Weekly Forecast October 21st, 2019 | Astrology Answers

Weekly Forecast October 21st, 2019 | Astrology Answers

hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of astrologyanswers.com’s Weekly Forecast my name is Terence
Guardino the week begins on Monday October the 21st and on Monday
pleasure-seeking harmonious creative Venus is in harmony
with empathetic imagine if Neptune it can be a very romantic day great for
take compassion and empathy and charity great for artists great for performers
but before I continue with the week next Sunday the 27th is the next new moon so
as I say once a month that the month the week before the new moon it’s the last
lunar cycle the last quarter moon cycle so it is a wrapping up of the from the
new moon from three weeks ago usually from the full moon through that week
which was all last week is when everything comes to light we’re
reorganizing or deciding what’s working what’s not working and then the last
week which is now can be a winding down or a holding pattern waiting is like
okay what’s next it can also still be when we were
bringing a lot of resolution or closure the thing is it’s about wrapping up
letting go waiting and dings in general that’s what the last week before the new
moon is about well it’s not a good time overall to be launching any major new
projects because the energy of the lunar cycle is winding down and if you’re
trying to launch a new business you’re swimming against the
tide it doesn’t mean it’s the kiss of death
but it does mean there’s more struggle there’s more effort to get any kind of
new projects you know progressing along so keep that in mind this week but next
Sunday is the next new moon and over those next two weeks that is when you
can start moving forwards with new projects except Mercury’s going
retrograde October 31st so more with that next week so on Monday you have
this beautiful Venetian energy excellent with Neptune it’s so loving and romantic
inspiring and creative and the moon is in romantic outgoing Leo’s it’s a really
good day for socializing and reconnecting and maybe having a little
romance but and the moon will stay in Leo through Tuesday the moon changes
signs every two-and-a-half days the moon has a lot to describing the general
public attitude or reactions Leo’s more fiery more outgoing
extroverted more romantic these are all the qualities of Leo but by mid
Wednesday it’s moving into Virgo through into Thursday and Virgo is more work
oriented more sensible I know it’s or like with all that fun
and games with Leo it’s like we got to get back to the job and do our duties
and clean the house and finish the paperwork that’s just kind of that
forego energy but on Wednesday on the 23rd the Sun is moving into Scorpio for
those next four weeks Scorpio is even if you are in the southern latitudes
Scorpio is rule Pluto and Pluto in Western mythology was
the lord of the underworld so in the northern latitudes as we’re
going into the end of October November we’re going into the period of Scorpio
we’re going into autumn and when the one you’re seeing a definite change in the
seasons where we’re where it’s getting colder but still if you’re in Australia
or in Bali or in South Africa you’re still it may not be about the weather
but it’s still for Scorpio and it’s still a time of pulling with end and now
mercury which is interesting when into Scorpio October the 3rd now what’s
interesting about that is I think I’ve already talked about this
mercury is about information and curiosity making decisions it’s going to
retrograde in Scorpio on October 31st and then stay in Scorpio until November
then 20th and then move forwards in Scorpio until December the 9th so it’s
going to be in Scorpio for almost two and a half months usually it’s only
there for three to four weeks so the collective mind is that’s the mind of
mercury is all on Scorpio Scorpio is pulling within being more reflective
thinking about how the year went but also Scorpio rules secrets and Mercury
is trying to learn over this in mercury is trying to learn about the secrets the
Sun is putting a real spotlight in Scorpio on secrets and look what’s going
on in governments with all these government secrets coming out and that’s
going to intensify with the Sun moving into Scorpio but it’s also a time
of soul-searching reflecting going within sort of like as we’re getting
ready for the winter and our hibernation when animals pull with it Thursday the
moon is still in Virgo more this pragmatic common sense
energy Friday now pleasure-seeking social Venus is going to be in harmony
with Pluto Pluto the ruler the underworld but within harmony it brings
a lot more depth and an authenticity Venus to Pluto can trigger a day of
connecting to your partner on a deeper level being really attracted to somebody
new on a really infatuated level in your existing relationships this is Venus to
Pluto you could just feel more intimacy more of a connection and in in the mid
day the moon leaves Virgo and moves into social Libra for the weekend and then of
course sunday is the new moon but even though those last couple of
days which is the darkness of the cycle of the moon very favorable for
meditation retreats wanting to do a lot of soul-searching
there’s a lot of this social energy going on so instead of being so heavy
and as you’re waiting for something to shift into change it could be good
Friday Saturday to go out be with friends keep it light keep it casual but
yes this is a very important week because it’s the last week before the
next before I sign off I wanted to tell you
that I have a you know I have this one one question offer for a nominal fee you
can find a direct link in the description box below the video so I
want to thank you for tuning in I hope to see you next week with my next
segment until then have a great week

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  • Terrence Angel-Hyland says:

    Well Presented Terence. Complete in Depth & Contrast. May I suggest you pace your self though in conscious breath, your passion overlaps words at times…. that said “Thank You” brother 😁 connecting each week from Australia 💥🦘

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