Which Sony E-Mount Wide Angle Lens is BEST? [SIGMA, TAMRON, ZEISS, GM]

Which Sony E-Mount Wide Angle Lens is BEST? [SIGMA, TAMRON, ZEISS, GM]


  • Dunna Did It says:

    Which lens would you get and why?


    You crushed this video!! Great job

  • Please Stand By says:

    Pretty disappointed you didn't review that 5th "drinkable" lens 😐 Haha great comparison video tho bro!

  • Chris Brockhurst says:

    I want that Sigma 14-24

  • ZappaBlues says:

    Cdn or US $$$$

  • ScottDHutson says:

    Shame you couldn't include the Sony 12-24 f4 G, I own it but am considering upgrading to the sigma 14-24mm f2.8. Great vid none the less!

  • Adrian Thomas says:

    Made the decision and traded in my a6500 and all my lenses.. got an a7iii and the signa 14-24.. amazing lens.. love it.. and there are rear filters are coming for it from what i hear

  • David Vaini says:

    Laowa 15mm F2 Zero Distortion. Can put on threaded filters, sharper than all those lenses, no distortion, all metal construction, smaller in size, clicked and declicked aperture adjustment, and macro like abilities with focusing about an inch away from the lens. No brainer

  • RoshuaJogers says:

    Tamron, price, relative quality. Good video man. Nice practical approach.

    That being said, I'm evaluating a new zoom lens for my aps-c sony…working it all out is a booger especially given I have primes that cover the range sufficient and two zooms, one adapted, one native. I have a feeling that as soon as I make a decision and purchase, Sigma will release the exact thing I would like to have: an Art quality zoom that beats the pants off the Sony 16-55 2.8.

  • Chris Plante says:

    How do the extending zoom lenses perform on a gimbal? Do you need to re-calibrate or does the gimbal make up for the weight change?

  • Ed Vizenor says:

    DUNNA DID IT! ☝️

  • Ben Jones says:

    As my viewers know, all I’m really missing from my kit is a wide-angle (28mm is the widest I have right now!) – been considering the Tamron for a while, especially since I picked up the 28-75mm, which I’m dead happy with… for only missing the 1mm at the wide end, and keeping the kit size/weight down, think I’ll definitely be picking it up soon! Great little video, keep it up!

  • Najeeb Badalandabad says:

    but if you can get the sony Zeiss for as much as the Tamron 17-28.. then that's where it gets tricky

  • John Brighenti says:

    For a while I agonized over whether to get one of the 16-35's. I had bought the 100-400GM a few months earlier, and my wife was giving me the eyeroll whenever I talked about getting another lens. But the talking heads on youtube all told me I needed a 16-35 for my holy trinity, so I was leaning toward the f/4 to save some money. Then I torpedoed all of that by listening to the little voice in the back of my head that said YOLO and got the 24mm GM instead. Haven't regretted that decision. Plenty wide for me, razor sharp, and just a great lens. Maybe I'll eventually grab the 16-35 f/4 just to have the option, then again that Sigma 14-24 looks pretty tempting to fill the gap…

  • Per Einar Ljøkjel says:

    I had a 10% view of your 😳 when I saw the video, 10% (780) of your sub count had seen it and 10% of them liked it😂 an tip for testing the quality of lenses is beside shooting wide open, also shoot fully closed. When you start to step bellow f-16 glass flaws and loss of sharpness will appear.

  • Paul Feinberg says:

    I have been super happy with my Tamron 17-28mm. I love the 2.8 it matches perfectly with my Tamron 28-75mm. The price is right the quality is just surprisingly good. Like you said I really like how small it is and its the perfect gimbal lens since the zoom is internal. I used it on a gimbal for client work this past weekend and wow it was so nice to make those changes without re-balancing. Can't say enough good things about it. Thanks!

  • Morten Andersen says:

    Thank you for a nice and informativ video about the wide zooms for Sony. I have been looking to Tamrons 17-28 and Sigmas 14-24 for a while, but have decided to drop the wide zoom. Instead I have Samyangs 18mm 2.8 and the Sony 28mm 2.0 and the next lense I buy is the Samyang 35mm 1.4. If I need to zoom I just put on my Sony 24-105mm 4.0 – the same goes for my aps-c where I also goes with the Sigma series of fast primes and if I need to zoom I use the Sony 18-105mm f 4.0 when I find the money to buy that lense.

  • Kelkschiz says:

    That title is incorrect. I started watching this video… And discovered the video is only about zoom lenses…

    Bummer, as I'm not really interested in zoom lenses.

  • HD BnB says:

    What about the Laowa!? I love that lens!

  • Marlon King says:

    Nice review dude – very helpful. Im still on the quest for a decent wide for the a6500 the 10-18 f4 still seems the only option and not great vs the 16mm sigma which is non zoom so not very practical day to day. Anyhow, thats my challenge. This video will be re-watched when I upgrade to Full Frame 🙂

  • Eric Stahl says:

    Just got an a7iii on black friday with a kit lens. With my weebil lab combo the tamron seems the best fit for me. and i bought an a7iii so the cheaper lens seems like a good call

  • Creative 7 Inc says:

    Big ups for the Artlist sponsorship man! Personally like the Sigma quality the most through these ones!

