WaPo media critic slams MSNBC host for ‘rooting’ for Steele dossier

WaPo media critic slams MSNBC host for ‘rooting’ for Steele dossier


  • hookalakah says:

    All of this media group-think is very entertaining, but there's nothing to it. How does Rachel Maddow's conscience justify her salary? Oh wait–conscience is not one of her assets.

  • Spring Lamb says:

    See you tube videos TONY Podesta ART MARINA Abramavich SPIRIT COOKING JOHN Podesta wiki leaks emails FATHER JOHN Podesta JAMES Alafantis Ping Pong PIZZA LAURA Silsby RAPIST BILL CLINTON Dennis Hastert NXIVM ANTHONY WEINER Jimmy Saville Prince Andrew and NOW EPSTEIN AGAIN ! These BABY SLAUGHTERING Luciferian ILLUMINATI SATANIST BABY KILLERS ARE ALL CONNECTED !

  • Sonya Muhammad says:

    The queston is why? Why is Rachel lying and driving the campaign against Trump? Ok, I get it that she may not like the man or maybe she hates him, but why? What has Trump done to her that has created such deeply rooted hate? I'm not sure it is hate. She seems nervous. She;s definitely over animated and borderline goofy. So, what's really going on?

  • Minor Threat says:

    And she gets to be a moderator for one of the 2020 presidential debates. But they said no to FOX hosting a debate?
    The left always gets the advantage. Why couldn't they say no to her hosting?

  • Louis White says:

    Why are you people lying.

  • imperator parva says:

    Cannot have a car with square wheels.

  • 60trailblazer says:

    Just because your educated doesn't make you smart .

  • G K says:

    2020 will create many LEFTIST fatalities bwahaahhahaa

  • J D says:


  • Blu_ Tgr says:

    She's a C U N T Madcow

  • Ian Dunbar says:

    Stupid is as stupid does, and Ricky Madcow has more than enough stupid for the entire democrat party.

  • Carl Zeigler says:

    Maddow Disease!

  • Sonic Salt Slug says:

    That dudes a lady?

  • dmt says:

    VDH is pure genius. Could listen to him all day.

  • The Showman says:

    Trump knows exactly what he is doing. He is drawing these people out of their dark corners and showing the American people who they really are. He knows he must get these people to show there true nature so that Americans can see the true danger that’s been hidden for so long. He has gotten them off their game and they are now showing their cards to the world.

  • Jay Trace says:

    That Randall Maddow is just a pink, man…

  • Steve Shrader says:

    …Maddog is a hater/liar/racist/narcissist/hypocrite/fake person…did i leave anything out…oh yeah…Trump 2020…Making America Great…Keeping America Great…

  • Accelerator Magazine says:

    Whoa, ease up on the big words, dude. As for Madow, the only time I will see her is on Fox being corrected. L8r.

  • Gary Bilder says:

    Maddow is like all corporate owned corrupt media outlets throughout our country. They use sensationalism to report stories. Webster defines sensationalism as: Feelings over fact, emotions over truth. They could care less what is just, fair or professional. All they want to do is stir up TDS. They need to keep these sheep’s emotions stirred up for ratings and job security.

  • Peter7966 says:

    Maddow is the face of smug left.

  • Gabriel Arch says:

    That angry teenage boy Maddow is demonically possessed.

  • G Blake says:

    They always say “the people”. There aren’t “the people” anymore. There are two divided camps at war. I’m in nyc. Most of the people I know here don’t care whether it’s true or not, and most will believe any accusations regardless.

  • chris richard says:

    Think about it, they wanted the Russians to have been able to direct the outcome of the election so they could be "right". What idiot roots for the downfall of the American electorial system? What idiot hopes that America was corrupted from within and that the Russians have taken over the government ?

  • Stroker Ace says:

    Well that chick is as flake and brain washed as any of them

  • dusty rhoads says:

    I think Rachel Maddow is a girly boy girly upstairs boy downstairs

  • Big Wheel says:

    Rachel Maddow analysis leading into the 2016 election was the best. All her numbers and poles showed Hillary Clinton had a 98 percent chance of winning. Trump had a 2 percent pathway to the presidency. This went on and on for weeks. Then came election night and candidate Trump victory. And Rachel Maddow meltdown and crying on camera. Was just priceless to see. Was glad I stayed up to watch it all unfold. Looking forward to five more years of snowflakes melting.

  • Marilyn Woodall says:

    Madcow is the laughingstock of the world… is somebody paying her to be an idiot?

  • Symbologist 1979 says:

    They have not impeached the president they have only voted to impeach him but that has to be cleared by the other half oh, so the president has not been impeached they have just voted on impeaching him… So quit saying on Fox news that he has been impeached because he has not he has only had votes to be impeached, get your news right!!!

  • Bobby Deery says:


  • Brian Nolan says:

    It's funny, being real educated like Rachael Maddow doesn't make her smart.

