Will I achieve happiness? Tarot Reading video by Alejandro Jodorowsky for Daniel

Will I achieve happiness? Tarot Reading video by Alejandro Jodorowsky for Daniel

Thank you my friend Daniel for having contributed to the creation of my movie Endless Poetry. You are 33 years old. You asked an interesting question: “will I achieve complete happiness?” “Will I achieve complete happiness?” “Will I achieve complete happiness?!” “Will I achieve complete happiness?!” I don’t have happiness! So I want to achieve it! I’m not happy with myself. I’m not happy with my family.
They didn’t give me happiness. I can’t achieve it. I will achieve it. That’s what… That’s what I think that crossed your mind. I could be wrong. You asked for three cards, right? Number 11. I will shuffle this here. Here it is. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. First card. Then number 22. It’s the last one. And then it’s number 7: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Number 7 is halfway. These are the cards you asked for. Let’s see what tarot says. I don’t have the slightest idea
of what it’s going to answer. I could answer you, right? I will answer you without seeing the tarot. Complete happiness is not something you achieve, because we already have it. That is to say happiness is the essence of life. Happiness is to be alive. I was… I had your age: at 33 years old and I searched for a Zen master who was in Mexico. He was Japanese. And I couldn’t find him.
And I went so search for him. And I knocked.
He was called Ejo Takata. He opened the door and I saw a man of I don’t know what
age because his head was shaved. Was he a child? Was he an old man?
You couldn’t tell. And he immediately saw me with friendly eyes; he looked into my eyes
and he was my friend. He took my hand like this, he took me to a wall, and there was a Japanese character. And he pointed it with his finger
and he told me: “hap-pi-ness”. And he took me to the door and he kicked me out. For him everything he could teach me about this great mystical force that Zen is was one word: “happiness”. What he was telling me is:
“recognize your life. To be alive is to be happy.” But in order to achieve happiness
you don’t need to reach happiness, you need to separate yourself
from the obstacles that keep you from being happy.
Mental obstacles, emotional fixations, sexual issues, creative issues, material issues, material abuses, creative-sexual abuses, emotional abuses, mental abuses. So you emerge from childhood with your happiness enclosed in a system of prejudices, of ideas, of limits, of… of fake self-conceptions… You come from that. But your body comes with happiness just like it comes with consciousness, just like it comes with the soul, just like it comes with the inner God. We have all that. It’s not about achieving enlightenment or about achieving something. It’s about freeing ourselves
from the obstacles that keep us from being ourselves. We are being what the others want us to be and we are not being
what we actually are, which is marvelous. Every being has millions and millions
of neurons working. We carry a whole universe that is waiting for you to immerse
and see yourself That’s it. That’s my sermon, right? So… So the first card you chose was the chariot. As you can see,
the chariot has a green drop here. In symbology green is the principle of… of immortality, of eternity. When they talk about Allah in the Islam, they talk about green. Well, look for a symbols dictionary and you will see what the word “green”
means in the symbols dictionary. And that’s the secret of this chariot, which is actually a number 7,
you see? The card number 7. Here you’ve got a square on card number 7 and here you’ve got a triangle. Number 7 is always 4 + 3. It’s body and spirit, body and spirit. Spirit is a unit that lives between the past and the future. It’s the unit. And he has a sceptre, doesn’t he? He has the possibility of freeing himself
of any… of any duality in his hands. Namely how do you free yourself
from the good and the bad, from light and darkness? How do you free yourself from dualities? By accepting them and making them collaborate instead of being antinomies. Every stick has two ends, but they belong to the same stick. The right wing has one system, the left wing has another system and in the middle there’s the bird, that has both wings, do you understand? So if you see him… I always say this horse
is feminine because it has eyelashes. And they are both acting
in the same direction. It’s the union of opposites. It’s number 7. So its… its wheels are sunk into the ground, namely his movement consists of obeying
to the movement of celestial bodies, to the movement of the universe, doesn’t it? And to deliver… to deliver his particle of life to the total green ocean where the Earth floats, you see? It’s that. Life is a delivery. Happiness and number 7 too. And then you’ve got the Devil. The Devil is no more or less…
