Weekly Forecast May 20th, 2019 Astrology Answers

Weekly Forecast May 20th, 2019 Astrology Answers

Hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of Astrology Answers.com’s weekly forecast my name is Terence
Guardino the week begins on Monday May the 20th and on Monday it’s the last day
that the Sun has been transiting in Taurus by tomorrow the next day on
Tuesday it will move into Gemini the last day when the Sun changes signs it’s
a lot of transition you can sense this new energy moving into a new direction
but you’re you haven’t completed or you’re still in the mode of the last how
this works out and in a mundane situation is this is not the best day to
be starting projects making commitments because you’re feeling a bit of this
unsettledness you might be excited about possibilities but the rhythm hasn’t
gotten solid yet but on Tuesday the energy is much better because not only
has the Sun moved into Gemini the planet of ideas in interconnecting and
traveling and learning it’s also aligning with mercury because
communication mercury is has also been in Taurus and on Tuesday it’s also
moving into Gemini so the Sun and Mercury are aligning and and mercury is
the ruler of Gemini so it’s really strong and so this is an excellent day
to be starting new projects to be having meetings to be studying a study program
etc now you could be planning on Monday but you need but your best if you can
wait till Tuesday to pull the trigger or to the green
light to get started it’s certainly an ex
day with Sun Mercury of brainstorming lots of ideas or sour or promoting
sending on an email list your marketing list you know just getting out there and
letting the world know you exist by Wednesday now ambitious assertive
Mars is going to be very favorable to the planet Uranus now this might happen
twice in a year Uranus is all this innovative energy on one hand Mars
Uranus could be very favorable for working that’s the Mars in technology or
learning new computer skills launching new computer projects or a website on a
more emotional level Mars Uranus is giving you more courage to think out of
the box take risk going on venture so it’s a very exciting day and maybe on
Tuesday is when you are making the decisions to do something new and
different and on Wednesday you’re rocking and rolling with it and that
energy will linger into Thursday so it’s certainly this Wednesday
Thursday a really ambitious time a courageous time try new things you know
break out of the old dull routine and then for the rest of the week there
aren’t any major planetary events on Thursday the moon that had been in
pragmatic stabilizing capricorn by midday moves into a quirky inventive
outgoing Aquarius where it will be Friday and Saturday Aquarius is an air
sign very positive with all that mercury and Sun and Gemini the another air sign
so from Thursday afternoon depending where you are on the planet or the
timezone certainly Friday through Saturday just know stressful planetary
events but the moon is in flow with the Sun and mercury so
it’s good for exchanging ideas learning speaking writing and by Sunday now the
moon has moved into more sensitive compassionate empathetic Pisces but
midweek is when Tuesday Wednesday Thursday we’re all kind of round up to
break out and try all new exciting things so you want to take advantage of
that energy so before I close I want to remind you that I’m available for the
one-question offer for a nominal fee you can find a direct link to order it in
the description box below the video and the time of birth is important even if
you’re just saying it’s around lunchtime or the middle of the night so I need a
sense of the position of the moon and if you could put the birth information back
in with the question it’ll just make sure I have all the information accurate
I want to thank you for tuning in I hope to see you next week with my next
segment until then have a great week


  • Nick Muscat says:

    I don’t like these Subs! 🤬🤬🤬 maybe it’s 4 The Hard Of Heading? Who knows?

  • Terrence Angel-Hyland says:

    “Thank You” Terrence for your service & passion.

  • Laura Frost says:

    Thank you for the sub titles!! I have hearing issues and love that I can see and hear you , instead of putting my phone up to my ear ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Drkath Weisel-Plumb, Psy.D says:

    Blessed Holy Healthy Week

  • You Astrology says:

    Great job Terrence 🥳just love hearing your voice, Thanks again for insightful information

  • Drkath Weisel-Plumb, Psy.D says:

    On Sunday I tried to make a real estate deal and it blew up in my face. I learned that the man I was to sign a contract with is a real abusive and manipulating creep. Should have listened to your advice. You were right on Thanks

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