Wrong Angle?

Wrong Angle?

textbooks will tell you that the optimum
rod angle in relationship to your electrode angle should be 90 degrees
that works out just fine when you’re doing something really simple like a
bead on plate right in front of you on the bench nothing in the way even though
there’s a lot of forgiveness on your rod angle you know shooting for 90 degrees
in relationship to your electrode angle it’s pretty good from your first
learning and just running beads on plate gotta start somewhere but add one little
wrinkle to the equation just these little 1 inch strips tacked on there and
having to weld inside that little box and all of a sudden the proper electrode
angle just goes out the window can’t do it so we’re going to talk about
tack welding welding up in the corners and using the long extension along
electrode extension to be able to do that and still see the tip of the
electrode still see the puddle and use some crazy feeding angles for the wire
going into the puddle just what you have to do the first thing I’m going to do is
get some tack welds in the bottom of these corners I didn’t bother tacking it
on the outside a whole lot and because I have a little gap there it might be kind
of hot when I’m when I’m reaching the corner and it might peel away a little
bit so getting them sealed up a little bit will help a lot I’m gonna tack all
four corners like that and I’m using a fairly small rod trying to keep the bead
kind of small and so the rod is kind of flimsy it’s a .045″ diameter rod so it
kind of wants to kind of magnetize and stick to the walls and so in a minute
I’m gonna do a little bit of petal pumping just to get around that you can
see the angle of that rod far from what they recommend in the books I’m just
kind of stabbing it down straight into the puddle and trying to lengthen the
arc a little bit as I feed rod so that I don’t crap up my electrode so far it’s
going okay not great but just okay and like I said because the filler wire was
trying to stick to the walls becoming magnetized and everything for this
little run I’m going to kind of pulse with the foot pedal and that way I have
time to pull the rod loose and then when I get it loose and pump the pedal and
just kind of stab it into that Center of the puddle the hot part of the puddle
coming down pretty much straight up and down right into the puddle
this is a er70s-2 .045″ diameter filler metal let’s get a shot of that arc
coming down from the top if I can kind of hard to film this on the inside here
I’m gonna pulse with the pedal I’ll show a little bit of the foot motion on the
pedal but it has some uses I don’t do it all the time but when I need to I find
it really helps if the rod is sticking I let off the amperage a little bit it
gives me just a second to pull the rod loose before I press the pedal again and
then I have time to feed the rod in there here you can kind of see the hand
motion that I’m using to feed the rod and definitely coming in pretty much
straight up from the top having that really long three-quarter inch long
electrode extension with this jazzy 10 cup is really helping me be able to
stick my head in there and see what’s going on and still maintain really good
gas shielding the secret sauce to this cup is it’s got a couple of screen
diffusers in it so you use it with the gas lens then it’s got a couple of extra
diffuser screens and that just makes it really work good unless you extend the
electrode really far some other videos that I’ve done with this thing you know
recently I guess in the past few months it’s a fairly new cup and been out very
long but I did a titanium test joint here so normally you would use a really
large cup for titanium but this cup shields so good that will along with the
chill chill block from the fixture I made a discoloration free titanium weld
also welded this little this little tube hurricane project really worked out well
for that another cup that I really like been showing it a lot over the past few
years is the furick number 8 pro it’s a clear cup and I first started using it
just to help me film so that we all could see the puddle better but I
discovered really quickly it helps me see better you know I’m in my 60s and my
eyes aren’t what they were in my twenties that’s for sure
also helps kind of looking through the cup but it actually actually kind of
like a light bulb it kind of lights up everything and helps me you know see
where I’m going see where I’ve been see stuff that I normally wouldn’t see so
you know it’s it’s a it’s a super useful cup for AC and DC and sometimes for
welding down into corners where you need to look through the cup super useful to
you can see me looking through the back of the cup and I can see my rod kind of
feeding in there right there this is from a recent video that I did just very
recently a little lap joint on an aluminum cube project I won’t add a cup
to my store unless I’ve got several hours on it trying it out on several
applications but this number 8 has really impressed me and so has the jazzy
10 that you saw earlier in the video this is my store
sometimes I bundle products along with my TIG finger product you can save a
little money if you get both if you’d like to learn more about any of this
stuff just go to weldmonger dot com that’s how I pay for these videos thanks so
much for watching you


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