Weekly Horoscope August 1st to 7th, 2016 – True Sidereal Astrology

Weekly Horoscope August 1st to 7th, 2016 – True Sidereal Astrology

Welcome to this MTZ weekly astrology forecast
for August 1st to the 7th, 2016. This week we have a New Moon in Cancer.. the
Sun, Mars & Jupiter changing sign, as well as a Mercury t-square over the weekend. This is a week of new beginnings, a shift
of focus, intention, and outlook, as well as an opportunity to develop ourselves spiritually. In this video I’m going to show you how to
work with, and master, these astrological transits coming up next. – Let’s look at the first event this week..
the New Moon in Cancer on Monday. Starting the week is a subtle energy of cultivating
our reflective, caring, and intuitive side. When it comes to reflection.. getting in touch
with our past and roots. Who we are today is a product of our past
experiences and getting in touch with where we come from is a great way of working with
this New Moon. This might be through thinking about things
from our past, getting in touch with those from our past, and spending time with family
as well as those we’re close to. When it comes to caring.. taking care of ourselves
and others. The human body is made up of 55 to 60% water
showing how sensitive and vulnerable we actually are. This is true on both a physical level and
emotional level. We need protection, nurturing, and care from
time to time. This might be through taking care of ourselves
or others.. physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Also during this New Moon we can get in touch
with our intuitive side. Through connecting to our bodies we get gut
feelings and inner guidance. The better relationship we have with our bodies
not only helps us make better decisions.. but our health overall improves. Our bodies convey the deepest emotional information
and listening to what our body has to say.. helps us stay rooted, secure, and healthy. A great example of caring for ourselves and
others is seen from this story about a corn farmer. Year after year of winning first place at
the state fair for consistently growing great corn.. he was approached by a journalist who
asked him what the secret of his success was. The farmer revealed that perhaps his greatest
success factor was that he shared his corn seeds with his neighboring farmers. Taken aback the journalist asked him “why
do you share your best corn seed with your neighbors? Each year they are competing with you at the
state fair!” “Well the wind”, said the farmer, “picks
up pollen from the ripening corn, then it swirls it around from field to field. If my neighbors grow inferior corn, then it’s
certain that cross pollination will eventually degrade the quality of my corn. So it is crucial I help my neighbors grow
good corn too.” When both ourselves and those around us are
taken care of, healthy, and in good emotional strength it sets the foundation for a healthy
lifestyle for everyone around. Use this early part of the week to see where
you can introduce more reflection, caring, and consideration in your life. Here is a list of areas this New Moon is involved
for you. You can look at this for your Sun, Moon, and
Ascendant sign for a holistic picture. Keep in mind this is for sidereal astrology
so the signs are different. If you’re new to the channel check below for
more information. Consider how you can bring in these receptive,
intuitive, and caring qualities through this area. How can this area benefit from a greater dose
of emotional connectivity? – Now let’s look at the sign changes this week
involving the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter. We have the Sun going into Leo, Mars Scorpio,
and Jupiter Virgo. This week we will feel a subtle shift of our
perspective as we go into the rest of August. With the Sun this is a shift of our focus. Going from the emotional energy of Cancer
and the New Moon earlier in the week.. to the more expressive, entertaining, and fun
loving side of ourselves. We can gain energy through things we enjoy
and create. Whether we are expressing ourselves through
a hobby, a project, or verbally with others.. the Sun in it’s natural domain of Leo makes
this shift of self-expression a great source of Parana and life energy. Here are the areas the Sun is shifting into
for you. Consider how you can express yourself in these
areas and bring in some fun, playfulness, and creativity. With Mars going back into Scorpio after his
retrograde earlier in the year.. this is also Mars’ natural domain. Mars the planet of our drive, intention, and
desires is going into the sign of what really matters in life. Scorpio shows us that behind the surface of
things lies a world of deep meaning, truth, and intimacy. Connecting to this deeper dimension of life
whether it is through openness in our relationships, researching hidden things, or uncovering more
about ourselves psychologically.. this shift of intention towards what really matters is
a great source of drive and motivation. Here are the areas Mars is shifting into for
you. Ask yourself how you can dive deep in these
areas and bring out the gems that are normally hidden. Lastly and certainly not least.. Jupiter the planet of our worldview and outlook
on life is shifting into analytical and detail-oriented Virgo. For the next roughly year and a half.. the
way we see future possibilities will be in a methodical and improvement-oriented way. Seeing how our inspirations can be improved,
refined, and organized in our life is the emphasis of this transit. There can be a lot of wisdom coming in collectively
about how to manage our time, energy, and things around us. Seeing how we can work on the details of our
lives, will be the key to cultivating these possibilities. Here are the areas Jupiter is shifting into
for you. See how you can bring in some inspiration
to these areas. Look for opportunities and bring in a dose
of structure, organization, and refinement to these areas will ensure these possibilities
are actualized. – Now let’s look at this weekend where we have
Mercury in a T-square with Neptune & Saturn. This is a weekend where extra care might be
needed in our personal lives. Mercury the planet that represents our minds
is going over a sensitive area at the moment in the sky. Opposing Neptune we could feel a bit idealistic,
dreamy, and imaginative. Perhaps about where we are headed and about
the things we’ve built thus far. This heightened sense of idealization could
bring confusion, doubt, or uncertainty if taken to an extreme. We could even be focused on the heavier side
of things with Saturn. The key with working with this transit effectively
is to bring extra attention to our minds. To observe how we think about things. The mind is on a constant quest to understand
and have things figured out. The problem with this of course is that life
is much too large for this. There are things we simply don’t know and
paths we simply can’t take without a willingness to go with the flow and simply see where we
end up. The beauty about this aspect is we can realize
we are exactly where we need to be in every moment. That it is the mind’s quest towards understanding
that can sometimes prevent us from having more peace and tranquility. Knowing that there are things outside our
immediate understanding and control. From this perspective we can much more healthfully
attain what we truly want with unneeded suffering. The challenge though is what we truly want
is different from what we think we want at this time and our minds quest might be creating
the confusion and doubts. That by releasing what we don’t know or can’t
know we free ourselves up to true happiness which is found in the present moment.. accepting
things and our lives for exactly how it is. Perfect as it is. This is a great weekend for developing our
spiritual well-being and understanding more about the way we think about things. Here is a quote from the modern spiritual
teacher Eckhart Tolle who said, “Always say ‘yes’ to the present moment… Surrender to what is. Say ‘yes’ to life – and see how life starts
suddenly to start working for you rather than against you.” Here is the list of areas Mercury is transiting
for you. Considering where you can bring in more acceptance
to this area. Detach, surrender, and through that find the
current of life. – So this week we have a New Moon in Cancer
helping us connect to the emotionally receptive side of things. Developing these qualities over the next 29
days can help not only ourselves but those around us reach a state of emotional security
and health. With the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter changing signs
there is a shift taking place with our focus, intentions, and worldview. See how these qualities of self-expression,
deeper exploration, and detailed improvement plays out for you personally. With Mercury T-square Neptune and Saturn see
where you can surrender and let go of any mental noise that might be preventing you
from connecting to the now. It is in this now moment we are in alignment
to life. – So have a great week. Thank you for watching.. and to all of you
who like, comment, and share these weekly videos. Of course let me know if you have any questions
in the comment section below. Take care and I’ll see you next week.


