What the Number 8 Means (Sacred Geometry, Tarot, Angel Numbers, Astrology, Tree of Life, iChing)

What the Number 8 Means (Sacred Geometry, Tarot, Angel Numbers, Astrology, Tree of Life, iChing)

welcome to my numerology video on the number eight I’m Brandy joy and let’s dive in so do you see the number eight in your dreams or maybe in any visions during meditation work do you see the number 8 repeatedly i know i do you have the Life Path number 8 or maybe you simply want to understand the universe or the esoteric meaning of numbers numerology right some people are just curious about the infinity sign and the many forms of eight that we’re going to go over so what you’re going to learn well we’re going to talk about how the number-8 applies to the divine science we call sacred geometry we will also explore the spiritual meaning of the number 8 and the Oracle systems like the teaching the tarot cards and the astrology chart as well as the tree of life so where do we start well let’s start with the form the shape let’s begin with some sacred geometry sacred geometry shows the patterns of creation right so you start in sacred geometry with the little dot right little dot and then the dot you know creates a circle expand out to a circle and and then it duplicate itself and when it does that we end up with two circles this is called the vesica Pisces the vesica Pisces is the duality dimension right so we start with unity consciousness that’s God source and then once it splits once it divides we have duality which is our life our world right we have you any energy with masculine feminine everything’s duality everything is balanced and that is all about creation so the universe is created by division as is the human body among every other living thing is created by division right these are cells that are this is a cell that is you know the fighting itself and you can see over here on you can see the number eight looks like a number eight right and that’s representing life so the vesica Pisces is considered the boom of the universe all shapes are born from this duality this division of the one right and in the middle there you can see that all shapes are born there right well you can also see a fish right that’s what you’re seeing right at the vesica Pisces that’s the fish Christ consciousness the wound right that is on the it’s like the room of our our dimension you know nature and everything and that’s that’s the age we’ve been going through is the the Pisces age that’s why you see this symbol everywhere then we have the seed and the egg of life alright so as we oh we have now split into two right you have two circles and now the circles keep dividing and then you end up with seven and that’s the seed of life and then you end up with eight circles and that is the egg of life now the eggs life is actually eight years eight years now you can’t see one in that right there because it’s actually 64 right like a little box right there and then for behind it so you can see for and then for now that creates the egg of life you can see it here a little more clearly this is dark Charles Gilchrist he has a company called TGM gene we talked about sacred geometry is a wonderful youtube channel i suggest checking out and he does a lot of artwork and stuff and you can see that he has the eight beers here this is a cube of fears and that right there creates life you can see the the actual cell that’s a human cell right there on the right that’s eight fears so looking a little closer you can see life development you see the two cell stage where / 28 right and then it goes to the fourth helmet jumps to the eight cell and then it actually this is within the first few hours of something being created right then you can see that it creates it becomes like a little blah right from the eight-cell stage jumps into this like little blog where it starts forming ok so this is the first stages of life and also the egg of life is also represented in creation but also in musical scale so everything in life is sound right so the active life represents the diatonic scale you can see that the scale is c d e f g a b and then see again right so 8 is like a copy of the original beginning ok so it’s like it starts over again alright so creation also has seven levels or density the eighth density forming the first density of the next octave of experience just as the eighth note of a musical scale begins a new octave and that comes from the law of one series which is a channeling from some people back in the early nineteen eighties that we’re talking about a the universe and the whole experience of of life and the evolution of life in the different of parallel universes and different things like that so the edge of life is a the eighth fears and that represents many different things that have to do with eight everything from the diatonic scale to the densities in our universe in creation so the eighth densities of creation just to show you a little bit about what this is the a density they start with physical manifestation that’s biological right as the the first you know sprouting of of things in life here in the world and then we have the second density is vegetation and animal kingdom that’s like so cool development so that would be the soul of maybe cats and dogs and you know in lions and tigers and bears and and those sold route consciousnesses right and in the third density is self-awareness which is human self awareness and just animals becoming self-aware and the choice of service to self or service to others is made by the entities at this level and then we have the fourth the fourth density is the social memory complex the path is in set in motion right for the social memory complex so we all actually have decided now as entities are we all going to move toward service to self are we going to move towards service to