Your Food Horoscope: Cancer | Food Network

Your Food Horoscope: Cancer | Food Network

– Hello. I am Angel Eyedealism. And I’m here to tell
you what the best foods are for your zodiac sign. Cancer– the culinary experts. They prefer home-cooked meals
to a fancy restaurant any day of the week. If it is a fancy
restaurant, presentation is everything to these people. They have very
sensitive stomachs because cancer is
ruled by the moon and the moon rules the stomach. So they also do
emotional eating. So if they have a
stomachache, they need to say to themselves, “what
is eating me” quite literally. America is a cancer country. New York City is a cancer city. So therefore, food is amazing
in New York City because of the cancer influence. And there’s often home-cooked
meal type of restaurants or there’s super
fancy restaurants where the presentation
is so important. The taste doesn’t
matter sometime. It’s just the presentation. So cancers, in
general, just need to learn to be more
sensitive to what is bothering them emotionally,
and therefore, eat accordingly.


  • Michael Lauria says:

    I'm scared

  • James Masters says:

    What crap. I am a cancer and I want quality. The food needs to be good. Presentation is meaningless.
    It could look awful, but if the taste is divine, who cares what it looks like.
    As a child I was introduced to a bread that stunk to high heaven. But toasted and buttered is was the best bread I have ever eaten in my life.
    People buy brand names goods for high prices, but some of the cheaper generic brands are just as good and some are better.
    Price and presentations are meaningless nonsense. Quality is what it is about. If it tastes great, what matter is a high price or how it is presented. It all ends up in your belly. What truly matters how good was it getting to you belly.

    This person is ignorant and glorifies elitism.

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