If you see the darkness… No more or less than the subconscious, in which there are a woman and a man, just like here there are a female and a male. But that’s… that’s because they are symbols,
metaphors, they are metaphors of the opposites: of the active and the receptive, of the illuminated and the dark and of so many more contraries, which are well tied, they are complementaries creating the androgyne, which is a man and a woman at the same time. He or she has breasts and a phallus, a penis, you see? And of course he’s full of eyes, he has a lot of eyes, eyes, because he isn’t scared
of seeing himself. The Devil is a card that tells you: “to meditate is not to think of, it’s to see oneself, to see oneself in order to see
what you really are: a divine androgyne. Your sex is defined by the desire you feel for someone else at a given time. But your soul doesn’t have a sexual definition;
it’s sexual force. And your mind isn’t made of words; the mind uses words, but words are not the thing. With words you have a representation of yourself,
when you think about yourself, but in the emotional, that speaks through feelings,
you have the feeling of what you are. Feel yourself, don’t think yourself. And the third one is the star.
You see that you’re doing well? The star that is… that is… that is the… the dark side of number 7. 6 and 16, 5 and 15, 4 and 14, 7 and 17. And here you’ve got the two ends of… of the stick. This character is a nomad! He is constantly travelling. Life is a trip. But her, who has a knee on the ground, is sedentary. She is totally blended into the earth, into water, into fire, into the air, into the earth. She is honest and she is naked in her truth. He is… He is in human power, you see?
He is a prince, he has… he has a status, a rank, you see? She doesn’t. She reaches extreme humility. I mean, she is aware of her values, but at the same time she is aware of her truth, which is that
there are no values, actually, that she has all values. And she has the triangle: 1, 2, 3 blue stars, and she has the square: 1, 2, 3, 4 yellow stars, which means she has her body and her spirit united, without fighting, forming a totality, you see? And that’s happiness. I hope I… I do you good because it’s difficult to say “smile” when you want to… to… to… to suffer, isn’t it? But what you have to do is to accept yourself. Learn to love yourself. You are about to be 33 years old, and if you come from a Catholic
or a Jewish family, but mostly Catholic, Christ died at 33 years old. So he was born of a virgin, a pure woman. He was born and he left at 33 years old,
in the bloom of his youth. He’s the opposite of Adam, because Adam was born at 33 years old and he lived a very long old age, you see? They are two. Happiness is the old man, the grown man that you will start to be and the young man that you were.
All your ages. Happiness has no age, it has no definition, it has no labels, it’s to freely be what you have always been. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for your great contribution to our movie, my dear Daniel. Daniel is a Jewish name.
I think he tamed lions, you see? And the “el” from Daniel means “God”. “El”. “El al”: God’s country. “Al”: country, “el”: God. And in “Daniel” I would say “to give”, right?
“Dan”: “they give”. And to give… so to give and to accept your divinity. Thank you.


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    Gracias señor Alejandro

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    Thank you very much for the translations! I love this man. He is a true Alchemist. Psychomagic!

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    thank you.

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    Esta lectura fue excelente. Adoro su pasión. Su apertura y dedicación. Lo felicito!

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    No se porque me aparecio este video tan especifico. Creo que felicidad PLENA es pedir demasiado, y este enfoque tan atento a lo personal, ahora que estoy mas maduro, lo noto como algo contraproducente para la sociedad. Personalmente a veces creo que soy una especie de vampiro que va succionando la felicidad del resto inconcientemente. Me siento fuerte y feliz, pero las pocas veces que soy infeliz lo agradezco de corazon, porque siento que le estoy dando un respiro al mundo. Suena confuso, pero es lo que creo autenticamente en este minuto. Y me llamo la atencion lo de los 33 años, porque en numerologia soy 33. Nada del otro mundo. Me llueven las coincidencias. En el fondo, lo que queria decir es que todo tiene valor: el ser, la sociedad, lo interno, lo externo, la felicidad y la tristeza. Toda experiencia tiene sentido, incluso la historia de atras y de adelante que la posiciona en su lugar significante…

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    Te quiero Alejandro. Gracias por tanto!!!

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