Yes/No Readings with Just One Card (Tarot or Playing Cards)

Yes/No Readings with Just One Card (Tarot or Playing Cards)

This is Nathara at CrowSong Lodge and I spontaneously
decided to knock a couple videos off my list tonight. I’m too lazy to do my make up tonight for
you, so, you get no-make-up-face. Sorry! So, something that I wanted to cover for you
tonight is easy Yes and No readings. I know a lot of people struggle with Yes/Nos
and as readers, most the questions that we get from ourselves or from other people, are
Yes and No questions. So there’s a lot of ways you can do this,
but, of course, I like to use decks because I’m really into cards. So, the easiest way to do this, in my opinion,
is with a playing card deck. And so for that, I use a really simple system:
black is no and red is yes. Now if you’re familiar with your tarot and
your playing cards, then you know the playing cards can be equated with tarot cards – there’s
a little bit of debate about which one comes first, tarot cards or playing cards, depending
on which source you read – but they’re built the same way. Ace through King divided up into four suits. So your spades are going to be swords, your
clubs are going to be wands, your diamonds are pentacles, and your hearts are missing. No! They’re cups! Your hearts are cups! So if you want to read more information into
your answer, you can read more information that way. So if I were going to say “Is it going to
rain tomorrow?” I’ve got a black card, so that’s a “no” and
it’s the 4 of Swords, which tells me it’s a really great night — it’s going to be a
really great day for a rest or nap. I really like 4 of Swords days. A lot of people view these badly as um…
nothing gets done, you’re stuck in a plateau and you can’t go anywhere, and to me, waiting
means nap time because I’m usually sleep deprived. So, that’s a quick and easy way to do it with
playing cards. In the same vein, if you have your tarot deck
handy, and you use reversals, you can do the same kind of thing. My phone froze, so I had the presence of mind
to notice and stop talking. Anyway, you can do the same thing with a tarot
deck and if you use reversals in your deck, it makes it really easy because an upright
card is yes, and a reversed card is no and of course you read the card itself for more
information. So, am I going to get a delightful number
of hours of sleep tonight? Our answer is “No” and it’s The Hermit which
means no one is going to leave me alone, people are going to be bugging me all night, which
makes sense, because I think there’s a family in the hotel room next to me. So, thanks tarot. At least I have that to look forward to. Even if you don’t use reversals, you can still
read Yes/Nos pretty easily. Now, people have a lot of…[babble] People
stuggle a lot because they’re reading with card meanings and trying to diving their yes
or no from this. But we can go back to our playing card equivalencies
for this one or you can just make up your own system. But you pick two suits, for yes or no, and
2 suits — errrr.. 2 suits for yes, 2 suits for no. I equate them with the playing cards, so the
black suits are swords and clubs and the red suits are pentacles and cups. And the Major Arcana are “Maybe.” Outcome has not been determined, someone needs
to make a decision. So for that, I’m going to ask another question…. ummmmm….. will tomorrow be a good day? I have the 10 of Pentacles! Pentacles are red cards and we said those
are “yes” and 10 of Pentacles is a really freaking good card so, yes, all the money
and all the good things in life, so that’s a really good — [humming] Camera froze again. Anyway! 10 of Pentacles is a yes, so I can look forward
to a really good day tomorrow. So those are 3 quick and easy methods of doing
yes and no answers pulling just one card. So I hope you find that helpful! Nathara at CrowSong Lodge and my glitchy phone
signing out….

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  • Jasmin Flower says:

    Be as lazy as you like with your makeup face Nathara. Your pure inner light and beauty shines through every time and makes you so delightful to watch no matter what you choose to do with your outer shell. ;-)xoxo

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