other and so that soul evolution creates a complex amongst all of us that we all have the same way of moving forward the same path and then the fifth step density is the density of light this is where we go between incarnations right so this is some people call this you know having her hell right this is just the place that your soul goes when it leaves the body right that’s the density of light and then you have the density of unity which is the angelic realm because they are service to others there are higher dimension frequency and then you have the seventh which is all is one the source and then you start a new Infiniti at the number eight so the eighth density is really creation of a new density a new Infiniti a new creation I know this is a little complex but i’m not going to dive into this too deep today I just want to kind of show you as an overview certain things about the number eight so if you have questions please let me know you’re welcome to ask me anything I i love to explore this stuff so all right the flower of life is a very important part of our world it’s it’s all about creation right and when you keep getting these concentric circles going and going and infinity I you create and create create a life and so you see this flower of safe you see this the symbol all over the world you see in all of the ancient places where they they have like stuff that we don’t even know how they they made these artifacts and you know extra things with with certain things back in the day almost looked like they were lasered I and these are symbols of flower of life either symbol the sacred geometry in creation and these circles concentric circles just can go on for infinity you know it’s just Circle Circle Circle Circle that’s all they are in those circles and create angles you know because you can get angles out of that and so it’s really interesting you can see the tree of life within this form you can see so many different things about our creation within this one form so the prime activity in life is movement movement started everything ok once something moves it’s set in motion and movement actually create sound right and sound create a fight so that is represented that movement that infant movement is represented by this eight that is balance is eight that is on its side it’s like stability movement that just keeps moving and it’s stable right and that is about creation and it’s about how creation is infinite it just keeps starting over and again over and over and again through the densities so two intersecting forces create what we call a vortex now if two forces right they they cross each other ok you have maybe a positive and a negative force and they cross each other they create a vortex see draw things to them and becomes like magnetic it pulls things then and when it pulls things then it creates life because really were just World War texts were all like the the physical world is this for texts like that in you know grabbing everything right live it pulls right we pull things to which we attract things we’re like magnets are very magnetic we have this like electricity about its electric and magnetic and so does energy then it pulls together and create density you no matter is just an illusion space set in motion flows forever right so once something starts moving it just keeps moving what’s going to stop it alright so that brings us to the atom write the law remember the law of opposing forces produces stability and so you can see here we have the electrons on the outside of the atom swing around and then on the inside with protons and neutrons ok so the electrons are yin energy they are magnetic energy and then on the inside the protons are that light energy that yang energy that masculine electrical energy and so they create a vortex and the neutrons are neutral energy some people even call this like the God energy it’s just neutral the source energy because once it goes out and yang you have the electrical in the magnetic right and that’s duality and that’s how we create the vortex and so everything’s made of these atoms ok so these are opposing forces and they create stability and had the really cool thing about this form i’m going to show you here in a minute alright so this is the matrix of reality matter is actually a mirage and everything is frequency everything is movement everything is sound right everything is are these energy vortexes that’s all they are so if you amplify low-frequency it sound you know frequency the structure of matter actually changes so think about an opera singer or somebody that doesn’t really knows how to scream really well raise their pitch I if you get it high enough loud enough it actually changes and breaks the glass right so 8 is Magic eight is alchemy eight is transformation eight is change right so you can see the number 8 and all of these little esoteric things that we’re going to talk about coming up here but it’s all about transformation and change when it comes to the number eight but the only constant in life is change and that is what that represents the infinity symbol is the only constant is that things keep moving and things keep changing right so here we have these shapes right they look different but they’re actually all the same they’re all the same shape so they all have the same frequency right now if you look up here at the hexagram the six-pointed star look at it is actually also represented in the atom the atom is the six-pointed star so the hexagram this would then the hexagon so if I were to draw lines around either of those that the atom or the star if I through lines around them i want you to look down there at the right at the bottom of the cube that right there is this is actually the outside of the six-pointed star if you look at it if you draw a line from the top over to the one corner right and then down