Zodiac Sign Cancer: How to Get Along Better and How to Channel the Archetype

Zodiac Sign Cancer: How to Get Along Better and How to Channel the Archetype

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] welcome to cancer the ocean of compassion the keyword for cancer is I feel we are made of water and cancer the thirst water motion sign and the highest emotion we can experience is not love but unconditional love cancer teaches us the magic of acceptance accepting ourselves and accepting others even accepting our enemies therefore the Buddha of compassion according to the Tibetan Buddhism His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama happens to be a cancer with the cancer rising the Dalai Lama means the ocean of compassion so what cancer gives us is the ability to relax into the nurturing beautiful emotional energy of the great mother cancer is the giver of life it’s a great mother the womb the moon cancer is a cardinal water sign and we are made of water at bodies around us creatures on the planet are made of water the planet is covered mostly with water so a lot of people believe that this planet Earth is the school of compassion where we all come from all over the universe to learn unconditional love and a Dean of this school is cancer we need to focus on during the month of cancer first of all to work with the movie identify when there’s a new moon and the day after the new moon start something new in your life then the moon is growing it’s waxing add things to your life you can always look up and see what it looks like a bee it’s growing then when the moon is full breasts take time to reflect on your wish and how its manifested so far and then when the moon is waning and looks like a sea cut things out of your life let go things edit your ways so you can start something you on the next new moon the other thing we need to focus on cancer is nurturing things whether it’s nurturing your friends nurturing friendships nurturing your work seeks something that’s to grow don’t forget cancer is defining modern the most important thing to do during the month of cancer is for acts of compassion try to think of four things that you can do that can help another person but do it unconditionally meaning without having to attach yourself to that giving that act of giving the other thing is to work with your mother because the forgiver acceptor if she is not alive and do something in her memory and also try to find somebody that you might have drawn and ask for forgiveness what we’re trying to do here is work ourselves with the water of cancel all the negativity to wash away so that the next time who comes we will be clean and ready for something new the other thing is to focus on your home do something nice for your home for your office explain your car rearrange some closets in your home this is the month when you are supposed to connect to your feelings so it’s really important to watch movies that are emotional to listen to songs that are emotional I want you to cry a few times from laughter also to cry from sadness it’s okay this is the month to feel [Music] so how do we get along better with councils cancers need to be needed so don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability they will appreciate when you talk with the words I feel that we here you better show patients with cancer give them time to get ready and visit your cancer friends in their homes bring something for their home and complement those hosts and complement their home now don’t try to make cancer feels guilty that’s the worst let them feel you but without the negativity and if a cancer friend or family member is moving out of their home or office help them just like the hermit crab they can be very vulnerable without their shell and to get along better with cancers you need to make sure that you like their family members and connect to their family don’t let the cancer choose between their family and you nourish feeds listen to it cancers they will eat have emotional support and if the cancer withdraws into their shelves make sure to drop everything and talk to them bring them back into the light remember the pain is what cancer [Music] [Applause] [Music] when we talk about unconditional love to ourselves to other people what we need to do is go back to the background to the past of the person we’re trying to connect to think about the mother mother who gives us unconditional love because she remembers us when we were in her womb and then in the one month two months old she sees us growing and we’re always going to be that little innocent baby the same thing we need to do with the people we don’t like even with ourselves in the parts of us we don’t like and what cancer teaches us is to have unconditional love to our imperfection it’s so beautiful about cancer it helps us look into our affliction into our imperfection and realize that that part that is not perfect enough is what makes us perfect it’s our greatest gift because it allows us to grow [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]


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  • Vijaya Yasasri Yalavarthy says:

    Really really awesome video. Explained very well abt cancer than anyone. Felt like as if I am watching a Hollywood movie. Waiting for much more videos of your's. The way you explained, your body language n background music is superb. I am cancerian. Proud to be cancer.

  • Carina says:

    Beautiful video and I love that mention embracing imperfections. You’re also very handsome and have a soothing voice. 😊

  • channel of love says:

    Thank you for your inspirational message. Does cancers have a masculine side?

  • Compton ChuckZ says:

    Would like more in-depth on how cancer can handle daily situations to their advantage to improve daily life especially workplace

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    to much work dealing with those crabby pattys, the evolved ones are great beautiful people , if not they are the worst

  • Jeffrey Abbey says:

    Very good video

    Much appreciated but I hate feelings

    I keep my shell on…

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