What’s wrong with spiritual gurus being rich? – Sadhguru answers Nalsar student

What’s wrong with spiritual gurus being rich? – Sadhguru answers Nalsar student

It is a common notion among people that spirituality
is a rich person’s area. So even if you look at the people who have
gathered around here, we’re all pretty much well off, and once we have earned for ourselves,
we then find time to do yoga, or meditation, or look into our inner being. But as we discussed all through… throughout
the whole discussion till now – there are… yes, you yourself have said that five-hundred
million people are still malnourished and there are so many people in this country who
are daily-wage workers who… who at that point of time, spirituality and learning of
their inner being would not there…would not be the most important thing for them. Their most important thing would be feeding
themselves and their children for the next meal. Sadhguru: Really you think so? You do one thing. You go to any so called spiritual event in
the country, will you see rural masses there or people like you in denims? (Applause) Who will you see, hmm? Questioner 3: Yeah, yeah… Sadhguru: So, don’t make conclusions which
are not even true. Are we trying to prove something or are we
trying to look at truth? The truth of this nation is, we have kept
our populations in extreme abject poverty. Nourishment is missing, leave anything else,
nourishment is missing. In spite of that… I must tell you this, people ask me these
questions wherever I go in the world, “Sadhguru, so many spiritual teachers and masters, so
many great beings have come in India but why are we so poor? Why is India so poor? Where is the spirituality?” Well, you know this. Two-hundred-and-fifty years ago we were the
richest nation on the planet. Everybody wanted to come to India. Why do you think a Vasco da Gama or that Columbus
who made that mistake, all these people set off in the oceans that they did not know and
over hundred expedition… expeditions in the ocean drowned, nobody ever wrote about
them, all right – because nobody writes about people who drown in the oceans. So, why was everybody in Europe trying to
come to India? Because it was the most prosperous nation. Well, in two-hundred-and-fifty years we got
cleaned up, we can’t… well, somebody did it to us because we can’t
just blame them because it is also ourselves who allowed that thing to happen to ourselves. Now we are trying to build back, all right? But even though you kept them in such abject
poverty, wherever these people went, they made sure not a bit of the local culture remained. Just look at North America, South America,
Australia and large parts of Africa, anywhere, this one culture, after thousand years of
invasions, we’ve still kept our culture and our spiritual process – not for nothing! Where we are, you know, where our yoga center
is, there is a police station about twelve kilometers away. This police station is supposed to service
nearly a quarter million people in different levels of economic situations, all right? Some are rich farmers, some are medium, some
are really poor, there are tribal communities, everything. There are only (Sounds like – to/till?)
now… in the last thirty years I’ve been there, at a time there was only seven, eight
policemen with a ASI (Referring to assistant sub-inspector of police). Today, there are about fourteen to fifteen
policemen with a SI – this is an upgrade that happened three years ago. Otherwise, even now, with these fourteen policemen
two or three will be on leave because of something or the other, and three, four are on night
duty. Hardly seven, eight policemen for quarter
million people, and these are poor people living in small huts. People are driving in Mercedes cars up and
down but they never pounced on them, killed them and took what they have. It never happened. This is spirituality if you’ve not… if
you’ve forgotten this, this is spirituality (Applause), you understand? Well, you don’t stretch this too far, you
don’t take their spirituality fo… too far. You have to settle what they need in their
lives as quickly as possible otherwise they won’t hold for too long. But it is because of that spiritual process
we as a nation have survived in spite of all the abuse that’s happened to us and don’t
say rural masses don’t have spirituality, they are the ones who are really on, urban
masses are losing it, isn’t it? Questioner: No, my question wasn’t towards
rural masses, mine is like… Sadhguru: No, poor… Questioner: … for example, I’ll just… Sadhguru: Poverty, right? Questioner: Not… not poverty as such but
for people who are working every day, like for example the maid in my house, for example,
she let’s say she works in five-six different houses, she probably is able to make 4000,
5000 a month and at that point of time she would try to… the most important thing going
in her mind would be educating her children, probably feeding herself. I am saying that they do deserve to… Sadhguru: Yes. Questioner: …have the self-awareness and
the spirituality but how… how will we… Sadhguru: Okay, how will we do it? If you do not know this – seventy percent
of our work is in rural India, where the poorest of the poor are, okay? Poorest of the poor are in rural India, seventy