on the side look over here at the cube and you see those lines that cube is on the outside of the six-pointed star and or the atom so the hexagram sense within the hexagon so a the cube down there is the hexagon the hexagram the six-pointed star and the hexagon is a cube a cube has eight corners everything in life is represented by the cube its physical manifestation so look at the end of life above the cube i remember this is eight fears four and four and turned out the angle that I haven’t and you can see that the hexagram but it’s made with eight fears just like the cube has eight corners now you see how they all tie together right so when you see these symbols know that they are representing two different numbers six and eight that’s right here same frequency eight corners on the q and if you fold out the cube you have the cross interesting right so the number 8 represents the connection of the all it is the symbol of Internet consciousness and the soul evolution back to oneness its connection that is the number 8 and that is why it’s so important the 8th chakra is called the star and thats its way above your head up there it’s also called the seat of the soul it’s connected to infinite energy or God source energy i was a lot of people like to call it well every man and every woman as a star as aleister crowley’s sons and that is the seat of the soul and that is your connection to the divine and i also want to show you this little chart you can see the actual chakras here you start at the bottom of the base of the root read but you can also see the notes on a diatonic scale right so it’s pretty cool second you going up there the orange cake roll you got the orange color you have the note B and it moves up solar is e the fourth is the heart and that s the throat is G blue the sixth chakra is the third eye and the note is a that’s indigo and then finally have the seventh chakra which is the one this is this is as far as we go when we do our cleansing and stuff the crown chakra and that’s violet and now we start over again at the 8th chakra right that is like a new beginning and that’s up there it starts with P and that is our true area of connection to source energy so how to use the number eight in your personal development we’re going to talk about quite a few things here we’re going to talk about the Tarot teaching the astrology dreams or visions as well as some other stuff here manifesting for example this right here is the tarot card number eight in the Major Arcana this is a card of fate and destiny this is a card that is so important in your life development and this comes from my website by tero dot-com where I right about the tarot cards and stuff on almost done with that website is actually up but I haven’t finished the whole library of cards writing all up yet so if you go to it you’ll see like most half of them done I think it is this is the strength card the strength card to note the inner strength of a person as opposed to the outer strength display by the chariot which comes before this card so the lion is subdued by the kind maidens gentle touch you can see that she’s holding his face there and petting him this card requires that you fulfill your sacred contract that is unfolding right now if you get this card the sacred contract could be between you and another person or an internal agreement within the many parts of your own self either way you are evolving spiritually with internal strength and fortitude so turn your thoughts away from the battle at hand and instead focus on the bigger lesson and experience turn your attention to the divine and away from the mundane your true strength is within God not in the ego or self-confidence in the ordinary sense so kindness and service to others should never be a burden it is a blessing of true inner strength of divine unconditional love the mountain in the back is symbolic of our trials and tribulations in our spiritual journey so that is the eighth card and you can see the infinity sign up above her head there the number 8 and that’s a balanced number eight and she actually represents the Virgo the virgin and and libra energy this is a car that combines those two virgo and libra as well as well as the dealio energy has different combination of cards and it’s about balance or of characters i should say alright and then in the tarot deck in the Major Arcana another big card of of your destiny and fate is the card of the star and this is 17 if you add 1 and 7 you get eight so this is actually a higher octave of the number eight of the strength card this is the higher octave of your soul development so the star is the symbol of hope and renewal this is a very spiritual card of soul evolution the woman is both grounded but also intuitive so you can see that her legs are on the earth and in the water at the same time so she nourishes the earth and you can see the water separates into five different strains they’re representing the five senses here on the physical earth plane but then she also pours water into the pond and ripples outward in circles showing the connection of all things spiritually remember those circles right I’ll keep going incidentally so the star follows the tower card this suggests that you have endured some intense challenges and now your soul is opened healing and transformation so again major transformation the seven small stars represent the seven primary chakras that connect your spiritual body to your physical body the large star is your aura that’s the eighth right this is a good time to cleanse and purify your mental emotional and physical bodies your soul is ready to evolve to a higher level then we have the e-team if we have any fans in here beaching it’s not i love the teaching is absolutely wonderful it’s all about balance of yin yang energy so you throw teaching a divination sticks or coins