Weekly Forecast March 18th, 2019 Astrology Answers

Weekly Forecast March 18th, 2019 Astrology Answers

Hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of Astrology Answers.com’s Weekly Forecast my name is Terence Guardino
the week begins on March on Monday March the 18th and this is a big active week
when a lot of things are coming to a head because we’re having a full moon on
Wednesday it’s also the spring equinox or the autumn equinox if you’re south of
the Equator so a lot of things are culminating and coming to a head but
with mercury in retrograde it could also mean that relationships or commitments
jobs that have been weak have been a bit fragile tangible then this could be the
endings but it’s about clearing out what’s not working to get more on
trapped and more focused towards what is working so a lot of this is coming to a
head on Wednesday but let’s start on Monday the moon is sets the emotional
tone for a couple of days Sunday Monday specifically on Monday the Muhsin leo
activating ambitious Mars at optimistic Jupiter so you’re starting the week with
a with a lot of energy and motivation to get a lot of things done but with
mercury in retrograde best to be completing projects or taking existing
current projects to the next level but not starting anything new because it
won’t turn out as expected Mercury’s the planet of expectations by
Tuesday now the moon has shifted into more practical sensible Virgo as we get
into Wednesday now the moon is going actually it’s going to shift
into Libra later in the day and then that will be the full moon in Libra
Libra is about relationships and partnerships and with the full moon any
partnership contract agreement relationship that has been weak that has
been having causing some trouble this could be a breakup or with the beginning
of the end on a more positive note it could also bring to light what needs
to be fixed in a relationship and then with the mercury in retrograde
you can rethink it retool it and move forwards or any kind of agreements
relationships that are that’s been troublesome this could be the ending or
the beginning of the end also on Wednesday assertive Mars is
excellent with powerful Pluto’s you’re going to have the courage to to start
working on relationships or confront relationships
whether business personal to let it go whatever is not working for you and it’s
also a really important day not just because of the full moon but it’s the
spring equinox if you’re living north of the Equator so there’s a we’re coming
out of the winter which is about the letting go and you know it’s that period
of the winter of death of life well animals being in hibernation and then we
begin the new spring cycle when the Sun moves into Aries on Wednesday and
there’s this burst of energy and freshness
newness and it’s all coming to light with the full moon with the courage of
Mars Pluto but Mercury’s in retrograde so it’s for the most part it’s about
bringing to light what needs where you need to make adjustments so you can hit
the ground running with all new projects after mercury goes rector goes direct on
the 28th on Thursday creative relational Venus Venus also has all these desires
is going to be in a hard angle to Mars now that could also be on the positive
always trying to look to the positive first a lot of passion creatively
romantically but because of the full moon and the mercury and retrograde in
that full moon in relationship Libra that Venus Mars could be for some of you
when there’s fighting which is all part of the goodbye strong relationships will
survive this would be a time of really shaking things up and get it better on
track and and even if there is some real tensions and disagreements later in the
day on Thursday then the Venus will be in harmony with optimistic expense of
Jupiter so there could also be now relationships that are meant to end they
probably will be but for most of you this can mean a lot of where there’s
been some resentments or problems or things not talked about because of
mercury in retrograde and all that comes to the surface yet Wednesday then to
Thursday then the Venus Jupiter could be when you are healing when there’s the
forgiveness you know when you are maybe even
celebrating these breakthroughs in relationships as we go into Friday
Friday is more of this transitional day coming out of all of that high energy
and then Saturday and Sunday the moon that sets the tone is in passionate
intense Scorpio and by Sunday communication mercury retrograde mercury
will be aligning with Neptune in the positive this is a great day for
inspiring the imagination for empathy for your intuition for charity but when
it comes to communications it’s a day that could be very fraught with
misunderstandings so don’t assume anything when you’re having a discussion
if you’re feeling the bit uncertain you know repeat yourself or ask the
person to repeat what you think they heard you say just to make sure there’s
no misunderstandings but overall this is one active major week and as I said with
a full moon with a lot of matters come to light especially with relationships
now before I sign off I want to remind you I’m available for the one-question
offer and you can find a direct link in the description box below the video and
if you don’t notice it you’ll see mo are the word more just click on that and
it’ll open it up and then you’ll find the link the time of birth is always
important if you have it and you can if you would put the birth information in
the time of birth in with your question again it’ll just make sure I have all
the information carrot I want to thank you for tuning in
and I hope to see you next week with my next segment


  • Ronda Riptorn says:

    Love your Readings Terence,
    Thankyou for your time and effort, much appreciated.
    Just got through cancer op.
    Big change, weird energies!
    A Leo 12th August 1962.
    Of course I don't expect any reading. Just thought I'd put it out there! On physically disabled pension for long time now. Money's too tight
    Love from Robyn.

  • uncleambient says:

    Hi Terence, thanks for this forecast.

  • Cathy Morgan says:

    I love the information you give .. And I am so confused about my relationship

  • Pamela Given says:

    Beautiful thanks very much for your lovely reading true word what you are saying love light and blessings, enjoy ur new wk ahead X

  • anita clarke says:

    Hello handsome, the sun behind your head suits you perfectly ! Love it ! Thank you love !

  • Suzan Heckethorn says:

    Thank you so much for the forcast. I feel a big change is about to take place in my life.could you help me get through it alive and well. I'm ready for anythinb. Born April 21-1951 at 12:26 AM
    Suzan Semore

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