Weekly Forecast September 16th, 2019 Astrology Answers

Weekly Forecast September 16th, 2019 Astrology Answers

Hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of Astrology Answers.com’s Weekly Forecast my name is Terence
Guardino the week begins on Monday September the 16th it’s a fairly active
week astrologically wise there’s a lot of activities a lot of opportunities the
big theme is that Saturn the planet the planet of karma of seriousness the task
master Saturn has a lot to do with career responsible responsibilities
security Saturn can delay and slow things down Saturn has been retrograde
since the end of April as it is every year and it’s going direct
on Tuesday the 17th of September this is a yearly occurrence Saturn will
represent you know career business security all the things I was listening
and when it retrogrades whatever Saturn has been trying to teach
you or or the the lessons to mature and break through in the retrograde it’s
it’s going through more of an internal process it might be more subtle or you
are you just can’t figure out what is holding it holding back all your goals
and accomplishments on the 17th on Tuesday Saturn is no longer going
retrograde it’s so very slowly beginning to move forwards like a Mercury
retrograde it takes time to catch up the speed but at least the Saturn is no
longer internalizing everything as the weeks move on the Saturn is starting to
open and bring more progress more movement in
whatever Saturn represents in your chart overall Saturn are the lessons of
maturity security career responsibilities and where it might have
felt more daunting slow and stuck there can now begin some more movement now
let’s start with Monday however on the 16th the moon which sets the emotional
tone forth well for like two and a half days the moons in fiery ambitious Aries
but it’s in a hard angle to compulsive controlling Pluto so you could get
caught up if you’re being impatient that’s that Moon in Aries and there
could be some ego conflicts or you’re trying to you’re being too Restless and
trying to push a square peg into a round hole and so patients Tuesday not only a
Saturn starting to just begin to move forwards the moon has shifted into a
sensible stabilizing Taurus for those next couple of days Taurus loves routine
Taurus is excellent with the Sun still being in Virgo they’re all earth signs
good for business good for feeling more grounded Wednesday the moon now is going
to be in harmony with Saturn and Mars and Pluto all three of those strong
planets are in practical earth signs you know business-minded earth signs so this
is a very good day even Tuesday but especially Wednesday excellent for a
accomplishing projects starting a new job tracking new work projects having
business meetings Thursday ambitious Mars in earthy virgo is going to be in
harmony with powerful pluto and this energy will is strongest thursday it’s
certainly going into Friday maybe twice a year this this can be where you can
that Mars with Pluto it can you can tap into a lot of unrelenting ambition and
drive on a more mundane level Pluto can be dealing with overhauling construction
repairing breaking down you know transforming the Mars is that planet of
activity and repairs and ambition so so this can also be a time of being very
ambitious and driven and there’s this compulsive energy towards success but
this is an excellent period this end of the week from house repairs to
construction but also for doing even a lot of inner work because Pluto also
rules psychology and our inner psyche certainly gives you a lot of courage to
really go for your goals in life as we get to Friday them you’ve still got that
courageous Mars Pluto influencing us now the moon is in Gemini and all the ideas
are abounding then Mars can get or the moon and Gemini very good for
socializing for its communications ideas being restless why don’t you interact
socially especially as it’s in harmony with relational
you’re seeking Venus and also with communication mercury and triggering
optimistic expensive traveling Jupiter Friday night is a good night to go out
to a party enjoy yourself with friends or loved ones as we go into Saturday
that moon is still in Gemini still very favorable for doing a lot of networking
and connecting but expanse of Jupiter is going to be in a hard angle to Neptune
so Jupiter is pushing on expanding the energies of Neptune Neptune is this
selfless charitable healing energies Jupiter to Neptune in the positive can
trigger a lot of compassion empathy wanting to help those in need doing a
lot of volunteer work so it can be a very spiritual awakening energy very
inspiring energy on the downside got to be careful to keep your feet firmly
planted on the ground because this can be very heady very idealistic very
grandiose dreams and expectations if you just keep your feet firmly planted on
the sensible ground as your head is in the lofty clouds this can this can be
very productive to dream big but sensibly someday deciding discerning
decision-making mercury is going to slam up against realistic Saturn so not to
fear if you started to expect a bit too much that might be a bit unrealistic
you’re going to have somebody close to you or somebody that you respect by
Sunday letting you know this is not possible you need to get more realistic
and you need to cut back or the worst case scenario is you really went for it
in Saturday and by Sunday you’re starting to realize there is a real push
back and this is you need to rethink your plans the key to this is just
moderation common sense being sensible and maybe by Saturday of you’re getting
overly excited is ask for some feedback before I sign off I want to remind you
I’m available for the one question offer for a nominal fee time of birth is
always important if you have it and if you could put your birth information
again in with your question it milk just make sure I have all the information
accurate I want to thank you for tuning in I hope to see you next week with my
next segment until then have a great week


  • SARAH Lee says:

    even when ur not working or staying at home you’ll still will feel this intense earthy energy , it’s cuz most people I deal with in everywhere are effective by it , and I don’t got time for their dumb problems or rudeness 😒😒😒

  • لحظات كوكي says:

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    27/08/1990 17:11pm Saudi Arabia- dawadmi

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  • e causey says:

    so perfectly tuned to what is occurring in my life-Started tocatalouge my library,went thru to decide which furniture is nothing but clutter-I do large artwork(inside),ANDjust resolved a 20yr+, relationship (biz/friend?)-asked to borrowmoneyso I wrote up an informal(no interest,or dates)"loan for$_____.I'mold?68-shes 54?SHE WENT BESERK….there was no talking her down,I even used her own life story..of losing a friend over money…she wasso sure ?/I would 'cave…Ihad to ask 3times, and finally open the front door wide-toassure her,…lol… I truly, WANTED HER OUT…for me? biz=biz….ESPECIALLY with 'friends'….how did I..a Pisces(Leo rising) get here…burned twice when younger…lol-Isn't that the COMMON WAY??

  • SFoster says:

    Thanks so much for the info. I was wondering WHY (Gemini) I just couldn't get going with business matters for the past 4 months no matter what I tried. It was like trying to start a fire with wet wood. NOW it all makes sense. Tuesday commeth. Hurray!!!!! 🙂

  • Victoria Smith says:

    Thank you My Dear

  • Cat Yoo says:

    Thank you from an ♈️

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