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hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of AstrologyAnswers.com’s Weekly Forecast my name is Terence Guardino
the week begins on Monday December the 16th in the first two days there’s no
major planetary activity so we look to the moon the moon sets the overall
public emotional tone the moon on Monday is going to be in Leo fiery extroverted
proud Leo Leo is in hotha Leo moon will be in harmony on Monday with the
Sagittarius Sun they’re both fire signs so it’s a good
day for a lot of activity a lot of traveling busyness but you could also
it’s a day of inspiration or inspiring others now on Tuesday the moon shifts
into Virgo for the next two and a half days Virgo is more sensible grounded
work oriented the couple of days of Leo could have been celebrating holiday
parties but then come Tuesday Wednesday it’s back to work and getting those job
tasks accomplished on Tuesday the moon in Virgo is going to be in harmony with
expanse of Jupiter with innovative exciting Uranus so it’s not going to be
such a dry day of just routine work of the moon and Virgo there’s still some
excitement and and opportunities that’s triggering good for business good for
accomplishing work tasks then we get into Wednesday now the moon in Virgo is
going to be in harmony with vicious Mars responsible serious Saturn
and powerful Pluto Wednesday a lot of work can be accomplished a good day for
applying for a job or beginning a new work project or finishing up a major
long-term project Thursday now we start having some important planetary transit
where assertive ambitious Mars is going to be in harmony with serious focus
Saturn this is a very positive energy for accomplishing a lot of work and
giving you the stamina and the perseverance to accomplish your goals by
the end of Thursday going into early over the first part of Friday now
communication decision-making mercury is going to be in tension with a nebulous
dreamy Neptune mercury Neptune can inspire the imagination so it could be
good for artists and performers but usually it means that your mental Capel
cooked ease your mind your decision-making abilities is going to be
a bit more fuzzy with the Neptune or your more distracted or you’re losing
your focus but on as Friday unfolds the Venus social creative harmonious Venus
that’s been in Capricorn more traditional pragmatic Capricorn for the
past several weeks but on Friday it’s entering into Aquarius Aquarius is more
humanistic group oriented it represents friendships and so it’s perfect
social Venus social energy for celebrating the holidays
going into all those major New Year’s Eve festivities very favorable for
connecting or increasing your social circle then we go into Saturday the 21st
and that is the winter solstice if you’re in the northern latitudes the
winter solstice is the beginning or the first day of winter or the first day of
Capricorn and now that Capricorn energy of much more tradition of the holidays
is now starting to shine its spotlight interesting note is on the winter
solstice in the northern latitudes it is the longest night and the shortest day
the night symbolizes the darkness or pulling within for introspection and the
light is the light of consciousness of awareness but the day after the first
day of Capricorn there’s about four more minutes of light and then every day
there’s four more minutes there’s four more minutes so there it’s very subtle
but there’s it’s the shift of this bringing that’s bringing more of this
awareness as we’re also going to be shifting towards more and more light
getting to spring and then getting to summer in the northern latitudes now on
Sunday the social Venus is going to be triggering dynamic exciting Uranus good
day for a party for celebrating with loved ones as we’re nearing more getting
closer and closer to the High Holidays Venus Uranus could even trigger an
unexpected sudden infatuation it’s also good for entertainment going to the
theater a film a concert because you’re going this Venus Uranus can trigger a
lot of excitement at the same time assertive Mars
ambitious energetic Mars is going to be in harmony with Pluto powerful Pluto
Mars Pluto is you can be getting a great deal of work that’s the Mars
accomplished and maybe that is with the Venus Uranus is really preparing for
parties for holiday decorations or on a completely different level Mars Pluto is
really triggering a lot of this energy and passion and Venus Uranus could be
awakening a lot more infatuation a lot of socializing perfect day perfect
weekend for the holidays before I sign off I want to remind you I’m available
for the one-question offer for a nominal fee you can find a direct link to order
it in the description box below the video but remember the time of birth is
always important and if you could put the birth information and time in with
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to thank you for tuning in I hope to see you next week with my next segment until
then happy holidays

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