  • Sophie Claudia says:

    i love the intro tks

  • Mastering the Zodiac with Athen Chimenti says:

    Have an excellent week everyone! Here is the link for those of you who are new to sidereal astrology: http://masteringthezodiac.com/#learnmore

  • Sophie Claudia says:

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    Likewise. Very cute video and the details you bring into it. Thank you! 🦀☯☮🌠🦁🔮

  • Skyler64 Fairy says:

    Likewise. Very cute video and the details you bring into it. Thank you! 🦀☯☮🌠🦁🔮

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    Great new format!

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    Thank you, Athen! I really enjoyed the visual explanation of this upcoming week's astronomical events, and their true astrological interpretation.

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    These videos are really enjoyable!!.. Thanks for the good job, Athen!! Cheers from Australia!!

  • I am here to learn says:

    This was very liberating for me! As an aquarius ascendant the cancer moon will be in my 6th. Wich I thought is not only about work and routine but also about enemies, depth etc. My (vedic) Ketu is in there too so my emphasis in this house is bigger this week. I always had a lot of transformations and struggles regarding friends all my life. Like I told precious week I came across a friend I had for 10 years I had a fight with for a year and we start speaking again. This weekend we are going to meet up to talk. On the other hand I am starting to notice different "enemies" around me and I am changing my views on friends a lot. It is really difficult for me but it's a circle I am formiliour with.. I know what to do and what to say. It just sucks that it happens and changes all the time.

  • I am here to learn says:

    I just came to another conclusion. I just said that a year ago I head a lot of troubles regarding friends also around this time period. It suddenly hit me. A year ago my moon must have been in the 6th house too. In my birthchart I have, as I mentioned, my vedic Ketu. My original moon is in the 8th house in virgo. Ofcourse around this time period, my intuition grows regarding enemies and people that could be bad for me. My original moon provides my analysing nature and wanting to transform and gives transformation because of the 8th house and virgo nature. I start analysing where ny enemies are and want to break free from that. Since my Ketu is there in the 6th house I am already emtionally unattached regarding enemies. Because I learned early one in life that people are going to leave you whenever they can and can change your views on you suddenly. That's why I don't get attached to friends, but to myself. I am actually always helping other people and unconsionsly giving away a lot. Because I really don't care. But then I suddenly realise things and I start too find the people that are actually using it against me. Incredible. I had to share this because I have no other place to share it.

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