Zodiac Signs in Russian | RU and EN subtitles

Zodiac Signs in Russian | RU and EN subtitles

Hello everyone, it’s me – Vira, and this is a lesson from Ru-Land Club. Today’s lesson is exclusively in Russian, so please choose Russian or English subtitles. Today we have an unusual topic – Zodiac Signs. Why do we generally refer to some kind of Zodiac Sign?! In fact, we all want to be the same – healthy, successful, happy. We all perfectly understand what is good and what is bad. Where is black, where is white. But there is in us something that makes us fundamentally different. And it’s not about appearance. The case in relation to life, expression of emotions, reactions to the actions of others. Therefore, we were divided into 12 amazing signs. And the first Zodiac Sign is Aries. Aries, your element is Fire, and the most attractive thing in you is that you can do everything with genuine delight and enthusiasm. However, the downside is that, you take everything to heart, and this very often afflicts you. You are very persistent and will never show the world how hard it is for you. Aries are very passionate and powerful! In the struggle for leadership you have no equal! You are either loved or hated – the third is not given. You said you were a man of your word. Oh, I am. I’m only burning my half. All you care about is money. This town deserves a better class of criminal. Your love is calm, warm and bright: like the sign of the fire that you are. Aries are loved for their passion and since you have met this Zodiac Sign, your life will never be the same. Independent and impulsive Aries require their lives to be constantly on the move. Only in motion they will feel at ease. Taurus, your element is Earth, you are very nice. You consider it necessary to treat all people with love and care and are very generous in this. But sometimes you exacerbate the situation and desperately try to show the world that everything is fine, despite the fiasco, although in fact you are shocked by the fact that everything has failed. All right. You want mechanics? We need to relax your jaw muscles, strengthen your tongue, by repeating tongue twisters, for example: I’m a thistle-sifter. I have a sieve of sifted thistles and a sieve of unsifted thistles. Because, I’m a thistle-sifter. –Fine! But when the moment comes, you are ready to fight for peace and happiness. Taurus in love immediately confesses his feelings! Well, we love Taurus for being ready to be leaders in any industry. For all their exploits, they are modest and even sometimes sentimental. To be near Taurus means to be sure that you are in good hands. Twins, your element is Air. You always express your thoughts legibly and clearly. If you love, you talk about it all the time. Sometimes you think that you understand everything better than everyone, although in fact it is not. You are very amorous, but, unfortunately, are not persistent in your feelings. You know what Marshall needs to do? He needs to stop being sad. When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story». To be close to the Twins, you need to be a lively and interesting conversationalist, with which, you must always change with them. Twins do not know mercy, and the culprits of their failures are better to run without looking back. In Twins, there are two lives. On the one hand, you are clever, witty and friendly, and on the other hand you are cynical and irritable. But without any of these aspects you can not do – this is your essence. You are experts in romance and in feelings you are always loyal. You are simply adorable! Everyone loves you! But the problem is that you already know this, don’t you? Cancers, your element is Water, you are very romantic nature, you always want to be with loved ones and people close to you. Cancer is the most sensitive and emotional of all Zodiac Signs. Cancer is waiting for exceptional love and in return he will surround his partner with tenderness and attention. Cancers are always skillfully wriggled out of awkward situations (well done). Your core qualities are fidelity, loyalty and honesty. What else to say …You value your friends and relatives, and in their environment you feel really happy. We love Cancers for their unpredictability. People born under this Zodiac Sign are distinguished by independent thinking and a bright individuality. Leo, your element – Fire. Each Leo has a mass of living energy that can infect anyone, even the most apathetic person. You are proud and very worried when you are not appreciated. Leo is not characterized by ridiculous situations. If something suddenly happened wrong, the Leo will say that it was planned so. A bright and artistic Leo, life for you is an eternal game in which you are a script writer and all the others are actors. Play long enough, the house takes you. Unless, when the perfect hand comes, you bet big. Then you take the house. One of your features is nobility and generosity. The Leo in love is ready for anything! And we love the Leo for his charm. People with this Zodiac Sign radiate energy and warmth. They are, in a way, natural magnets. Therefore, it is so easy for them to get acquainted with others. Virgo, your element is Earth. If you are next to Virgo, you will immediately feel that you are being taken care of, and you will never be disappointed with the conversation. Virgos are such skeptics that sometimes you have to close your eyes to it, but they still will not calm down, starting to joke sarcastically over you. But you’ve missed his isolation. I don’t see it. Plain as day. Where? There for all to see. Tell me. Plain as the nose on your… Tell me! Well, anybody who wears a hat as stupid as this isn’t in the habit of hanging around other people, is he? Virgo has a very practical attitude to love, from a partner they always demand legibility, clarity and order in the relationship. At critical moments, you are depressed and you just need support. But you are the leader! You have a high intellect, a flexible mind, pragmatism. In all you always need to give a logical explanation. You just happen to be too picky, both to yourself and to others. Virgo possesses amazing qualities. They are idealists, strive for perfection, and, most importantly, the Virgins are the organizers of the world. We love Virgo for their intellect. Those born under this sign are very good psychologists and they can always be consulted for. People born under this Zodiac Sign are usually persistent, stubborn and not afraid of external challenges. At the same time they are