percent of our work is in rural India and it’s free. It’s free of cost. You walk with me in Tamil Nadu – you go into
a village, the entire village will gather not for money, not for something else because
they know there is (are?) some tools of transformation which they can make use of. So, in the city there is money involved simply
because you want it in a air-conditioned room. Air-conditioning is on right now, whether
I pay or you pay or somebody else pays, somebody is paying for it, isn’t it? If you don’t understand this, you have no
sense of economy. That’s a biggest problem in the country
– people have no sense of economy so they are always asking for welfare schemes, “Give
me this, give me that.” But whether I pay or you pay, somebody is
paying, isn’t it? If what is paid is not accounted for, it’s
not going to work. This is the reason why we are poor because
we are not conducting our economics properly. Now spiritual process is about inner strength
– especially if (Sounds like – we/you?) are going through hardships, inner strength
is most important or no? That is the time to remove it. Is it there for the rural masses? Definitely there, much more than… Seventy percent of our time we are investing
but when I come to the city, when I come to Delhi, activists come and invite me, “Why
are you only meeting the rich and powerful? Why are you not coming to the slum?” I said, “The whole goddamn country is a
slum and I’m traveling all over. When I come to Delhi I want to meet only the
rich and powerful, let it be very clear to you. I’m not going to come to the slum in Delhi
because the entire country is a slum if you’ve not seen.” Moderator: So this is a question we were sent. And the context of this question as I understand
is that previously our understanding of gurus or mystics were individual… individuals
who meditated and were in penance in forests (Sadhguru laughs), who were not attached to… I mean who are not attached or concerned with
businesses. So a question we were sent is that now we
see a lot of mystic individuals who have huge foundations, who have companies. Some of whom who have gone into production
of foods and soaps. So, the question here is that is this… Sadhguru: Toothpaste… That’s the most popular (Laughter). Moderator: So the question here is that, is
this a healthy trend that you have individuals who you otherwise identified as individuals,
devoid of material pleasures, or away from material pleasures, or away from businesses
are now actually turning to them? Sadhguru: Well, you have not yet managed a
business. Managing a business is definitely not a pleasure
(Laughs), okay? But I know who is in the focus right now (Laughter). See, I was (Laughs)… I had a… some kind of a conference in Chennai. And somebody came to pick me up and the driver
was driving. He’s a regular driver. He goes behind what is in front of him. And it’s getting late. I have a reputation to keep, that in these
thirty-seven years I have not been late to a single event in my life (Applause). Though in one day I may have three, four,
five events, still I have not been late to one. So I want to get there. This guy is going at his own pace in the traffic. So I said, “You get out” and I took the
wheel, and I did some force driving. That was in Tamil Nadu. The Andhra Pradesh police cannot do anything
about it (Laughter). So I did some force driving and just made
it in time. The security gate at the hotel, you know these
days they are stopping you, opening your bonnet, checking your engine and your boot. Nobody knows what they are looking for (Laughter). After that… After that Mumbai event, unfortunately everybody
has to go through this. So the car in front of me went and the gate
opened. I just went through and they were screaming. I came into the portico, stopped, left the
car there and ran into the conference. There was some journalist standing there. After I finished the thing and I came back,
they said, “In ancient times yogis, used to walk (Few laugh). You drive your own car, what kind of a yogi
are you?” Then I said, “You idiot, in ancient times,
everybody was walking (Laughter/Applause). Not just a yogi.” So… Moderator: So mystics keep with the times? Sadhguru: Hmm? Moderator: So mystics keep with the times? Sadhguru: Oh, they were always contemporary
(Laughter). The problem… The problem is most people’s idea of a mystic
is the Sivakasi calendar (Few laugh), where one man is sitting under the tree with a constipated
look on his face (Laughter). That is a calendar art. That is not a mysticism, all right? The mystics of the day… Well, look at anybody. If you call Krishna a mystic, he was working
with the kings all the time because he wanted to transform the political system. If you see Gautama Buddha, always working
with the kings, because he wants to transform the political system. Without transforming the political system,
people will not benefit. So always, the gurus were always around the
kings not because of their palaces, because of their concern – unless the one who rules
transforms himself, there will be no benefit for the people. Right from ages, you go back wherever you
want – always they were around the kings not looking for crumbs in the palace but simply
because unless you transform that one fool, the country will not change (Applause).