  • mike oren says:

    Bummer. I was hoping madow creature was gonna get body slammed on it’s head! Two YEARS sputtering collusion gibberish, bet the farm, all in, shove all chips in, collusion delusion! Trump’s a russia, russia, russia asset/agent!! Sounded completely asinine from the get go? Well? It was completely ASININE! He was toast of the town? Apprentice? You’re fired? You oughta he fired dumbass, couple’a YEARS blubbering gibberish? “Just move on”, Rachel show, shrieking continues? Why bother? Couple more years, more drivel?

  • Rey Sanchez says:

    LATINOS 4 TRUMP 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Richard A says:

    The same people in media who were pushing the Steele Dossier are the same ones we saw on 2016 election night “Shocked that Trump WON the election” they’ve been trying to overturn the election results ever since.

  • radicalvans _ says:

    Is mad cow supposed to be a dude or a girl

  • Byron Allen says:

    Maddow is nothing but a radical left wing mouthpiece. The Steele dossier, a document paid for by the DNC, was never anything but to fiction yet these "news" providers actually treated it as a serious document. Maddow is a liar, fraud and radical leftist who needs to be off TV and retired.

  • Lloyd W says:

    I think the Senate should be fair with the impeachment trial… as fair as the house was with the impeachment. Gather in the basement of the Capital (after a thorough fumigation, of coarse) and vote for, or against impeachment, right now!

  • Lloyd W says:

    I have been told that the politicians in the House are intelligent people. If that's true then they are secretly, and intentionally trying to get Trump re-elected. Those cunning bastards 🙂

  • Can’t spell Triumph Without TRUMP says:

    The left’s propaganda machine puts out something far more detrimental to the Country than emissions. 🤔

  • orlando pena says:

    This is just a show so the people are not paying attention to what happened to the law's in their state's Americans have learn how they get played every four years

  • william knight says:

    VOTE VOTE VOTE…….don,t let the dimwits get any seats and we will WIN

  • pathfinderdaddy says:


  • dohnnycash says:

    Have you ever seen a neck on a woman like the one on Maddow? You haven’t and never will because that’s a Man Neck. I guess Neck Transplant Surgery is a bit to risky but they can do wonders on an Adamsapple.

  • Tiger Scar says:

    Rabid Maddcow is a pathological liar that will say anything to get a paycheck. The amount of corruption, criminals, stupidity, deceitfulness, incompetence, ignorance and mental illness in the Demoncraptic party is MASSIVE. Most of them belong in a mental asylum or prison. Demoncraps specialize in being pathological liars and embezzling taxpayers money. This is what Demoncraps do,this is who they are.

  • Robert 420 says:

    Nancy Pelosi thinks the impeachment articles are an egg need to sit on it hopefully something will hatch

  • Kimo C says:

    Please watch Truth Honor and integrity show Thomas Williams…. You will get a vast amount of hidden truth… But you need to keep an open mind and you need to really want deep truth… Xxxx Don't watch anyone else… I do not recommend any other shows, so please be careful of out fake shows….

  • Kimo C says:

    Pelosi is trying to bribe the republicans 1.5m to 10 million… So she is waiting for a response xxxxx

  • freedom fighter says:

    Rachel maddow is a pathological liar. She might be smart but that's what gives her the edge when it comes to lying so well

  • Michael Morin says:

    How does she (Madow) still have a job? She WRONG 100% of the time !!! It's actually funny to witness.

  • viola F. Link says:

    She!!!!, that"s a SICKO

  • Makai Mauka says:

    Maddow is the world's smartest dumb-a__…….

  • cuz imryte says:

    When the liberal agenda officially collapses, conservatives need to get rid of the liberal indoctrination centers (colleges) and once again make them legitimate educational institutions.

  • Makai Mauka says:

    Brilliant analysis

  • gf tft says:

    She is a maddog ulgy 🐮

  • Aramai Jonassi says:

    There's nothing in that dossier that was debunked. Nice try fox. P.s. Mr illegitimate Donald Trump was impeached. Your distraction campaign isn't working.

  • Jerk Joker says:

    Cancel Maddcow! The WITCH SHOULD BE BURNED at the stake, which in 2020 means: she should be fired "at her post" on Live TV

  • Rob salinas says:

    Rachel Madcow needs to respect the process…you’re not in the judge and jury business…you’re in the report accrual events…

  • gerry gunn says:

    Rachel Maddow train of logic; start with a false premise, and you end up concluding that leftists believe false premises.

  • Shelly Sanchez says:

    So sad some are so blind, pray for them.they need JESUS!

  • Charles Bales says:

    Rachel Maddow is not a "she". "She" is a he. DNA does not lie.

  • Johnny Smith says:

    Maddow is one ugly man

  • Dave Simpson says:

    Maddow is just an ugly man in drag. Ignore what he's saying. He only lies when his mouth is moving.

  • Rick Schuler says:

    Why does Madcow still have a job? SMH

  • Marco Polo says:

    Mr. Maddow is a Talking Head and a Globalist Chump Puppet and a Liar !

