What Alien Life On Other Planets Would Look Like

What Alien Life On Other Planets Would Look Like


  • Leiron Aelrion says:

    Likely to discover alien life within the next twenty years? Are you serious?

    Alien life has been known to our species since before we recorded anything in text and our history was one handed down through verbal lore!

  • Luke Skywalker says:

    If there are life on those planets and they’re round the flat earthers will kill us all

  • Martin Mallery says:

    Just think about it, there are so many frequencies that we humans can’t see. There are definitely aliens living on different frequencies and who knows they might not even need water. Water is essential for life as we know it, other aliens may need liquid nitrogen to survive. Other aliens might need chlorine gas instead of oxygen to survive. Other aliens might need methane gas to thrive. Maybe to some aliens, oxygen is just insanely deadly just like how chlorine gas is deadly to us. There is literally infinite possibilities. People who think we are alone in this universe just need to open their minds a little. If you really think about it, we are aliens. If some distant intellectual life saw us they’d probably think we are some ugly looking aliens with weird ass shit on top of our heads. To us we all look normal and the “aliens” would be the ugly ass bald creatures. I suggest anyone who reads this comment who thinks I’m crazy, just smoke some weed and come read this comment again, I promise you’ll be lost in your thoughts about all the possibilities of the universe.

  • Zero0Left says:

    Not gonna lie the Mercury alien looking kinda thiccc

  • Jari Kosonen says:

    Yes. This is clear. Mainframe vs. Cellphone.
    1st one is the "creator being" and 2nd is the "humanoid being".
    The 2nd case its developed larger eyes (like camera MPix increased by the cellphone evolution). This case the larger eyes will give "richer experience" of the life, even the truths of the life can not be changed a lot.
    And 1st case its the "brain" is how it lives and experiences.
    The creator then would be 2x…10x bigger than humans. Maybe lives in Mars.

  • Mandeep singh Rana says:

    Just awesome. Clear, scientific, precise…

  • Kawi Borras says:

    i don't believe that sun is a raging fireball because the fact is that the higer the altitude the colder it gets! so fuck that crop up!

  • Deadpool jr says:

    I really want to be here when scientists discover organic Life in space

  • Silver Toaster says:

    Common sense.

  • Acid Animations says:

    well we will never find any aliens because they don't exist just watch a kent hovand

  • ColdrenPlayz Yt says:

    What if you found your exact copy of yourself? At super Earth's?
    Me: nice I'll play Roblox with him

  • Manoj ji says:

    cool video. we're only in the solar system, there could be millions of systems out there, super earths with building blocks of life and unscathed life-form evolution. With proper conditions and habitability, life would grow without extinction.

  • Drandreb Ninofranco says:

    These are aliens we are aliens

  • Ultraboy ! says:

    Aliens do not exist… yet…

  • Michael Hawthorn says:

    We are detectable in radius of 100 light years and only if our radio signals can be detected out of that circle its silence.

  • Der Nerd Der kluge says:

    Maybe the aliens do Videos about us because maybe they don’t know we exist for them!

  • I'm A Weeb says:

    Im sure they will visit us

  • EMC2 says:

    One immeasurably BIG point here, ….. "What we can imagine", ….. our imaginations run wild here on Earth, but when out there, things can & will probably be completely different, ….. that said, … what we think is a totally useless concept.
    WHEN, … we get out there & observe, is when we will get answers, … in my opinion, … imagination & perception has NOTHING to do with it.
    Seeing & knowing is believing.

  • pmdleiria dinis says:

    not would, but might*, would is hipocriticle

  • John Davenport says:

    8:04 Okay, those are just Neebtay Mantas or Tibidees

  • Acid Animations says:

    area 51

  • Jael Corpuzz says:

    How are they even sure that aliens need hydrogen, oxygen and the other? Aliens may not some of this stuff so we cannot be so sure what they would look like. This is just an opinion

  • Nathan R says:

    We already have discovered life. Google project serpo or go to serpo.org to view released government documents regarding this. You can also refer to the time Ben Rich said we had the technology for interstellar travel locked away in a black box that would take an act of God for it to be released to the public

  • NOOKEY69 Hard!! says:

    The most important question is WILL THEY BELIEVE IN A RIDICULOUS RELIGION?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • RocketPlayz 58 says:

    Actually, life on other planets would look like be similar to humans like on earth

  • Christian Sekumade says:

    Wow. Excellent video! So underrated!

  • The Creeper says:

    I think if aliens find us out we find them.then I think they wouldn’t attack us because if they are more smarter and advanced then us then they would know that violence is never the answer

  • DemeX says:

    Maybe life on another planets don’t need oxygen or water.