  • Ashraf Vp says:

    Gurus are forced to change.They are contemporary.modernity transform them.They are not transforming people. Corporates
    are shrewd to commercialise this
    area of people's quest for peace and spirituality.Any how good this has become big industry.Attending
    this kind of events is an elevation
    for their vanity

  • Raj says:

    Very profound.

  • Medyati Oktarina says:

    Spirituality is not identical with poverty. Yes , there are many spiritual gurus live in poverty. But it is so because they have to experience their certain karmic consequences.

    Spirituality , full balanced life should indentic with abundance, wealth. If you do not have wealth, then there is lacking , something missing in your sadhana.

  • Devendra Singh says:

    Kama is to be sacrificed in favour of Artha.
    Artha is to be sacrificed for Dharma and Artha is to be used to serve Dharma.
    Dharma is the tree that gives the fruits of Kama and Artha and leads to Moksha.
    The roots of Dharma must be firmly planted in spirituality and in morality.

  • Marko Polo says:

    He didn't answer the question he was asked. Why the company's and foundations.

  • Pabitra Kumar Dash says:

    Educated in half is dangerous

  • M Poppins says:

    I was brought up in a christian church school that taught me money is evil. The Bible was edited in order to keep people in poverty. It is hard to then change your belief system as an adult to accept that this is a lie poverty is the evil and that there is spiritual and material abundance.

  • Good Vibe says:

    haha I remember once one of Ghandi's helpers said, "It takes A LOT of MONEY to keep Ghandi POOR!!! " think about that

  • rajendra bareto says:

    Why become Gods person to become rich. God does not require any money. Ofcourse anything fo with accumulating wealth does not become a Godly man. Onky selfish people accumulate wealth. Spiritual people do work for the benefit and give everything what they have to benefit the poor. I am sure if Sadhguru gives everything 5p feed the poor it's still not enough. But it will help many people to get rid of hunger. Being spiritual Is giving away and keeping what he actually deserve.

  • rajendra bareto says:

    Why become Gods person to become rich. God does not require any money. Ofcourse anything fo with accumulating wealth does not become a Godly man. Onky selfish people accumulate wealth. Spiritual people do work for the benefit and give everything what they have to benefit the poor. I am sure if Sadhguru gives everything 5p feed the poor it's still not enough. But it will help many people to get rid of hunger. Being spiritual Is giving away and keeping what he actually deserve.

  • Brianna Edwards says:

    What's the name of the song used?

  • bhayankar bhola says:

    Suparb speech 🙏

  • Abhishek Srivastava says:

    Maaro madarchod

  • A to Z says:

    Why nalsar students are fools

  • Dipendra Chettry says:

    Sadh.. GURU

  • Kumar Kandukuri says:

    Can I get the link to download the trailer song?

  • ankit ch says:

    Sadhguru is by far the coolest person I've ever seen 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • pramod salian says:

    Jai sadguru

  • Dark Suns says:

    The comments section is a textbook example of fanaticism.
    The students asked something.. The fans of the guru go crazy as if the students committed a crime.

  • Keep Smiling says:

    Pranaam Sadhguru.

  • Niranjan Desai says:

    I have no idea why people asking stupid questions instead become student and ask questions to gain knowledge.

  • A Thing of Beauty says:

    Also Swami Vivekananda tried to transform Kings/rulers.
    Namaskarm Sadhguru
    You are doing very well.

  • Lorraine Merry says:

    Not this ass hole again

  • Bijo Valsaraj says:

    Sivakasi calendar,, lol, one f the best slapping joke.

  • speak TRUTH says:

    No respect for elders stuid questions

  • daniel barucha says:

    The shortest answer and most truth ever – Do you have a problem with Maa Laxmi visiting someone? Oooohh, be careful because immediately you will have a problem with Lord Vishnu! Then you ask for big trouble – it is your big EGO, so… a visit from Maa Kali is inevitable. Poor you then… very poor. And jealous – just to name it.

  • FAT cat says:

    I don’t understand the hate on the Questioner? I think it was a valid question

  • nmssmnnmssmn says:

    Hahaha the entire god damn country is a slum

  • nmssmnnmssmn says:

    Hahah managing a business is definitely not a pleasure

  • Abdul Raheem says:

    Thats the difference between true saint n fake guru~ the love for money ? Sadhguru has a personal wealth of US$40 MILLION. WHERES THE LOGIC.
    U cant have both.

  • Hakan Karakaya says:

    Give narcose the people you are just parazit

  • bhargava raman says:

    Sadguru is great

  • muneer hafeez says:

    When is Sat guru giving away his wordly wealth to poor. Talking and answering just for the sake of saying something is just a waste of time by this character Guru. He must declare his tax returns and if any amount his organization is evading. Spirituality and money should not mix if you are a genuine Guru.

  • rocky baba says:

    Right question wrong answer

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