings to make sure your furnitures screwed down nothing it’s
just going to go loose and fly away we’re into October the month starts in
the sign of Libra works all the way through until the 23rd on the 24th that
goes into Scorpio mercury starts in the sign of Libra changes into Scorpio on
the 4th of October from the 4th of October to the end of the month I’d
begin the next month Scorpio heard and understood lush Venus
is in Libra still so get out there Cameron with the dating until we get to
the 8th of October Libra then Scorpio takes over on the 9th Mars starts in
Virgo changes into Libra so Libra yeah Libra you’ve got Mars now so you get the
end of mercury the end of Venus and then on the 5th of October you’ve now got
Mars transiting your son again don’t get two arguments get out don’t get physical
Jupiter’s ok Saturn’s not retrograde that’s good
Uranus have mentions which made Neptune measurement agreed Pluto switch great
Capricorn just Saten don’t worry about Lou Tourette
equate November month starts in Scorpio carries on until the 22nd November and
then it’s in the sign of Sagittarius from the 23rd
sagiv and enjoy that mercury is retrograde now all my lord went to that
star Mercury retrograde how did that slip past me
mercury started on 1st of November okay Mercury’s retrograde II now inside a
Scorpio ooh watch out Scorpio that lasts the retrograde lasts in November until
the 21st so from the 1st of November to the 21st November if you are a Scorpio
please double-check everything that’s written down 1st of November Venus is in
just sign Scorpio and then it goes into Saji Sacchi you’re gonna be enjoying
Venus from the 2nd of November right until the 26th that he goes at the
calendar 27th Mars Libra Mars is still in your sign please don’t go passion
anybody on the nose lasts until the 19th then it goes into Scorpio on the 20th
the Jupiter okay Sutton human assistant retrograde Neptune still retrograde
Pluto came out right away Capricorn you’ll be pleased to know when did that
happen on the 3rd of October I should mention that Paula G’s be now December
hi Saji the Sun is in your sign last until the 22nd then it goes into
Capricorn on the 23rd Mercury’s in the sign of Scorpio right up until the 9th
then the 10th Sagittarius Mercury’s in your sign heard and understood lash
carries on until the 29th of December so don’t overdo it when we get to the New
Year because then it goes into Capricorn Venus you’ve Capricorn Venus in your
sign lush until the 20th the December changed sin to Aquarius on the 21st
Mars is in the sign of Scorpio that’s a ruling planets use actually
if you’re a Scorpio december’s per month Jupiter now finishes its transit in the
sinus Sachi Sachi that’s just the first two days of December and then I’m sorry
that’s the end of your wonderful Jupiter transits not going to happen again for
another 12 years goes into the sign of Capricorn on the 3rd of December so
cappy’s when we get to December you’ve got the Sun goes into your song on the
23rd mercury isn’t there Venus is there for the whole of the month
Jupiter starts on the 3rd Saturn is already transiting it’s
halfway through nearly 3/4 of the way through your sign so Capricorn
December’s nice for you in 2019 outer planets Uranus is still wrecked grating
sorry Thomas that’s why until the end of the year Neptune is finishing its
retrograde in the sign of Pisces on the 28th to November Pisces you can breathe
a sigh of relief as you come up to Christmas it’s not going to be bad and
blue toast in Capricorn so don’t fret Capricorn you’ve already got nice things
going on with Venus and Saturn so that’s all good so that’s a quick jump all the
way around to each sign of the zodiac I hope I haven’t taught you fast
I hope this recording doesn’t last too long was 26 something minutes – Mary
English you can find me at Mary English comm maryenglish Dakota ok if you want
to see astrology please go to UK astrologer code at UK that is my website
you can get in contact with me there you can email me Mary at Mary English UK and
I hope you have a wonderful year I will be making a video about this year’s
planets cuz I’ve done it but if you want to learn a strategy please go to my
podcast it’s called Astro merry no relation to
the website called Astro merry that’s not my website that’s not me that’s
French don’t get me confused with that if you
want to learn a strategy go to my podcast I’ll put the links in the show
notes and if you subscribe you will at cage
get some video from me telling you about something to do with the planets but if
you want to know a lot about strategy then do for my podcast I broadcast every
Sunday at 12 o’clock so every week there’s a new lesson wrapped on 107 at
the moment the first 20 teacher astrology the rest of them give you
extra information but you can learn astrology free on my podcast I may use a
free website called Astro comm so have a fabulous 2019 okay bye-bye now

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  • Talcha88 says:

    Could you please contact me? I’ve found I am “indigo” I hate labels.. however I had an abrupt “awakening “ last year February 5th (2018) I never knew any of this until this most intense experience I had just while trying to heal from my childhood trauma. And have found i was and still am in my Saturn return. It’s a lot to explain here, I’ll post my link to a video I had to post to process what it was to grant my reality.- however have learned soo so so much more since then, just still am and would like to have guidance.

    Scorpio rising, 12th Scorpio pluto retrograde. Saturn Neptune Uranus all retrograde all in 2nd. Taurus sun in 7th moon Aires 5th. Venus Gemini 8th, Chiron Gemini retrograde 8th north node Pisces in 4th retrograde.

    Here is my video (not know much of what I do at the moment which is still limited, and have much more personal experiences thus then)


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