  • King says:

    I feel like people on flat planets will look like flat Stanley

  • BIIIIIGMAN says:

    The Youtube ads are getting out of hand now 🙄

  • Eddie Gornal says:

    what happened when you see an exact copy of your mom in other planet and his son is exact copy of you too

  • Fullmetal Alchemist says:

    This is jeff:
    l l
    He needs pants.
    One like one dollar for him to buy pants to come to earth~
    Plz help Jeff!

  • Alexander Mains says:

    Aliens could exist since they don’t need to be exactly like humans like there could be aliens on mars right now underground and can adapt to radiation like dude there can be life on Venus adapting to huge hot temperatures

  • Salud 74 says:

    Thats a Lie… God made us, there are no other Worlds. Thats a LIE!

    No, just a Joke

  • Jennifer says:

    this habitable zone that keeps being brought up means nothing. its bullshit. it relates only to the life found here on earth. the life out there could find our habitable zone the most toxic area in the entire universe, killing them instantly. whereas we may find theirs the same. there could be life out there that has to have atmosphere like Venus to survive. or possibly like Saturn. we simply do not know what their living requirements are because as far as the populace knows, we haven't officially met any other life forms and had any form of conference with them. so we have no right or privilege to call our area the "habitable zone". the "safe earth zone" would be the only appropriate term.

    I cant say where scientists should look, because of one universal truth. we don't know. like I said, this planet may kill another life form while their planet may kill us. what I am saying is to not count out a planet just because its not in a place where earth life could possibly live. for all we know theres life deep within Jupiter. we'll probably never know because we cant design a probe that can survive a trip that far into the planet. venus may be Tahiti to some life form out there. earth may be the 7th circle of hell to a life form out there. we just don't know. so don't count something out just because a human couldn't survive there. that is pure stupidity caused by ignorance.

  • ConfusedTom says:

    Alien Hoes

  • YoMomastitties says:

    They put the alien from gears of war 4

  • Rahul R says:

    Can't wait 20 years.

  • Kay Jan says:

    The pics of the video reminds me of Faceoff channel

  • 11B10 Inf says:

    Intelligent life on other planets don't have to be monsters according to our standards. They can also be more prettier, larger, stronger, and smarter. We may be the monsters. Stop the stereotype. Another thing, a microbe is not life! Human embryos aren't. Perhaps, all pregnant women should be sent to other planets where their gestating baby is considered "a life form". That's why alien life is smarter

  • Dash says:

    Beings on planet with 50% Earth’s gravity wouldn’t be twice as big as we are. They would need less energy to move, but also their bones and muscles would be much weaker. So they would be the same size as us or only slightly bigger.

  • Khia Smith says:

    What if there is there is some alien that look like us but different

  • Jaden Martin says:

    the real question is will aliens even have mouths,noses, or even similar digestive systems to life here on earth? i mean different planet, different possibilities

  • the snaps team says:

    Who lived in hot planets?

  • the snaps team says:

    Humans came to other planets
    Aliens:your in my planet so your the alien!

  • the snaps team says:

    Fun fact:were sleeping until there is an planet we can live at and wait for evolution and birth. There are no dreams at the sleep because we can't imagine or think

  • the epic gamer 264 says:

    I think there is life there has to be we cant be so special

  • Waffle gacha gaming says:

    What if aliens are studying in and going from planet to planet to find life 😹😹

  • Garluth says:

    i believe every System and Thing has Different Physics….that leads why we cant discover new Lives , may all outter Lives just Live in Gas , or better say different Dimension and Physic , we just cant see it…

  • ForMan Kind says:

    Life can be anywhere……yeah, foreign bacterias and viruses are not what we looking for when we finally get there. To us, it will be a threat.

  • Michael Simmons says:

    When it comes to things that are unprovable one way or the other, like energy based life forms, living inside of stars, the pop culture scientist will always say that they believe it's possible simply because it sounds a lot more exciting to kids than, "Nah! I doubt it" or, "I don't think so" or, "We've seen nothing that indicates their existence."
    You don't need to be N.D.Tyson, to believe the things people imagine, are possible. Any two-year old can do that.
    That's not science and it doesn't increase the possibility, of such creatures existing.

  • newton brahma says:

    Is it necessary for aliens to survive with oxygen and water? They are alien,like,they might need some other elements rather than oxygen to survive. Why haven't they worked on that?

