Weekly Horoscope for April 8 – 14  2019 for 12 zodiac signs

Weekly Horoscope for April 8 – 14 2019 for 12 zodiac signs

Hello there, we are press editors and astrology students. WELCOME TO OUR CHANNEL. We edit astrology news from our teachers and some wonderful astrologers on the internet, plus our private tarot reading to give you a free information. We want to share our knowledge to let everyboby take advantage every chance from the Universe to live our life better, lighter and happier. We have weekly horoscope, monthly tarot reading and monthly horoscope for 12 zodiac signs. Hope you press the like button, sharing, commenting and subscribe to the channel, don’t forget to open the bell to receive the latest news from us. “As abow, So below”. Namaste Today, we will still have a lot of emotions when moving through the 15th week of 2019, it’s from April 8 to April 14. Besides, we also have the motivation and strength to think things and feel fulfilled. We no longer have the feeling of being suspended with delays, resting, but having a bold vision and wanting to move forward to seize the opportunity. But put your own vision on what you want the most and start making the first big step this week, when the energy of the new moon on Friday last week is still strong until the end of next week. What you start this week can lead you to some exciting new developments. Go ahead and wait and see what will open. This week’s important astrological event occurred on Wednesday, April 10, when Jupiter began to reverse at the 24-degree angle of the Sagittarius arc and only went back and forth at 14 degrees with this supply from the day August 11 This is a 4-month time for us to focus our attention inside. It does not mean that our luck will disappear, but that we must make three times more effort than usual to achieve the plan that we want to expand and have set. This is when we focus on thinking and high awareness of spirituality, much related to development, happiness and success with the main topics being romance and intimate relationships. This is a great time to edit and re-plan the plan for any Sagittarius-related activities such as tourism, learning, education, transportation, international cooperation, legal issues and publish. Think about the next few months as a planning phase, ready to launch your trip, project, and course and start picking fruit in September. This is also a precious 4 months for us to review our big vision, see if it helps you get in the right direction to achieve the goal? If not, what do we need to do to change? Are you expanding too fast and feel like you’re losing control? Carefully understand the questions and troubles but also have the flexibility to change the direction for it if you find that the present cannot lead you to your goals. The expansion of your vision and suggestions for adjusting your plan can also be found through travel, education and communication. Besides, Venus combines Neptune will bring the potential for new romance or more compassion and spiritual attachment in an existing relationship. However, this transit also comes with a risk of frustration if you do not accept the harsh reality if you are having a negative relationship. Saturn and Sun will also create tests and challenges that can lead to pessimism and even depression. Your ego may suffer because it is difficult to get your own path and achieve your goals. You may feel restricted or overwhelmed by certain tasks and responsibilities. Pluto and Mercury will help increase the depth and intensity of your thoughts and conversations. More serious or mysterious topics will grab your attention so it is also good for research work. The nature of the exploration and penetration of your mind can discover many secrets and intrigue. On Friday, April 12, Jupiter perpendicular to Mercury creates high hopes for the future, it will pave the way for 1 or 2 good days to implement the plan when you have a positive outlook and outlook and this vast The challenges of perpendicular energy will be greatly reduced because Jupiter still carries a lot of its positive energy, even though it is upstream in the Sagittarius arc. Saturn will increase your need to find companions when you want to feel loved and cherished by someone but it must be true and serious love. If you are in a committed relationship, you will seek more reassurance or commitment, but will also be more serious in making them happy and satisfied. The moon contrasts Pluto also on this day in the afternoon, causing intricate and dramatic disorders in relationships. Your emotions can be so extreme that you can no longer control reactions and behaviors of yourself. You can experience dramatic mood swings for a moment and then you can go into depression again. On Saturday, April 13, the Moon entered the Palace of the Lion and Pluto to create a right angle that increased your need for control, but could also lead to an ego-conflict with powerful people or rights figures another force. A crisis or conflict with someone who creates an intense experience can lead to extreme or destructive behavior. On Sunday, April 14, the Sun combines with Jupiter, the best combination of all the sun’s trips. You should feel like you’re at the top of the world and enjoy warm and friendly relationships with people. You should use your high spirit, enthusiasm and confidence to make the most of your luck now. In the evening, Pluto makes your love so intense. Friendship becomes more important when you feel hungry to share your love with someone special. If single, you may be obsessed with someone and can’t take them out of your mind. You are hearing the news from Loving Universe 01. Thank you for liking, sharing and commenting. 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