Weekly Horoscope | Capricorn Weekly Horoscope | Weekly Horoscope in Urdu | Horoscope 1 –  7 Dec 2019

Weekly Horoscope | Capricorn Weekly Horoscope | Weekly Horoscope in Urdu | Horoscope 1 – 7 Dec 2019

By Bismillah Rahman-ur-Rahim-ul-Islam Alaikum Viewer Haider Jafri 1st December 2019 to 7th December 2019 With weekly prediction at your service, we will talk about Capricorn, the tenth star of the system tower Before talking on capricorn we think it’s important to talk about when we talk to the Weekly Production Weekly Horoscope in front of you. Describe some things in front of you as we read all your comments There were lots of comments coming in. Some users were commenting on the same thing, not all but some, because your videos are longer. Whether your videos do the same thing over and over again and that sort of thing makes you video. Something that even made a heart-rending comment was heartbreaking. We are making the video for you. Obviously there are not 100 percentiles of space for which we have to answer before God and we understand that. Trying to guide the video they were offering in the service of Allah is from the beginning of Allah come to the point Some people were saying that you were repeating things over and over and over again saying the same thing. It’s not like we have one thing in sight. Sometimes there is something that needs to be explained in many respects, so many things happen that make you think that the thing that is being repeated is repeated. The whole universe is sunset The sun also rises again The moon is also rattling The earth is rotating around its orbit Today everything in the universe is ripped if you mean later These sun moons moon and your bits need to understand them. We are still convinced by our viewers that let’s not go into details of the shortcut, we will tell you this and one more thing. direct videos will and capricorn video has become stressful before eclipse is said about eclipse Is there anything other than Allah that can make people happy? If we make a video about everything in the universe, people will still not be pleased. People are not even pleased with Allah. For this, the crane does not seem to me to be a dog. If it is God’s will you have made it clear that before the first day with the land, you speak for fifteen days before grazing them. It’s not going out for some reason and no one will talk about it anymore. They talk a lot about you. It can be a big religious debate. Avoid mobile without Javed Naska. Do not leave the Jewish tribes at this time, it is time to say something to talk about breaking your party, then it will be time to stand up and reconnect with Allah. Things are going down and will hurt today. Applying yourself like spirituality shakes hands with a lot of money. Creatures do not need you, but as you get away from the year. You do not need creatures but as you move away from the year, these creatures refuse to decide if they will become brown and are becoming spoons of progress in the house. Yatu remembered what is in England, it is very much in progress, you get knowledge in Wafa, in nature, but in Manga this week, the manga is considered to be the number one place. There, the essence of the card is also made That is, those things are not stopped. This work will certainly succeed. It will certainly improve. But it does not wish to be a success on Mahmud Page too many chances are too high. We had to listen to this thing over and over again. We need to do the twelfth thing. If human beings have emotions inside us, it can cause a lot of heartache. That e-Society stands on the brink of morality, we also know very well that our Society is astronomical on this subject, so we don’t care if we don’t talk or talk to us. This time will pass, don’t worry your mind and your relationship can go back to it. They can do that. There is a growing trend of doubts about this phenomenon. Things can get worse because of the circumstances that may not be what you want in your relationship. I may not want to be in the wedding hall now but before the wedding comes And give them a chance to be vicious. They are the victims of the murderers. So seek help from Allah and try to get close to Allah. Accept the fast – Romance matters this week do not look too good for talking about the most expensive Surat dresses you can give us, whose charities you give us in November-December and Then someone should take a quote jacket on anything so that it can be fulfilled and Allah needs your help. Try to have a phone with Allah You have to talk about matters It can be enough but it can happen but people who have mental problems Depression is for people who have a psychological problem that goes away in their illnesses. It is good for those who suffer from sunburn. It is good to patrol their time only to understand their own things. And in a hurry for two to three or four days a week, he makes a head. The CT delays the twenties more than the Saturday Medical Faculty. This point is a natural mouth. You need a little bit of self-consciousness to smell yourself on a weekly basis and Durud in particular will fix your health so I can light your house which is very bad and has a bad heart. Durood Pak is especially good at fixing which one and the traitor should read it frequently, especially on the day of the week, even if he claims to be a little clearer, the return will improve. Spiritual travel ban This can cause you to meet with a spiritual person on the moon, or at the age of sexual intimation of going to school. Therefore, the Muslim will be as much Muslim as the intention is to become heaven so fast it has also become known to the world by nature. Employee Travel Success Investment has been specially de-ported to them. This trip is leading to success. Therefore, father’s journey of education is very successful. Very good Aviation is well known, but in the journey of solutions, the decision to go beyond the same floor will be for the betterment of the Almighty. Finding the Range is Lion’s Advice or Bronsted N’s ticket to the Vatican, as much as his Red Lake cartoon Golden Red’s entire download phase at One today. If he would later be assistant commissioner in his vestment for him in this area, then it would be different for himself that the curse is getting more and more effective. It is also good for the surgeon’s bone to grow. From physical education to someone who is related to the performing arts, someone learning the skills, learning to operate a machine, someone to fast and the son’s management service. This time has been great. It is great to have success yourself. But apart from this verse from the rest of the law, be careful to be careful. We are getting up. More than an accident that can take you away from the AR, but the wind can ruin our trip, etc. The school that put a little bit of safety in it will keep you in your shelter. It can hurt you in any way. Fatwas can be damned in this area, so it is important to be careful and be careful that if you are in contact with Allah, creation is not required. You put in what is called the Roe House Agencies that it has been out since May 12 for this time out of the seclusion web Our web wants us not to talk about everything but not now. But the ones I have not mentioned or those who have just hinted at are enough to ruin the Family Foundation, so Housewife will have to be very careful if their husbands or Whatever their children are in the year, they also need to be careful so that their affairs are better at making things better, so that the more focused it can be, the closer it is to God. Talk on the taste or tell you how it will be this week. They have the same effect on most people as it does on 80 to 90 percent of people and not on ten percent of people. If you want to get a taste of the personalities call us at this number we will definitely give you guidance for those who are new to our channel. Request you subscribe to our channel and click the bell button You will continue to receive all our videos and those who are already on our channel And they think that they are getting a lot of profit from this channel so they try not to benefit from it they share it with their siblings. Share the video on your social media so other people can find it May Allah give you health and fitness


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