Weekly Forecast July 22nd, 2019 Astrology Answers

Weekly Forecast July 22nd, 2019 Astrology Answers

Hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of Astrology Answers.com’s Weekly Forecast my name is Terence
Guardino the week begins on Monday July the 22nd this week planetary wise is
going to be a lot calmer we’re still dealing with the after-effects of the
eclipses mercury still retrograde but all this intensity where Mars and Saturn
and Uranus were all clashing creating all this intense energy in the past two
weeks particularly in this past week and we had earthquakes in the California and
Seattle and the hurricane and the flooding in Louisiana and surrounding
areas and then Wow the power outage all that intensity with mercury and
retrograde communications are just going crazy but this week things are calming
down at least planetary wise late Monday on the 22nd the Sun leaves its 1 month
journey through emotional moody protective cancer and moves into more
fiery dramatic extroverted entertaining outgoing Leo Leo energy compels us to
get out in the world and vacation and partying and enjoy social events cancer
tends to be more home and family and more directed with domestic issues
that’s just kind of a general energy and by Saturday of the Venus
pleasure-seeking loving Venus will then also move into Leo joining the Sun into
the first part of August and of course the Sun
and the Venus in leo tends to be a more social outgoing romantic creative
pleasurable energy overall compared to all this emotional stress from the last
couple of weeks now on Tuesday the 23rd the emotional moon is in fiery and
patient Mars I mean Aries Aries is ruled by Mars but
it’s going to be in some stressful angle to restricted Saturn transforming Pluto
so we still might still be feeling this emotional tension and stress but it’s
more of like a mood swing it comes and goes
by Wednesday much better day as we’re getting into this Leo rhythm with
pleasure seeking social Venus is going to be aligning with retrograde mercury
retrograde mercury is a time of reconnecting and what Venus could be
resolving misunderstandings from the past or you could be even hearing and
reconnecting to somebody from your past friendships an ex a romantic partner a
loved one either you are it’s a good day to reconnect and reconcile and heal or
you just might be reconnecting on social media through Facebook for somebody from
your past so that can be a good day by Thursday
now energetic Mars in fiery leo it’s been there since about July the first
once every two years fiery Mars is going to be excellent with
hopeful expensive Jupiter this is good for all kinds of work projects Jupiter
brings the opportunity brings the optimism in the luck this is also with
the Jupiter could be good for traveling could be good for marketing
education and the Mars just gives you the motivation and the drive so it’s
another good day so Wednesday’s good making these maybe
even Wednesday you could reconnect with business partners and and kind of revise
and and reconnect and get your ducks more lined up and by Thursday feeling
more of this confidence in this motivation to really go but this is not
for new business or projects or jobs this is very favorable for previous work
this is just Wednesday and Thursday could be very favorable for making a lot
of adjustments to get it more on on a better track by Friday another good day
no major planetary events but the moon that sets the emotional tone will be in
steady sensible Taurus Taurus is this grounding earth sign but when the moon
is in Taurus on Friday it’s going to be very favorable with Neptune and a water
sign with Pluto and a fellow earth sign with Mercury and Venus in the very end
of the water signs and so there’s all this kind of emotional flow everything
feels like it’s in sync another good day pretty much this is a good week
especially Wednesday Thursday Friday on Saturday and Sunday there’s the moon is
in Gemini no important planetary events other than pleasure seeking social Venus
is leaving kind of more reflective sensitive cancer and going into outgoing
extroverted leo joining the Sun joining Mars so it’s like passion creative
passion antek passion any kind of passion for
your projects we are more able to tap into especially when this when the Venus
finally gets into fiery leo by Saturday night but having the moon in Gemini
Saturday and Sunday and the moon sets you know the emotional tone Gemini are
all these ideas come a lot of social interaction a lot of brainstorming ideas
but with this Venus going into Leo joining the Sun and Mars and the moon in
Gemini it can be a very social weekend great for going to parties great for
networking going to business events social events so after the first two
weeks of July being so intense we may feel a little bit more centered yeah
we’re still dealing with the effects of the eclipses and mercury in retrograde
but this is a calmer week now before I sign off I want to remind you I’m
available for the one-question offer for a nominal fee and you can find a direct
link in the description box below the video to make ordering it very easy
always put in your time of birth if you have it because it helps make more
accurate predictions so I want to thank you for tuning in I hope to see you next
week with my next segment until then enjoy this week


  • Cheryl Sibson says:

    Haida Gwaii had 3 earthquakes within minutes a few of each other weeks ago

  • VGamer09 Alfa says:

    Thank you Terence and God bless always..

  • Drkath Weisel-Plumb, Psy.D says:

    Happy Holy Blessed Week

  • Keyboard Dancers says:

    So there'll be lots of emotions and calmness along with renewed personal associations and networks. Business, travel and educational opportunities will become apparent. There might be some parties and definitely romance. The main message is to avoid manipulating people in a devious and deceitful way to suit your own ends because if they find out, you may end up with no friends.

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