to find out if things are unbalanced about the situation and so this attack the grand eight hexagram 8 i’ve been kidding i’ve been getting eight days it is an everyday nation that I’ve been doing recently past couple months of X Graham eight is about unity and holding together it implies good fortune so those whose hearts are troubled assemble so that means that things are going to come together as they’re supposed to and things are in balance again balance again connection right that’s what date is now how about an astrology this is one of my favorite subjects write the three symbols of Scorpio here you can see that i have scorpions the snake and the Phoenix the Scorpio is the eighth sign its transformation through deep connection so the three symbols of Scorpio represent the evolution of the incarnated in seoul at first the souls like the Scorpion living in fear and self protection the scorpio hides in dark corners ready to strike it threatened its isolated and its aggressive it’s in the dark and then we have the snake this is the next level for the soul the snakes feel vibrations of the earth and keeps a watchful eye out for protection just like the Scorpion so it’s still lower level but it’s ready to strike out and it’s always watching its back you know but it does shed its skin for renewal and it does happen to the vibrations it does feel and know when something is coming and then we have the Fenix the Fenix is the ultimate manifestation of the soul defined emotional balance through spiritual transformation at the phoenix eyes from its own flames in reincarnates and renews itself through the flame of spirit now the Phoenix has the courage to enter its own fire and be transformed completely the Scorpio is the ultimate ascension sign and to be honest i don’t believe that the Phoenix is the ultimate bird or ultimate animal symbol a scorpio to me it’s the the spiritual gov it’s the the white doves that you see in the tarot deck you seen a lot of symbols and it’s like spirit to me the Phoenix is the one that comes right before the dog and the dog is like the ultimate like connection to God source right it’s pure it’s divine so you know Scorpio is the ultimate attention sign it’s about connecting and merging with spirit this is why the sign scorpio in the eighth house of the zodiac represent the tent rica i’m actually a tantric ax anybody that practices tantric yoga ascension work also connecting with others that is the tenth rica and that’s actually represented by the ACE sign scorpio so the ape house in astrology represents the health of scorpio and it’s ruled by the planet Pluto now in astrology there are 12 signs and twelve houses the signs represent personality traits and temperament while the twelve houses represent areas in your life journey all right now if you’re looking here at what I’m showing you can see this circle right the circle starts over here where it says AC on the left side little feel moon symbol in there that right there is the first house and I know it’s weird that it starts there but that’s the first house and then it swings down and around ok so that first house for my moon is that’s that’s my first house and then it swings down the second health and let me just go over a few of these with you to give you an example so for instance the second house represents your money yourself worth your personal possessions all right at your house of money and personal possessions and the fifth house if you go over right 12345 my fifth house there represents your ability to self express and create things in life so even creating children for instance it’s part of that house at your health creation and self-expression and then you swing up you go six and then 7r your seven pounds represents your close partners like your spouse you know people you marry or business partners and then if you move up from there we have the 8th house the 8th house represents connections to other people and connection to spirit because really if you can connect to others you’re connecting to spirit or God energy so let’s talk about the 8th house everyone has every house in there astrology chart so don’t get confused and then go i don’t have one of those charts or I don’t have one of those you have everybody has how every house ok so yes you have a neat house everyone has a sign attached to each house and you possibly have plants that sit in those houses and well you do but in each House right so let’s use mine as an example this is my astrology chart this is my house up here the 8th house of intimacy’s the house of sex the house of death and the health of soul mates right and then we have pluto which actually rules the 8th house and Pluto symbolizes your soul so the sign that your Pluto system is your generational vibration so Pluto it doesn’t change signs for a long time so if you’re if you have the sign of face of Scorpio or let’s say you have the libra right i have to only breath so if you have pluto and libra then anybody that born you know within your years of that generation are all going to be a libra pluta rights over all of my highschool friends you know they’re all Pluto libre so in my case you see it’s in the ninth house up there so my soul actually has been focusing on understanding life in a medical school or religious context because the night house is metaphysics and religion and higher education it’s the house of philosophy higher education and so it’s a house of growth and seeing the bigger picture alright so my Pluto is sitting in my night health and that’s individual to me right now the sign libra that’s my generational vibration however wear whatever helps it’s going to change for everybody all the time alright so my house is the ninth house that’s where my soul is now going back to the eighth house you can see that i have saturn sitting there and that in Saturn wherever its