  • BTS x ARMY says:

    visit Alientube

  • Fanto Mitzza says:

    The space is so big. Something alive most be there

  • Ellie is Done says:

    Humans: ugh these aliens look so weird
    Aliens: ugh these Aliens (humans) look so weird

  • Ellie is Done says:

    Do you think Aliens have YouTube and watch fortnite gameplays? Well, of course I’m a different name and language.

  • PrinceLife lol says:

    Really? Your forgetting that we all need food as well to live?

  • Franciesca Indino says:

    what if an alien f*cked a gorilla and created a human?

  • ItsMe DeeJhay says:

    We'll never see what aliens look

    Government wont show us and keep it a secret forever…😑

  • Simple Art says:

    Oops if we can find another planet that have a lives or humans as what we expect they are high in technologies and declare war against us (Earth). And just try to imagine all,country will unite wahahaha advance.

  • Beau VSB says:

    Damn humans dreaming of space exploration and discovering alien life forms when their body is too weak and fragile, the only way we can achieve that is by undergoing another stage of evolution by being a sentient machines.


    Aliens: is there any other life out there
    Alien: well sure I used my space pod and a planet called earth that has loads of life
    Alien how do I know your not just lying

  • Charles Diocolano says:

    The only scary thing in Jupiter is scp-2399

  • Freddie Animations says:

    Proxima centari is a star

  • Otter says:

    2020: teenager discovers planet
    3838: baby communicates with Mustelid alien by babbling

  • Z Z says:

    Is there a way to convert mars to somewhat like earth? Can this be a next topic? If it can't support life, why not try making it?

  • hobi's spriteu says:

    Ah yes, Mercury's alien is Mercury itself

  • Phill Halifax says:

    Would giant microbes just be… Crobes?

  • Nibir Baishnab says:

    i wish darwin iv is a real planet

  • Venus the Leafwing says:

    Just play subnautica to see aliens on water planets

  • Soumyadip Biswas says:

    A different type of organism lives inside my toilet urinal…and someday it might call me Daddy!!

  • Big gun robot says:

    I hear the area 51 van

  • Jamie, murderer of the trillion bottles of soda says:

    So brown dwarfs are basically unkindled ones?

  • BlocksAndMines 507 says:




    We are made with mercury


    Meanwhile in multiverse…

    What would aliens look like in earth

  • Christopher says:

    humans on earth: ow i hate the sun!
    aliens on a star: ow i hate my entire home

  • ꧁༺༒Ꮆเεɠυε’ร Ꮆเ૨l༒༻꧂ says:


  • likeaSparrow inTheWilderness says:

    alot of misinformation you are just repeating what you learned as just theory look up water above the firmament and how would you possibly rely on what is seen by astronauts in a space rocket that are less than a spec of dust in the heavens far from touching the surface

  • Amy Catts says:

    Not all life needs water only our kind on Earth

  • Shoto Todoroki says:

    What if we’re the aliens

  • Hamzah Siddique says:

    18 years remaining till we find aliens

  • Sypnosis_ owo says:

    Life on a black hole?

  • Ara Ara says:

    What if alien extinct tommorow

  • Xylkez says:

    Imagine, a hot super-earth orbiting a red dwarf

  • Charlie Dann says:

    what if the whole universe is just an atom in a whole alien world?

  • Kenny McCormick says:

    I can already imagina a Ghost Leviathan like creature just casualy swimming through the insanely hot plasma on the sun

  • Pink Wolf says:

    Amagine the alien is waching this too but another alien made it

  • Not Ichika Mizuhara says:

    If the universe is unlimited, then there will be unlimited earths and all the other sh**.

  • vijay prabhakar says:

    wat if NASA found a planet full girls and those aliens never saw a man.

  • Zenkey PlayZ says:

    Be amassed: there can be life on water-planets

    Me: sooo it’s just subnotica irl

  • Sheik Hassan says:

    I feel like with other intelligent life in the universe since it's so vast n impossible for it to not b life, anyways wouldn't we all agree any intelligent life would b smart enough to stay away? I mean jus look at wat we do to each other much less a diffrent life form

  • CoreBanana 706 says:

    Can there be aliens in vacum

  • patmcmemelord e1rst says:

    What if the life on other planets look like the people in walmart

  • Pratik Deore says:

    The thumbnail says 'Proxima Centuri' which is our second nearest star. It isn't a planet, so it can't support life!

  • Gay Asians says:

    “Nasas keplar”
    Mabye your the alien?

  • Arielle Alonzo says:


  • Mecha king ghidorah says:

    7:14 that’s something that we see from a Hollywood movie

  • Alex Apat says:

    Imagine video game creatures are actually in another planet

  • rhyder 75558 says:

    You dumbo

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