  • Orphouille says:

    where's the 12-24 f4 from sonyyyyy ?????

  • thekback says:

    I’ve got both the Ziess 16-35 f4 and the Tamron 17-28 f2.8… I don’t know whether to keep both or sell either of them… I love them both hahaha.

  • comebacktobal says:

    Tamron <3

  • Karlo's Corner says:

    I have an a6400, do you have any cheap wide-angle lens recommendations for a crop sensor?

  • Nathan Potter says:

    You should have titled it "best wide ZOOM"… No primes?

  • Agustin Gomez says:

    is the Sigma too distorted to vlog?

  • Puleen Patel says:

    Just found your YT channel yesterday and loving all your content. As a Sony E user, i'm loving your suggestions and tips.

  • Stefan1968ful says:

    Sony 24mm 1.4 GM. The king.

  • Mali Mish says:

    For APSC you are better off with the Sony 10-18 F4 with OSS. Much better match with focal range considering the crop factor. That basically leaves the 16-35 F4 useless.

  • Stephen Averett says:

    tamron but not the 12-24?

  • R Hogarth says:

    When I bought mine, the only two options were the Sony/Zeiss f4 or the Sony GM f2.8. I wanted a wide angle for landscape which I typically shoot at f8-f16. When I looked at the price difference between the two lenses, I could not justify paying the extra for those rare occasions that I needed the f2.8. In all honesty, this decision was tempered by the fact that I also had the Tokina 20mm f2 Firin manual focus lens (that I bought for astrophotography) so I did have a fast wide option already in my camera bag.

  • Ken Or says:

    This is there best comparison video I've seen… Thanks for your feedback, you've definitely helped me make a decision on which lens to get! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Jon Can Ayyildiz says:

    Yes, comparison I wanted to see all this time long! Thanks brother

  • CineChimp says:

    Wait till the new year, they'll be cheaper!!

  • Jack Stolz says:

    Dude awesome video!! Been using the Tamron 17-28 and just love it. Definitely don't need anything besides that and my 24-70. Stoked you're on the Artlist train as well. I love that I can use the tunes for commercial work with no issues. Huge lifesaver.

  • Tim White says:

    Nice selection of lenses! I shoot a lot of astro so the Sigma 14-24 was the best overall choice. If I wasn't doing astro quite so seriously I'd have gone for the 16-35 GM; it's such a useful focal range that I think it'd soon justify the higher price tag vs the Tamron. All look great though!

  • Logan Gilley says:

    Why not include the Sony 12-24 F4?

  • Firat SOLA says:

    Ok, there is another aspect though, I can find sony 16-35 f2.8 for 1600€ and tamron for 850 €, which one should I go with? It's not double the price and the sony makes it more reasonable to have zoom lens. With tamron, it feels like getting a prime lens with wider aperture makes more sense as the range is only 11mm. Someone help me 🙂 Can't decide 🙂

  • Versatile Edge Media says:

    Hey Dunn’s, I have Sony A6500 I shoot weddings and street portraiture, my set up is Sigma 16 1.4 Sigma 30 1.4 and Sony G 18-105 F4 do you think I should just sell or upgrade to full frame or is their any other lens you recommend for my collection in regards to event and wedding photography.

  • michael gondokusumo says:


  • Marcel Volker says:

    Funny that – after much deliberation I actually just bought the Sony Zeiss f/4 :D. Soz! Reasons being the Sigma and GM are above my budget, the Zeiss is on special offers here in the UK making it ~50 USD/40 GBP cheaper than the Tamron, and then I do appreciate the OSS and longer zoom range for my style of photography. (I don't shoot wide open much)
    At original prices (900 GBP Tamron and ~1050 GBP Zeiss) I would have gone for the Tamron, yes.

  • The Critic says:

    Not the greatest of lens reviews. I felt like to watch the advert I would at least get some value out of it. Each lens should get a proper review if you're going to do something you should do it right. I mean you have nearly 100k subscribers don't you think they deserve a little more effort? Give them something back for them giving you so much.

  • Becki and Chris says:

    This makes me want to upgrade my 16-35 to the 2.8 G-Master, I tossed the f4 on my A7R and was really missing the extra stop for interior photography! Great comparison D!

  • Gary Jahman says:

    I have the Tamron 17-28 and 28-75 and in total it cost me 1750 euro.

    If you buy the G master 16-35 and 24-70 that would be almost 5000 euro!

    The Sigma 14-24 and 24-70 would be a bit above 3000 euro

    Even though I am a professional photographer/filmmaker and I can afford all the expensive glass around. I still go for the cheapest because it is lighter and the image quality is not that different.

    Thanks Dunna for the video!

  • Angel Dapat says:

    Can you do editing to lightroom on the phone?

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