Weekly Horoscope Feb 11th, 2019 Astrology Answers

Weekly Horoscope Feb 11th, 2019 Astrology Answers

Hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of Astrology Answers.com’s weekly horoscope
my name is Terence Guardino while the week begins on Monday February the 11th with
the moon in steady routine oriented Taurus
but that calm energy will not last very long
because as we go into Tuesday maybe more later into Tuesday certainly through
Wednesday inpatient Mars ambitious assertive Mars is going to be aligning
with rebellious unpredictable Uranus this Mars Uranus cos be so explosive you
might even hear about an earthquake or some kind of big blowup fire that could
be happening somewhere in the world internally or personally for us we may
be feeling a lot of anxiousness impulsiveness so this is not a time to
be making really important decisions because you might be feeling too rushed
too argumentative too anxious it’s a good couple of days to just do some comb
exercising you know on the word comb and just meditate and try to comb the energy
down now by Thursday what’s interesting is that
Mars that has been in fiery Aries for about six weeks on Thursday it’s moving
into Taurus and that calming steady energy that sensible energy of Taurus
Taurus is an earth sign Taurus likes the good life sometimes Taurus energy can
can be a bit lazy but having assertive Mars moving into Taurus until the end of
March can really steady our nerves focus us to really start accomplishing with a
good game plan to accomplish our goals now by Thursday by Friday
the moon is in emotional sometimes moody cancer and it’s going to be in a
difficult angle with Saturn and Pluto by Saturday so the moon goes into
emotional fluctuating cancer on Friday Saturday we might be feeling these these
struggles with relationships these this worrying about our lives but come Sunday
now things are really calming down and Venus Venus seeking Venus harmonious
relational Venus is going to be very favorable with Neptune and when Neptune
is triggered and in a favorable way it can trigger idealism inspiration the
imagination so by Sunday that Venus Neptune is excellent for romance weather
going on a romantic dinner with your partner or falling in love but this
could be a great day for artists or simply going to an event where you can
be really uplifted and inspired and or going to a film and just be you know and
just getting lost in magic and also feeling your spirit up
lifted so there’s a big energy change this week and you want to keep this in
mind when you’re making business plans starting new jobs and projects because
that Tuesday and Wednesday things are too anxious and unpredictable Thursday
things start to settle down but by Sunday you’re feeling really inspired so
before I sign off and remind you again I’m available for the one-question offer
for a nominal fee you can find a direct link to order it in the under the video
in the description box the time of birth is always important and and if you could
put your birth information in with your question to me that’ll make sure that I
have it absolutely accurate so I want to thank you for watching I hope to see you
next week with my next segment until then have a great week


  • SARAH Lee says:

    These days are goin intense, it can be emotions or hesitations choices, whatever, but that natural cuz of mars energy, and once mars move to Taurus the energy will go really low all of sudden and might make it little too confusing for some

  • Terrence Angel-Hyland says:

    Your looking much healthier Terence, good to see you got more a healthy colour in your face. Stay connected to your inner- voice and always be guided, is what I am hearing for You Brother.💥🦘

  • CedarHollowJRT says:

    Watch out for the 11's! Harbingers of major world events, usually earth movement.

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