constant and loyal. And they can always fight for those they love. Libra, your element is Air. They value other people so much that they are ready to do anything for tranquility, peace and prosperity. Libra will tell you exactly as much as you want to hear, nothing more. If you have a problem, you immediately solve it. You are a fighter for justice. You’ll give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They’ll race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But in time they will join you in the sun. You are very harmonious, wise and reasonable, so you have the ability to influence people around you. We love Libra for their sensitivity. If Libra shows interest to you, it is only to help you in a difficult moment. To Libra you can always ask for emotional support and wise advice. Scorpio, your element – Water. If the one whom Scorpio loves was offended, Scorpio will do everything to protect him, and the offender will not be well then. You are so serious about trivia that anger and jealousy arise in you from nothing. Scorpions, when they are overtaken by problems, make a serious face, and this is the most serious face in the entire universe. Then, when everything passes, they will remember the problems as a bad dream, and even they will be ready to laugh at themselves. You love to philosophize about being and life, like to argue and win in discussions. Usually, you immediately cause love and hatred to yourself. You know how to manipulate people. Scorpions are mysterious. People born under this Sign are loved precisely for their «dark» side. Every fairy tale needs a good old-fashioned villain. You need me or you’re nothing. Because we’re just alike, you and I, except you’re boring. You’re on the side of the angels. They will be able to burn you with their fire of charm more quickly than you will understand what happened. And people born under this Zodiac Sign, differ in their strength, their ability to make surprises and create a real tornado from a variety of emotions. Sagittarius, your element is Fire. Sagittarians have a very optimistic view of things, which allows them to see the world as a place of hope and joy. But their perfectionism and the desire to dominate are often repulsive. If you do something wrong, as Sagittarius says, you are doing improperly. When Sagittarius are in an awkward situation – they are not lost. It feels like they’ve been preparing this for the rest of their lives. You love life and strive to take as much of it as possible, therefore, then you are here, and then you are already not here. You are a born optimist, a pleasant companion and the soul of the company. It’s always nice to be with you. We love Sagittarius for their kindness. People of this Sign are always open and loving to others. Sometimes, in order to be near Sagittarius, you need to burn bridges. But trust: if Sagittarius says that this is nonsense, then it is. Capricorns, your element is Earth. Capricorns are always reliable and friendly, so they can always rely on everything. In love, Capricorns are always sober and practical, because in the first place they always have a duty. Capricorns are very worried when people who have seen or learned that they are in an unpleasant situation will stop respecting them. It’s hard to understand, but every Capricorn is most concerned about the fact that he can lose the trust of his loved ones and the respect of his colleagues. That is why, when they see the scale of the disaster, they just remain silent. Capricorns are always reserved, pragmatic and punctual. You are respected and you are considered. You are a responsible and reliable person, but, many people think that there are no emotions in Capricorns. I’ve come back for you. To remind you of something…Something you once knew. Worry for your reputation and very worried when something goes wrong. But, despite this, you are a very determined and ambitious person. In the world of Capricorns there is no place for hatred and anger. But be careful: if you touch Capricorn seriously and for real, he will accurately answer you in the most rigid way. Aquarius, your element – Air. Aquarius is always ready to give up everything and give a helping hand, despite how his personal life is arranged. Aquarius has reinforced concrete nerves. Of course, they worry about some events, but if there is at least one theory that can shed light on the situation, they will never experience it. Like the Mad Hatter, you are very eccentric, ingenious and witty. Many people consider you different. In your head, like this hero, there are a lot of crazy ideas. You do not like conflicts and live in a world where equality and love always prevail. Watch what are you doing! Hey, watch it! It’s you. We love Aquarius love for their spontaneity. Sincerity of Aquarius is their most important feature. Aquarians are different: cheerful, sad, irresponsible or, at times, too pedantic. But know for sure if Aquarius gives you a helping hand, then you really care about you. Pisces, your element is Water. Pisces are subtlety, pure, compassionate natures, who can feel what another person is going through and help him. You do not rush life. Pisces are capable of sublime and unselfish love. Their feelings are gentle and sincere, and they very often turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of their loved ones. Of course, Pisces is worried about approaching problems. This Zodiac Sign does not want to waste its time on solving some issues. You have a rich imagination, creative abilities and talent for theatrical art. You are very emotional, dreamy, but sometimes defenseless. We love Pisces for their flexibility. They will never give up a fun party or an exciting trip just because they «did not plan it.» Pisces are easy to climb and, despite the deep emotionality, a little naive. For this we love them! What happened? Weight lifting accident. That sounds like bullshit. Why’d you run by my house? Did our conversation get you upset? This is my route. Just back oh’. My neighborhood. You ran by my house. I like to run by myself, OK? Me too. I like to run alone. Stop. What? I’m running here. Me too. Run somewhere else. There’s tons of roads to run in. What do you want? On this, in fact, we finish. Thank you very much for your attention! 12 amazing Zodiac Signs. Perhaps one of you recognized yourself in them, or maybe not. In any case, do not take everything to heart, because we are all – individuality! Thank you so much! See you!


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