add in your chart it actually puts on the brakes so I have pattern in my eight health so it puts on the brakes i I’m not able to rely on other people have to rely on myself this lifetime it’s something we’re intimacy and and things like that are always going to be something I’m learning about so it’s a hard area challenging area i should say for my life I my partner’s tend to have weird issues that have my intimate partners and stuff have intimacy issues so this is a something to explore on your own chart to look at your 8th house to understand a little bit about your soul mates understand about your own intimacy what you’re learning sexuality and death are important here and also look at where your Pluto’s that whatever health will tell you where your souls at and what it’s really focused on in this lifetime and that’s a little bit about astrology and Scorpio and 8th house in East you know civilized planet Pluto your soul alright dreams envision straight if you see the number eight in dreams or in your visions what I always say is look to the angel numbers right angel numbers are they come from your angels they come from your guide these numbers and they can symbolize it a good omen you know they could say lucky you’re having some luck some things are turning up for you you have like a Jupiter influence right here right now it could be that you have the psychic gift it could be that you have the strength to help heal other and it could be a good omen for relationships with you because remember eight is about connection it’s about relationships it’s about you know connection at eight house alright and then finally the last thing I want to talk to you about is manifesting with magic ok and the reason I want to talk to you about manifesting with magic is because the number eight is the number of magic this is the Tree of Life don’t get overwhelmed here i’m not going to go too much into this but the tree of life is a symbolic representation of creation so it includes sacred geometry astrology pero and numerology it’s a diagram of creation that shows God at the top there going down into matter in creating and then it shows your evolution coming from matter back of the Gods source attention so it also represents the planes of existence right we have there at the top we have the divine plane and then we have the soul plane soul groups and stuff on the other side and then down here we have your psyche or personality and then at the bottom you have the physical body so this you can look at this and see the chakra system as well i won’t go into that but if you place a person here you can see their chakra system and it shows you how to evolve back to spirit it shows the path of Ascension so we’re only going to look at the bottom tree though the bottom of the trick this bottom area down here the physical body of psyche this area represents you it represents your personality in the earth plane the number seven and eight right there you can see in psyche seven and eight are in the astral plane that is your emotional body in your mental body the logic and emotion right that your emotional body in your mental life and those are the astral plane so let’s look a little closer aight right there is intellect ok eight and nine are the astral plane of existence and include your mental in your emotional body so the ninth circle down there represents the ex Rick body in the final ten circle the very bottom represents your physical body each line coming from the circles is a path represented by a tarot card so it shows you the path if you understand the tarot cards you’ll understand the past right so the path moving from eight which is the intellect mercury energy soft and perception over 29 the ethic body is the path of the Sun tarot card you can use this path transform your reality with a disciplined and powerful mind you can manifest your reality the true alchemist or magician realizes that transformation happens through transformation of the self right the path of the Sun there is the awakening by the use of your mind mercury represent thought and perception and using it to transform yourself and awaken yourself brings you to your truest self now in high magic something I study the number-8 there is this feared the sphere of magic it’s where we use the mind to do ethic manipulation an important thing to understand about manifestation is that spirit does not work directly upon matter it has to go through these little pads and these fears right so Spirit works through the mind 84 the mental body and the mind works through the ethic body so the answer is the framework of matter it is the vehicle of the life force and it can be manipulated within the limits of its nature it’s like electricity right at your energy body if you can manipulate the energy the other that manipulates matter so you so down here number 9 represents the aether or the machinery of the universe it represents our efforts double right you’re ethnic doubles your spirit body and in that the magnetic force that attracts things of the like frequency you’ve heard of the law of attraction right well here we go so it is here on this path that we shift our frequency to change our reality you have to first shift the mind before you can shift the ethic the key is to take control of the mind and to then take control of the ethic body which in turn controls the physical body this is true psychology and true magic so thank you for joining me I’m Brandi joy you can visit me at Randy joy com you can also go to my facebook page my Instagram my youtube my periscope mine my name is usually under brandy joy TV but sometimes it’s under periscope there Brandi joy right so thank you again for joining me and let me know if you have any questions i hope you enjoyed my video on the number eight bye for now


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