  • David Anders says:

    Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, Wolf, cried the sheppard boy. How stupid are the democrats? Now they are going to be eaten by the wolf………lol serves them right.

  • v starr says:

    More bull

  • Richard Hammonds says:


  • Steven Schmidt says:

    We have got to mr. President stop the giving of license to illegal immigrants it is a privilege given to an American citizen not given to a illegal immigrant that will most likely vote illegally

  • Steven Schmidt says:

    Remember we must continue to tweet email or senators that is very important the Equal justice is done people must go to jail for what they did to this president Office of the President they broke the Constitution of the United States to overthrow presidency there's got to be consequences

  • Steven Schmidt says:

    My fellow Republicans we must stay strong we must vote in the next president after Donald Trump with the 65 million vote to let the Democrats know we're not going anywhere

  • Phil Buben says:

    Mad 🐄 is nothing but a mouth piece for the looney leftists …

  • Marco Solo says:

    MadCow is a nothing more than a moron in a female journalist suit,…………….she is definitely a "Nasty Woman"

  • Dave Mattia says:

    Intellectuals do nothing to advance the human race . That's the job of smart people. Smart people are far more productive than intellectuals. Also, hipster glasses and a manly haircut do not make someone an intellectual. I think Rachel Maddow is a moron.

  • Hai Ha says:

    MSNBC is fake news. Nobody trust him

  • Terry Vanbocquestal says:

    Rachel Rachel Rachel, such a poor excuse of a journalist!

  • JW says:

    The media killed themselves by crying wolf all the time.

  • doug mayer says:

    Ivy League=educated fools

  • William Bingham says:

    They needed something to disrupt the senate to create talking points so they can mount attacks and hope to cause enough dissension to gain control of the senate in 2020, they may not be able to remove him from office, but if they can control the house and senate, POTUS will not be able to do anything. That is why she is holding it, the longer she does the more talking points they get.

  • QuickDraw Mcgraw says:

    The Democrats are just trying to hide their own personal corruption in Ukraine. Pelosi's son along with Biden and Kerry have been filling their pockets over there.

  • Chad Newman says:

    Maddow is Fake News Man Of The Year

  • Mike Burke says:

    WaPo calling out MSNBC is the pot calling the kettle black. They are all anti Trump

  • Francisco Valiente says:

    We are pissed off at all this Denmtard are just rubbing me very, very wrong. Climate, BS, AOS nut cucu club, is disgusting, Senators with pi brains.

  • Jaxx Brat says:

    Marxist Pelosi..that aint American

  • Toontt Toon says:

    Maxine.​ You.​ Fart.​ When.​ Rachel.​ Kiss.​ Your.​ Arse.​ Nadler.​ Sleep.​With.​ Schumer.​ And.​Schiff.​ Look.​ Look.​ Look​

  • Mike Fizer says:

    Maddow's groupies need to know that her own lawyer's defense in the law suit against her is that she shouldn't be taken seriously or literally. Her show is for entertainment purposes only. Hahahaa suckers.

  • Robert Jacobs says:

    It is fast becoming realized that a pedigree as a Rhodes, Harvard or ivy league scholar is nothing more than schitt on a shingle.

  • Jerry MacLennan says:

    MADDOW a joke.A degree lol.

  • TheSommersonnenwende says:

    Rachel MadCow is one of the most disgusting people on American TV. Whenever I saw or see her I feel like wanting to vomit. Her voice and her mimics are making me sick… Greetings from Germany

  • Jack Harrison says:

    No we’re tired of looking at this man or woman or whatever the hell she is well she go out and get a construction job she wants to look like a man and be a man go work like a man maybe she can start shoveling send she’s worthless as a reporter was really sick and tired of hearing her and looking at her go away👎👨🏻‍🦳👎

  • John Nicholson says:

    Glad you saw the light.

  • Keith Mcmorrow says:

    Americans are to the point they want pelosi and others out of our government

  • Digital Shredda says:

    Rachel Maddow pees standing up…..shakes twice once finished.

  • Rudy F says:

    All Demo Presidential Candidates should show CNN on their contribution documents as in kind in the millions of dollars

  • Julia Branca says:

    Her show is a sham..needs to be cancelled..🐍💩👎👿😠

  • Skywalker7897 says:

    "she was assured by the left wing of the party". Clown car has left the big top.

  • Chris Lond says:

    The elitist liberals think they are smarter than everyone else and they alone are the purveyors of what is "truth", when in fact they are dishonest narcissists looking to use their popaganda to infiltrate the weak minded they feel are incapable of using critical thinking and reasoning.

  • Jeff Perry says:

    The lefts Madcow disease.

  • Joe Joe says:

    Richie maddow is an exquisite and dashing boy

  • John Crowley says:

    Raymond maddow

  • Lex McGuire says:

    R. Maddow is an educated idiot. Learning does not always provide intelligence.

  • N Wibawa says:

    Victor Hanson just demolishes the Dems with his dissection of their failed strategies.

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